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Friday, 08 October 2021

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu attended the videoconference with representatives of the National Centre for Intervention Coordination and Management in Ciolpani (CNCCI) (Head of the Emergency Situations Department (DSU) Raed Arafat, representatives of the Ministry of Health, director of CNSCBT, Dr. Adriana Pistol)

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Florin Cîţu: Good afternoon. Let's start this video conference. I just want to make this statement at the beginning and then you will make your presentation. I wanted to address you today because I wanted to see how the measures we have taken recently have been implemented and whether we are already seeing effects. First of all, I would like to talk about the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, and here I would just like Mr Arafat to tell us at the end, if possible, exactly what is happening with the requested medicines - how long do we have to wait, to keep everything up to date. Here, again, I would like for the Ministry of Health, because the way wave four has been prepared is under investigation. Also regarding the medicines, the information I have now, and I would like you to present the situation publicly, it seems that it was an auction that started in April for Tocilizumab. This auction was postponed from April until a week ago. Suddenly, we realized we didn't have this medicine.

I would like to know who, from the Ministry of Health, postponed the purchase of this medicine for so many months, from April until a week ago, when it was completed. And it is very important that this information is presented publicly, to know exactly who is responsible for this action. At the same time, for DSU (Department for Emergency Situations), you know very well, you have to keep in touch with hospital managers every day. It is important to know clearly the stock of medicines, the necessary amounts needed so that we can mobilize and provide them. I don't want to face situations like this anymore, I do not want auctions to be postponed from April to September, and now, to be forced to look everywhere for this medicine.

The second topic is the process of purchasing oxygen concentrators for which funds have already been allocated this week. Again, I invite Mr Arafat, after this presentation, to tell us more about the current situation. Moreover, let's address the issue of the operationalization of the hospitals in Pipera and Lețcani, to find out the current status of this process. Likewise, at the end of this meeting.

Also regarding the investigation of the preparedness of the fourth wave, I have more information that must be presented publicly again and those responsible must be held accountable. There are hospitals that made requests since August for ventilators to be allocated or donated to them. The Ministry of Health had a stock of 40 pieces, received by donation, at the end of December 2020, from Germany. However, the Ministry of Health did not take note of these requests from the Infectious Diseases Hospital, which has been treating COVID-19 patients for 18 months. So there were requests, we had ventilators and someone from the Ministry of Health did not answer this request. I would like to know exactly what happened and who did not respond. And whoever didn't answer should be held accountable, pay with their position. At the same time, I address now the representatives of the Ministry of Health, we must communicate the situation of the hospitals - with the suspension of hospitalizations and surgeries for non-emergency patients. And here we need to better explain publicly what is happening because we are not talking about suspension of hospitalizations or surgeries where the patient's life is in danger. It is about suspending hospitalizations for patients whose treatment can be provided on an outpatient or home basis. So, better communication is required, we need to explain to people what this decision is about. At the same time, because we are at CNCCI, and with you, representatives from the National Center and the counties, I want to tell you that I am aware of the huge effort that you make, alongside the doctors from the hospitals and from the COVID circuit. I know what you're going through every day to find vacant hospital beds for patients, and I want you to know that you, alongside the doctors, and everyone involved in this struggle, enjoy my appreciation. You need to keep up the pace and find resources to make sure all patients are treated well. Also as revealed by this investigation, we are facing here a situation that must be remedied. It happened in September that, in some counties, the response time for major emergencies was five or eight hours at the ambulance, respectively, and as for COVID -19 testing requests, there are counties where the ambulance with its crews arrived with sometimes a five - day delay. This is not possible, such a thing is inadmissible. Please remedy this situation very quickly. This shows that wave four was not prepared, when, in June, the response time was much shorter, they reached immediately the people even for testing. This was my statement. We will have your presentation, after which Mr Arafat, will answer some of your questions. Thank you very much!

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