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Thursday, 27 February

Press statements by Prime Minister –designate Florin Cîțu and interim Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at Victoria Palace

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Florin Cîţu: Good evening! First of all, I would like to thank the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, and the President of the National Liberal Party Ludovic Orban for support and confidence. You should know that this is a nomination that honours me and makes me feel even more responsible. Following this nomination, I will discuss with our partners in Parliament to build a majority and, together with Ludovic Orban, we will establish a calendar of negotiations.

As you very well know, I am a member of both the government team led by Ludovic Orban and the PNL team. My nomination guarantees the continuity of the PNL (National Liberal Party) government, and the strategic orientation of the party to help Romania escape PSD. In the shortest time, I will present to the Parliament the list with the government members and the Programme for government, and I hope that this time PSD will no longer delay the calendar. Thank you.

Ludovic Orban: Good evening. I welcome the President’s decision to nominate my party and government colleague Florin Cîţu. This is a very important decision aimed at unblocking the situation which was artificially created by PSD and its institutional extensions. The president’s decision complies with the PNL’s will. As president of PNL, I will endorse this nomination alongside my Political Bureau colleagues, and my party colleagues. I will stand by the Prime Minister-designate Florin Cîţu in all the steps we will further take – establishing the list with the government members and the completion of the Programme for the government.

On Friday morning, we will have a meeting of the PNL statutory fora for the validation of the list with government members and the Programme for the government. As president of PNL, I will partake alongside my colleagues in all talks aimed at getting a parliamentary majority.

Florin Cîţu is PNL vice –president on economic issues, a genuine liberal, the Public Finance Minister, the right- hand man in the Government that I am leading. Mr Cîţu’s performances in his short tenure as Finance Minister are clear. I would mention that in a record time, when nobody hoped for it, Mr Cîţu as Finance Minister had the ability to make a budgetary rectification, to set the public finances on the principles of legality, contracts observance, and sustainability and he also succeeded, this being his main merit, in making us keep our pledge to Romanians, by drawing up the budget for 2020 early in the year as it is normal in any democratic country.

Florin Cîţu will have my support in my capacity as president of the National Liberal Party, as well as the support of my colleagues over the ensuing period, and he represents a guarantee of the fact that the PNL government will pursue the same coordinates: redressing the disaster caused by PSD irresponsible governments, a strong component of the ruling act of liberalism, a strategic anti-PSD orientation, and also ensuring Romania’s sustainable economic growth, based on normal growth engines in a capitalist economy. Thank you.

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