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Thursday, 19 Nov

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban’s participation in the joint Romanian-American military exercise Rapid Falcon

Statement by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the joint Romanian-American military exercise Rapid Falcon


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Ludovic Orban: Your Excellency, Mr Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman, Minister Nicolae – Ionel Ciuca, dear audience, I am honoured by the invitation to attend this event in which we could see in the most concrete way possible how the interoperability between the two ally and partner armies is being exercised.

We often talk about how important it is for our Army soldiers to be able to operate routinely to North Atlantic Alliance standards, to be interoperable with their partners, but I think it's very important to understand how to get there, first, and especially how to maintain this interoperability. We can say that the shootings that will take place today at Capul Midia will not only prove the compatibility and interoperability between the American and Romanian military but will most eloquently illustrate the present and the future in terms of the endowment of the Romanian Army.

Starting next year, the Land Forces will receive the first High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and will thus begin the process that will provide Romania with an essential, modern and efficient land defence capability, credible deterrence in front of the multiple security challenges in the Black Sea region.

The cross-party agreement, facilitated by the President of Romania, on the allocation of 2pct of GDP for defence, allowed the launch of an ambitious programme to equip the Romanian armed forces with latest, modern equipment, with capabilities designed to strengthen Romania's position as a stability pole in the Black Sea region.

The Ministry of National Defence’s investments in these endowment programmes are nothing but investments in our future. All areas are important and many are emergencies that need to be solved. I assure the military that national defence and security is a top priority for the Government I am leading and that we will ensure the predictability and stability of funding so that investments of the calibre of the HIMARS, which we see here, of Patriot anti-aircraft systems, multifunctional corvettes, coastal batteries, armoured personnel carriers, multi-role fighter aircraft and much more can be carried out in conditions of maximum efficiency. All these investments in defence are made for the security of Romania and its citizens.

Therefore, it is more than clear that in order to fulfil their missions at the Romanians’ level of expectations, our military needs modern equipment and appropriate training conditions. At the same time, we want to support as much as possible the reinvigoration of the national defence industry by equipment procurement, and I assure you we are pursuing the involvement of Romanian companies in as many industrial collaboration programmes related to these endowment programs as possible.

Ambassador Zuckerman, I would like to emphasize on this occasion too the special importance Romania attaches to the Strategic Partnership with the United States. The support and assistance your country provides, remain essential to the fulfilment of Romania’s defence policy objectives. You can count, Mr Ambassador on the fact that our country will further prove to be a steadfast and loyal ally of the United States. I conclude by thanking all Romanian and American military who participated in this exercise and wish them greater success in the most important stage, that of real shootings. I refer once again to the importance of interoperability which I seem as similar to trust. It can be relatively easy to gain, but it requires great efforts to maintain it. Today’s exercise takes place in adverse weather conditions, it is already mid- November, but the shared benefits of this exercise are even more valuable. Good luck to you all!



Statements by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban following his participation in the joint Romanian-American military exercise Rapid Falcon



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Ludovic Orban: You know that the vaccine purchase was done at European level, in agreement, and the vaccine amounts are distributed according to the population of each EU Member State. The distribution will take place in several stages, according to our capacity to produce the required amounts.  As far as we know, there is a contract, already signed, for 200 million doses of vaccine and another 100 million in reserve. As the quantities are produced, they will be delivered to the member states of the European Union, I repeat, in accordance with the share that each European country has in terms of population.

Reporter: Who will be vaccinated in the first stage?

Ludovic Orban: The prioritisation of the vaccination will be made according to the quantities that will come and the pace at which these quantities will enter.

The number one priority is all those who are part of the medical system fighting against COVID, those who work in hospitals, all those who are involved in the fight against COVID. Also, the next priority is represented by the vulnerable people, the elderly, people who can develop severe forms, people with associated diseases. The next priority is represented by those who are in strategic sectors of social life, critical sectors, such as national defence, economy, energy area, public services, so practically those who maintain essential functions in society.

The vaccination strategy will be completed by next week and will be presented publicly by the team that will coordinate the entire vaccination campaign led by Colonel Dr Valentin Gheorghita, seconded by the Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu.

Reporter: /.../ MApN aircraft /.../.

Ludovic Orban: Most likely this decision was made because there may be no more free ICU beds in the frontline hospitals in Bucharest. It happened in the Western Europe as well. Our obligation is that we identify all the beds for patients that need ICU treatment so that they can be treated and it can often happen, for example, in Alba, they did not find free beds in the Alba county hospital and they looked for available beds in Mureş or Braşov. Also, between the regions there were such situations, from Bucharest, for example, patients were transferred to Timisoara when beds were free there; I think that even now one of the patients has been transferred to Timisoara. We provide treatment to patients who need ICU hospitalization because the number of cases is not distributed according to the number of ICU free beds and when there are free beds there, we will transfer patients. I have always thanked the medical staff, the hospital managers who receive patients from other parts of the country, I think it is something natural, something normal. Of course, we plan to increase the treatment capacity in Bucharest as well. We are going to put into operation next week - I think there will be 30 intensive care beds at a private hospital, which was willing to enter the anti-COVID fight system, it did also during the state of emergency. We also had five extra beds at Malaxa, there will also be 12 extra beds at two hospitals that are included in the Order of the Minister of Health. Of course, we are still looking for opportunities to increase treatment capacity.

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Ludovic Orban: Mourning is declared in certain situations regulated by law. We are with the families of the victims, I have publicly expressed my regret for the tragedy, but we must comply with the law and it has not been declared.

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Ludovic Orban: I discussed the subject several times with the leadership of the Ministry of Health. There is a trend: to reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy, so as to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and the possibility of creating congestion, medicines are prescribed for periods longer than a month, they are prescribed now for three months. Unfortunately, there are patients who purchase larger quantities. Because of this artificially increased demand, supply gaps were created. The solution we have agreed with the ministry is to increase the number of such medicines or their equivalent, to supplement the amount purchased so that we can offer them to those who remain without due to the purchase of stocks by other patients.

Reporter: Thank you.



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