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Saturday, 12 June

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu’s visit to Sibiu


Prime Minister Florin Cîțu’s visit to Sibiu County Emergency Hospital

Statements by Prime Minister Florin Cîțu following his visit to Sibiu County Emergency Hospital

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Florin Cîțu: As you know, we have this plan, in PNRR, to build new hospitals in Romania. No new hospital was built over the last 30 years, and it is good to see the current status of hospitals in Romania, how much it has been done.

Although money has been invested in hospitals in recent years, you can hardly notice it. Irrespective of how much you invest in some of them, you cannot see it, and you cannot develop them any further. This is why it is very important to build these hospitals through PNRR. We have a hospital in Sibiu, which is very advanced, it is included in PNRR, and it will have all support to be built. As things look like, it might be the first hospital built through PNRR, we will see if it is like this, it depends on you too and on how the procedures will be carried out, but this hospital is not enough, hospitals are needed throughout Romania. We could see what happened last year, not only in Romania, but worldwide, where, even those countries that had well-established, top-performing hospitals, had a difficult time, and Romania must invest in healthcare, therefore, we will invest in hospitals. We will have newly built hospitals in this term of office, even if nothing has been done over the last 30 years in this regard. Thank you very much.


Press conference by Prime Minister Florin Cîţu and Labour Minister Raluca Turcan, at Sibiu


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Raluca Turcan: Good afternoon! For us, the pace of reforms is very important in the next three years and we believe that this period of time, without elections, must be fully capitalized. This is also the reason why Prime Minister Florin Cîțu is in Sibiu today. The meetings we had here in Sibiu were related to investments, economic environment, jobs, professional training and also long-term sustainable development for Romania. It is a signal of openness, support, and pointed out the policy that Prime Minister Florin Cîțu will support in the next period, because only a sincere partnership between the government, local public authorities, business environment, NGOs, can offer, in fact, solutions to major problems that we need to solve in the next period. I conclude, inviting Mr Florin Cîțu to take the floor, that we are obliged to make reforms in the next period and I think we are at a crossroads where we are making reforms and we can have a government of at least eight years for the benefit of Romanians and Romania or there should be the other option, the procrastination of reforms, which could lead, including politically, to negative results. Therefore, I am very confident that the signal that is given today here, in Sibiu, by Prime Minister Florin Cîțu, the local authorities - Mrs Chair of the County Council and Mrs Mayor of Sibiu - is one of development for Sibiu, for Romania and a partnership with all the forces that can really support the reforms in the large systems that we are dutybound to make. Please, Prime Minister.

Florin Cîţu: Thank you, Madam Minister. Thanks for the invitation. A full day today in Sibiu. I started with two meetings, of at least one hour each, with the businesspeople from Sibiu, two separate groups, with the biggest number of employers. The message is very clear and I want to see these people because 76 billion euros will enter Romania by 2027. We are preparing the ground for this money, but these investments will be implemented with the help of the private sector. It is necessary for every company in Romania to prepare, to know that this money is coming and to work to develop its production capacity. The message was very clear. We maintained what I say from the first moment I took over as Minister of Finance and later as Prime Minister, in December, we do not increase taxes, we do not introduce new taxes. This remains, to be very clear; I care a lot about predictability. At the same time, I reaffirmed how much ... in the next period there are two very clear objectives: investments and reforms or reforms and investments, as you want to take them. We make investments from PNRR, there are 29.2 billion euros in PNRR, European funds - 46 billion and, of course, a minimum investment budget each year from the state budget of at least 60 billion lei, so they are the amounts we are discussing in the next period. I said that we have been preparing for a government of at least eight years and this is the message for Romanian entrepreneurs to know how to prepare; over the next seven years, these are the amounts we will invest in the economy. Without them, without them being prepared, we will not be able to take these sums. We also talked, of course, about some issues that we have to solve in terms of the public administration regarding cutting through the red tape- here I mean the Public Procurement Law and we will simplify things, we also talked a little about the guidelines for European funds and there they need to be changed to make the process easier again, so as to know exactly what we have to do. I think it was seen in the first months of this year that we know what to do. Economic results say it all, I don't have to say that. We are among the few EU countries with economic growth and many of the countries have even returned to recession; an average income that increases in Romania, an average real income that increases by 8.4%. So things are going in the direction we expected because we used the liberal solution: we invest first, we create added value and then we can make the other expenses. Also today, I will have an important meeting, because we have not yet overcome the pandemic. I meet with representatives of the religious denominations here to discuss the vaccination campaign.

In this respect, the county ranks third in the national vaccination campaign. Congratulations! Congratulations Madam President, congratulations, Madam Mayor, but we need to do more. Now we have to take the vaccine to the countryside and, for that, I will meet the representatives of the religious denominations and see how we can involve each of us more so that this campaign goes further. We have not yet overcome the pandemic, even if the results are good at the moment. I stop here, if you have questions, please go ahead.


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