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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Prime Minister Florin Cîţu attended the videoconference with prefects and representatives of the Public Health Directorates

Statements by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu at the videoconference with prefects and representatives of the Public Health Directorates


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Florin Cîţu: Good afternoon! I wanted us to have this discussion, today, as the school year starts tomorrow and I wanted to make sure that you took all measures for tomorrow’s festivities to be held in optimum conditions. That means in the simplest way to observe the joint order of the Ministry of Education and Health, which regulates the way these festivities take place, tomorrow: extended over an hour and a half at maximum, with mandatory mask-wearing. That would be the first condition. At the same time, tomorrow is important as we start the school year with in person –attendance and it is very important to place children’s safety at the forefront of our preoccupations. This is why we should see today if there is something left to do. We have few exceptions for in-person –attendance in 11 localities, although, Minister, I understand that there is an additional one, there are five localities in Satu Mare, in this situation, two in Arad, one in Salaj, one in Dolj, one in Teleorman. If your information is different, please detail it, as 2,400 pupils will be compelled to start school in the online system.

Not only tomorrow matters but children’s safety every day. I would like to maintain this in-person –attendance this year and this is why we need to make sure that the rules we have established, are observed on a daily basis.

The Public Health Directorates should have the masks in stocks and these masks should reach schools. We have enough masks at this moment, if necessary, we will supplement the stocks.

At the same time, another situation should be solved as soon as possible. As far as I know, there are currently 253 schools that fail to observe the hygiene safety measures. Most of them are in Dolj – 36, Arad -33, Bucharest -28, and in Buzau. This situation should be resolved as fast as possible. There are still 53 schools that did not have cleaning, hygiene and disinfection materials provided. They are in Dâmboviţa, Giurgiu, Timişoara and Bucharest. Same, you should solve this situation as fast as possible.

And there are 139 schools that have issues concerning their heating systems in Bacău, Timişoara, Hunedoara and Constanţa. The cold season will come and we cannot keep the children in such conditions. This situation needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

As for the epidemiological situation, you know very well, unfortunately, that we are on an upward trend. There are several counties where the situation is already worrying and the incidence rate is higher than 2 per thousand. Bistriţa-Năsăud and Ilfov even reach 3 per thousand. Here, of course, we need to see what solutions we will take in the next period and how we ensure that all measures are observed.

A brief mention - there were several discussions related to the departure of some prefects. I want it to be very clear - those who have taken over, have all the responsibility and I do not accept any excuse when it comes to child safety.

There are two other things I would like to mention. There are weddings scheduled for the next period in areas where it is already clear that the incidence rate reached 3 per thousand. I would like us to make sure that these weddings are not cancelled and a green certificate should be used, if possible. People can no longer change their date from one week to another and then I would suggest, for weddings that are already scheduled in areas with rising incidence, that the green certificates should be used.

And, at the same time, because we are all here today, I would like to talk a little bit about the ICU situation. There are already 600 people there. In the last report, 860 beds were available. I would like us to return as soon as possible to have 1,600 beds available at ICU departments. If my intervention is needed, you tell me, but I know very well that we can reach 1,600 beds. I'd like you to tell me how and when to get there so that we are not unprepared.

Therefore, two issues: for weddings, I would propose the green certificate and I want to see if, from your point of view, this is a solution; and to see when we can reach 1,600 ICU beds.

So much for now. I only wait for statements from prefects or sub-prefects to point out where there are issues. Where there are not, it makes no sense to talk. We discussed it all the time. I want to know where these issues are, in what they consist and how we can find solutions. Thank you.

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