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Monday, 25 October 2021

Press briefing by the Head of DSU, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Raed Arafat at the end of the Cabinet meeting

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Raed Arafat: Good afternoon!  I want to come up with some clarifications regarding the Government Decision which was issued last week and which was clarified and completed through a new Government Decision. Before this, as, at 1:00 p.m., we regularly announced the situation over the last 24 hours, I will clarify, present the figures at this moment. Therefore, new cases over the last 24 hours: 9.187. Compared to the same day, last week, there is a slight decrease, which probably means that we will probably maintain a plateau at this level at this moment, but as I said it is still too early to say and we will see in the rest of this week what figures we will have. Healed people: 7,518. Deaths: 301 of which two previous, and 11,604 RT PCR tests and 19,694 antigen tests. Persons hospitalized at this time: 20,962 of which 1,855 in the intensive care units, 515 of which children, 41 in the intensive care units. So, 20,962 adults, 515 children, 1,855 adults in intensive care and 41 children in intensive care units. At present, we have 149,696 isolated at home and 19,634 institutionally isolated. 57,972 were quarantined at home and 91, were institutionally quarantined and there were 6,325 calls to 112. Of the 301 deaths, 272 were unvaccinated people and 29 were reported as vaccinated. The 29 vaccinated patients who died were aged 50 - 59 and over the age of 80. 28 of the vaccinated patients who died, had comorbidities, and no comorbidities were reported for one patient. That is the situation at this moment.

I will return now to the Government Decision. There were some differences between the CNSU decision last week and the Government Decision. These differences were triggered by some legal misunderstandings, and the way some measures have been announced was not very clear. Furthermore, we notified certain issues which need to be clarified. I will explain the decision issued today which will take effect immediately after publication, the measures which will be amended. First of all, in the shopping centres, you will not find the word mall anywhere, as there is no legal definition in this respect, the word mall does not exist as such in legislation, but under the name of commercial centres or commercial parks. We have a clear rule regarding access to malls, on the green certificate, vaccination or recovery from covid. Access will be allowed, by exception, in commercial parks and centres, of persons going to the vaccination centres, for a vaccine dose, and only if a special mall entrance or exit has been previously established. The vaccination centre should be organized in such a manner: one enters, get vaccinated or exits the mall. There is an exception for centres, malls, where there are public, administrative services such as the public service for the release of passports. You can enter there with a valid test, and with proof of appointment at the passport centre or community services centre inside the mall. Regarding access to other shops, except food stores, access in the food stores inside malls is permitted only based on the green certificate, so, vaccinated, or recovered from the disease. But outside the mall, one can enter the food stores only wearing the mask, therefore, observing all healthcare rules. Any other shop, retailing other products than food or medicines(pharmacies) can be entered only based on the green certificate.

So the shops that are on Calea Victoriei, however, apart from the food ones that sell food, you enter there only with the green certificate, vaccinated or gone through the disease. If there are shopping malls with shops with direct access from the street, except for those retailing food, those shops have the obligation to check the green certificate at the entrance. These are the rules on the legislative line, you will also read the government decision, I hope it will be clear for everyone. In addition, accommodation in tourist reception facilities will be allowed only for people who are vaccinated or who recovered from the disease.

At the level of private schools, this was one of the very important topics to be clarified, it was provided in the CNSU decision that you have received lately, it did not translate into the government decision.

The government decision now stipulates that the activity with physical presence is suspended for preschoolers and students, between October 25 and November 5, in private educational units, including those included in the Special Register of education providers that organize and carry out in Romania, educational activities corresponding to an educational system in another country.

In other words, physical presence is forbidden, no one stops them from doing it online, for private schools, but not with a physical presence in school during that period; applicable immediately after the issuance of the government decision. From the point of view of access to public and private institutions, some exceptions were provided, which had been raised by several people. Retirees who have to collect their pension, for example, will not be restricted from collecting their pension, those who collect social benefits, child allowances, etc. can come in to collect these benefits.

There are the necessary exceptions as far as justice is concerned so that the act of justice and public order can continue normally, without being affected by those measures. Otherwise, entry into public buildings for employees, from now until the law passes, is not controlled by the green certificate, but visitors need the full green certificate, ie including testing, recovery from disease, vaccine.

Likewise, in private companies, where there are over 50 employees. The rest of the provisions with the reduction to 50%, and with telework or working in shifts, remains valid. These are the changes that have been made today. If you have any questions, I can answer them now. (...)

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