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Tuesday, 27 April

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu attended virtual consultations with the prefects

Statements by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu on the occasion of the virtual consultations with the prefects


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Florin Cîțu: Thank you, Mr Minister. I would like to thank you for the way you have managed this period since the last meeting, in which we had new restrictions. At the latest meeting, I said that we must all get involved to get over this third wave and the prefects, subprefects, the representatives of the Ministry of the Interior got involved and helped us get us through this period without incidents, and I would like to thank you for that. Now, we are in terms of the pandemic on a decreasing slope of this third wave and we need to consolidate this period. That is why we still need to be vigilant, this third wave has not yet passed, but it is clear that what was harder has passed and the way you have managed the observance of the rules has mattered a lot.

It is true at this moment we have an important weekend ahead, a weekend in which we celebrate Easter, but also the traditional 1-2 May, free, in which the Romanian citizens can go on a mini-holiday. From our point of view, things are simple. Nothing has changed, we have the same rules: mask, social -distancing, disinfectants.

All activities must take into account the rules in force. I am sure that, as you have succeeded to manage the period so far, you will do a very good job this weekend as well. But now I take this opportunity to be here today and I do not want to talk only about this weekend, I want us to address the vaccination campaign, which helps us overcome the pandemic and bring us to normal. We had a discussion with the locally elected, with mayors of municipalities, communes, towns, with presidents of county councils, and I asked involvement and I would like to see it at you too. I think it is important for you to work together with mayors, DSPs, (Public Health Directorates), and what I told them, I tell you too, I would like to see every weekend, as many events as possible, linked to vaccination, in municipalities, towns. We need to accelerate this campaign. Timisoara represents a very good example in this regard. We already have two drive-through centres, one in Cluj, the other in Deva. We also opened mobile vaccination centres, across Romania, the prefectures and state institutions’ involvement in this respect is important. This is why, after this weekend passes, we are prepared for a good weekend, we should place all resources in order to have a successful vaccination campaign, and I tell it each time: it is not a fad, an objective of this Cabinet is to have a successful vaccination campaign, it is the only solution for our return to normal and we should get all involved to attain it. On our part, you could see that the private sector has already got involved, they come up with solutions. It depends on us all to return to normal as soon as possible, as fast as possible, and contrary to what I see, and I see some pessimist opinions, I am an optimist. We have the vaccine doses, I know that Romanians want to return to normal so that they can go on holidays, concerts, restaurants, theatres, without a mask, to be together with their loved ones. Therefore, we offer the resources, we make them available, and surely, Romanians will get vaccinated, it depends on us too. This is the message today, Mr Minister. I will take a look now at your work and as aforementioned, I will leave the conference at 1:10 pm. Thanks.


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