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Tuesday, 02 March

Prime Minister Florin Cîţu attended the final vote in Parliament on the draft versions of the 2021 national and social security budgets

Speech by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu at the final vote in Parliament on the draft versions of the 2021 national and social security budgets


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Florin Cîţu: Thank you, Mr President. I will be brief today, but I cannot help remarking how the PSD socialists motivated their vote. They said everything, except the real motive: they were cut from the budget and they cannot embezzle anymore. That was their only argument. For the rest, they will clamour all the year, but that is it. Lies, lies and only lies. We will dismantle some of these lies today, regarding the state social security budget. Revenues of 90. 3 billion lei, up by 10 billion compared to 2020, and up by 20 billion lei compared to 2019 when you were in office. The expenditure amounts to 90.2 billion lei, 89.24 billion lei of which – social welfare. Why can say that no money is allocated to social welfare? 89.24 billion lei! Let us consider them by chapters: 87.47 billion, effective expenditure for the public pension system, up by 7.7 billion this year. Why so? Because pensions rose. Do not lie anymore! Pensions rose in 2021 too. Therefore, up by 7.7 billion lei – pensions increased!

1.64 billion lei for social welfare, 1.44 billion lei for death allowance and 200 million for treatment vouchers. You see, we also take care of those who were less fortunate in life. 124 million lei for work accidents or vocational diseases. The unemployment insurance budget, built on total revenues of 4. 68 billion lei, 3.38 billion of which – unemployment insurance and 1.3 billion lei for the guarantee fund for the salary payables. This fund was used to mend the situation of Valea Jiului miners. We used the money and solved the problem which you postponed and you let the situation drag on for years and solved nothing. It is us who will solve the Valea Jiului issues as well!

Last but not least, the social security budget is on the deficit. The decisions you have made in the last years of your government, irresponsible decisions, the fiscal debauchery put us in the situation of having this deficit. That means we need to allocate this year too up by 18, 19 billion lei compared to last year, as pensions increased, I repeat this, pensions increased and something else: we do all these, we pay more for pensions, salaries, and child benefits which increased by 20 percent, without increasing taxes, the way you did for three years, taxes which we eliminated from our first day of tenure last year. We did not increase any tax, and we pay more money and have higher budget revenues. I showed you how things were done last year, we show you how it should be done over the next four years. Take notes! Thank you.


Press statements by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu, Vice Prime Minister Dan Barna and Vice Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor following the passage of the state budget and the state social security budget for 2021


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Florin Cîţu: First of all, I would like to thank the MPs from the centre-right coalition, PNL –USR –UDMR, the minorities for having voted for this budget.

It is a good budget, a balanced one, with which we start Romania’s reconstruction and this can be done only through reform and investment. Therefore, I said from the outset: there are two things on which this budget focuses: record investment, half from European funds, and reform which many politicians publicly endorsed, but they all avoided it, and it is high time we do it. This budget pushes reform forward because I stated that only if we do not want to do it alone, we will do it through the budget. There have been some important days. I think it is also the first time when the Romanian Parliament passed a budget, with no amendment, which very clearly shows that we are a united, strong coalition, ready to withstand the next four years challenges as we have lots of work to do further on. Thank you.

Dan Barna: The two days in which we voted the budget proved clearly something: there is a stable parliamentary majority, a government coalition seeking to make these reforms. Currently, Romania has a budget. From this moment on, starts the enforcement activity, the big challenge that these important projects that Romania needs and about which we have been speaking for 30 years, start becoming a reality in every corner of Romania, in each county, municipality, town or village. These two days showed that this centre-right coalition honours the commitments made to Romanians during the election campaign, and despite an opposition in which I have seen double votes, and that custom of stealing votes and when you are in minority, it can be even more ridiculous to do so, today’s vote of MPs confirms that as of this moment, Romania enters on budget execution for the most ambitious budget that Romania has ever had. This is the result of these two days and it is a challenge for this Cabinet and also a commitment to Romania.

Keleman Hunor: Good evening! Surely, in order to be able to vote this budget in two days, after a very good debate, we needed a thorough preparation of the draft budget, and this is why we were a bit late, indeed, compared to the initial timetable, because a very detailed preparation and public debate were necessary, and look that we managed to come up with a very well –devised budget, very well prepared, so that in 2021, we not only reduce the deficit to 7.1 percent, but we succeed in making investments in all important fields, from large infrastructure to health, from education to the environment and local development, there will be investments that will change Romania over the ensuing years. We need to look forward to the future, and we need to tell that we need multi-annual budgets and in 2021, we need to prepare in advance for 2022, because we need to aim at rather far targets in politics, so that economic growth and stability, economic predictability for investors take us to a direction in which every person, every citizen will feel that it is worthwhile working and making plans anytime for family, in the medium and long run.  

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