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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Prime Minister Florin Cîţu attended the first meeting of the Inter-ministerial Committee monitoring the implementation of the 'Educated Romania' project

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Florin Cîţu: Good afternoon. Welcome to the first meeting of the Interministerial Committee dedicated to the President of Romania’s project, "Educated Romania”, a project which the Government took up for implementation. You know very well that it is the largest education reform project, 'Educated Romania', developed by the Presidential Administration, a project that represents the vision and strategy of the country in the field of education ahead of 2030, supported, of course, by the programme for government 2020-2024. At the same time getting the 'Educated Romania' project started was included as a commitment in the National Defence Strategy for 2020-2024. It is clear that we need to step up the efforts for the development of the educational system in Romania, we have a series of recommendations in the field, therefore, „Educated Romania” will be implemented at the right moment. Welcome, Vice Prime Minister Hunor!

The reforms envisaged by the "Educated Romania" project, combined with the measures provided for in the programme for government, are harmonised with the specific country recommendations of the European Commission and with the national reform programme and will benefit from proper financing from multiple sources.

You know very well that "'Educated Romania' is in PNRR - I would like to announce in this way that PNRR will be approved at the end of September, so we are on schedule with PNRR - and operational programmes, central budget, local budgets, public-private partnerships, non-reimbursable funds, funding, contributions of privately-owned companies. So we have sources of funding; we now have a platform, 'Educated Romania,' we know very clearly where we want to go with the system, it is time to implement this programme. The premises for a new legislative package are being created. And that, in fact, we are doing under this inter-ministerial board in order to secure the necessary legal support for the reform and coherence with other legal regulations, as well as with the requirements of a constantly changing socio-economic environment. In order to implement the 'Educated Romania' project, a PNRR draft submitted to the European Commission in June 2021, includes opportunities to finance projects of the utmost importance to the national education system designed for training and reaching the pledged reform targets. On July 14, 2021, the Government took up by memorandum the implementation of the 'Educated Romania' project and the approval of priorities in the reform of the national education system, strategic objectives and targets in the field of education established through the Educated Romania project which will prompt speeding up the Romanian education reform process and will create the premises for ensuring the stability and credibility of the educational system.

This is the first meeting today, and I would like to announce that next week, on September 2, we will already have another meeting to prepare the first pieces of legislation that will enter into force. I believe on September 9 we will have the first pieces of legislation.


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