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Monday, 29 March

Press statements by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu

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Florin Cîţu: Good morning! You know very well that, last week, we took some decisions designed to help us get through this pandemic, slow down the spread of the virus among the population.  

These measures are unique in Europe because they depend on the degree of incidence. Throughout Europe, such measures are being taken for the entire country, as a whole, while in Romania, they are being taken depending on the incidence precisely because we know that there is already fatigue in society after a year of fighting this pandemic. But we have not overcome it yet so that we still need to make an effort to get through this period together. We have taken these measures to slow down the spread of the virus and also to be able to speed up the vaccination campaign.

As I stated, in April, we will have an extra 4. 5 million doses of vaccine, we will increase the number of vaccinated persons to 100,000 and the capacity to vaccinate 100,000 daily, and compared to the initial plan, if this vaccine delivery schedule is maintained, we will be able to talk about vaccinating 10 million citizens in August, instead of September. Therefore, we have advanced things by a month, but everything depends on us. Let's go get vaccinated. At the same time, I have seen in the public space and especially at PSD, the political opposition, slightly confusing messages.

On the one hand, a few months ago, they told us that we are too relaxed and that Romania is the only country in the EU with relaxed measures, and now, they are complaining that we imposed restrictions. I am ready to listen to the opinion of specialists from PSD, the specialists have no political colour. Fighting for Romanians’ health has no political colour, but better than conveying confusing political messages in this period, it is time we sit at the table with specialists and see what are the best solutions for Romanians, for Romanians’ health. I will answer questions.

Reporter: Will you keep these restrictions despite street protests?

Florin Cîţu: I have said each time, you know very well that I am Liberal, Romanians are free to protest as long as they do not infringe the legislation in force.

Reporter: How will you prompt them to take into account the measures we adopted?

Florin Cîţu: We have the right to have an opinion in Romania, even if we have different opinions. For me, it is very important to continue with the vaccination campaign, it is very important to find the best measures to help Romanians. The hospitals are very crowded, at this point, that's why we have taken these measures. I focus on this at present. People must observe the law. We must all observe the law.

Reporter: Those who protested last night have already infringed the legislation, will they be sanctioned given that new protests have been announced?

Florin Cîţu: I understand Romanians, that, after one year of pandemic, they got tired. We are all tired. We have been fighting the pandemic for a year and we have made every effort in this respect. We have ordered more doses of vaccine than we need just to make sure that, if necessary, we will have it next year too. And if we don't need it, then we will be able to export, because we need to help the population around Romania. It is not enough to vaccinate only the citizens of Romania if we want to get rid of the pandemic. We will make all the efforts and I am ready to sit at the table with anyone who comes up with solutions to help Romanians in this difficult period. Thank you!


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