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Saturday, 06 August 2022

Prime Minister Nicolae- Ionel Ciucă attended the commemorative ceremony at the Heroes' Mausoleum in Mărășești

Address by Prime Minister Nicolae- Ionel Ciucă at the commemorative ceremony at the Heroes' Mausoleum in Mărășești


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Dear Presidential Advisor,

Dear General, Chief of the Defence Staff,

Dear Chairman of the County Council, Mr Prefect,

Dear local authorities,

Distinguished guests,

Dear soldiers,


105 years ago, the place we are today was a territory ravaged by the tragedy of war.

In this place, the Romanian military fought the hardest battles of the First World War.

Here, the existence of an entire nation hung in the balance, and here, too, the whole nation stood united definitively to decide its fate. After the historic battles of Soveja, Oituz, Mărăști and Mărășești, from the summer of 1917, Romania was not only not removed from the war or history but made history, made possible the fulfilment of the Great Union from December 1, 1918. The centuries-old dream of the Romanians was possible through the sacrifice of those who fell on this front, through the zeal with which they withstood and fought for every inch of land.

History is rich only when we understand it, learn from it and respect it.

The historical moment that we are celebrating today is defining for the Romanian nation and has a deep meaning for all Romanians, wherever they are.

In military terms, in Mărășești, the Romanians waged a war of defence against an aggressor. In an exceptional moment, when the existence of the Romanian state was jeopardized, the Romanians showed unity and determination against a stronger and better-organized enemy.

On a symbolic level, Mărășești is not only the expression of a supreme sacrifice in front of a destiny that has often been unfair to the Romanians, Mărășești expresses a national trait that we must never forget and that we must cultivate "For the Glory of the Nation's Heroes", as written on the frontispiece of the Mausoleum from Mărășești.

I am referring more precisely to Romanians’ability to withstand, persevere and triumph in the most difficult moments of our existence as a nation.

The mausoleum in Mărășești is more than a tribute to the nation's heroes.

The place where you DO NOT PASS is the landmark of history, for which Măriuca Zaharia gave her life, at only 12 years old, saying: "I want to do something for my country."

"Nobody passes by here" is the motto with which General Eremia Grigorescu bolstered his soldiers in the battles of Soveja, Oituz, Mărăști and Mărășești. It has remained in history as a definition of our historical and national destiny, which urges us to honour the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation and Country. It compels us to never give up believing in victory, even when it seems far away, to learn that common dreams come true through unity and unwavering will!

Ladies and gentlemen,

War is the biggest tragedy that people can experience. Not far from our borders, other people is resisting heroically against unjustified aggression, hard to understand and with consequences even harder to evaluate.

Once the war of Russia against Ukraine has broken out, it has influenced and it will influence our lives and all important decisions.

This war has a huge impact on a political, economic and social level. We are at a moment of historical balance. The way we manage the crises generated by this armed conflict will influence our future and our welfare.

Fortunately, we are not alone. Romania’s belonging to the European Union is the guarantee of economic stability and NATO membership is the guarantee of safety and security.

I want to be as clear as possible regarding an essential aspect: Romania has chosen its path, it is part of the western civilization, and it is a democratic state which made huge efforts to become a trustworthy partner in western society. We will not leave this path as it is our historic path. In such a moment, we need to express the values we believe in and that we share, together with the partner countries.

With the same perseverance as that of our forefathers, we have the obligation to withstand to protect and enrich the democratic values against radical, populist or revisionist actions and speeches. They want to generate hate and violence in the free societies, they have a purpose to divide and annul our capacity to get mobilized facing challenges.

Ladies and gentlemen,

A century ago, Romania saved itself and strengthened its power due to the supreme sacrifice of the Romanian soldiers, who gave us the example of love for the country and left us the inheritance of hope, trust and perseverance in withstanding and prevailing over a difficult destiny.

A part of this determination which made possible the existence of Romania as a unified state has to be found in each of us, irrespective if we live in the country or abroad, irrespective of our personal beliefs and irrespective of the different opinions that we hold.

It is our duty to honour and protect what we have obtained through sacrifice: the liberty to decide our own fate.

Now, on behalf of our heroes we have to protect this liberty with determination to honour our past and ensure the future. May God rest the fallen and protect the Romanians. We honour their memory!


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