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Monday, 15 September

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has participated in the opening of the school year at “Tudor Vladimirescu” National High -School in Targu -Jiu

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Address by PM Victor Ponta at the opening of the school year at “Tudor Vladimirescu” National High -School in Targu -Jiu



Victor Ponta: Director, teachers in this renowned High -School, distinguished parents, I want to thank you for the invitation. Every year, I am here together with the mayor of municipality, Mr. Carciumaru, representatives of local and central authorities and one of your graduates, Mr. Costoiu who is to arrive from other high -school. It is an honor for me to attend the opening of the school year at the “Tudor Vladimirescu” National High -School. If I did not have the chance that you have, to study at this high -school, at least, to come every year and to tell you that I want to congratulate you for the extraordinary outcomes and to wish you success further on. On this occasion, I want to convey a message of appreciation, first of all, to all teachers who, day after day, as of September 15, will take care of children, youngsters, all those who need education. I know that the life of teacher is a difficult one. I tried and we further try to redress the bad things did to teachers in the past, to earmark – as the representative of parents said – additional funds, first to acknowledge the special role that the teachers need to play in any civilized society. Secondly, I want to thank the mayor of Targu – Jiu, and all local authorities and mayors, who, every year worked very much for these infrastructure conditions to be upgraded each time. I tried and we further try to invest money from European and budget funds in the education infrastructure. I think that any leu or euro invested in education is a well invested money, and I want to assure you, Mr. Director of my support from European funds, budget funds for this high -school to benefit of those refurbishments it needs after one hundred and twenty five years. Thirdly, I want to call on teachers, parents and pupils to understand that in 2014, we must pass to the future education. For more than ten years, no new textbooks or curricula were drafted. Teachers and parents told us rightly that world is changing, education system is changing and somebody should have the courage to come up with textbooks, with the curricula for 2014, 2015, 2016. Furthermore, I see there is no  child not to know to use a tablet, a phone, a computer, I think the idea of digital textbook, which can be downloaded by any parent, by any pupil, for free, is indeed a reform that we should make. Like any change, nothing comes out perfect from the very beginning; we should have new textbooks, after more than ten years, we should have digital textbooks, modern curricula, so that the results you achieve in school, can be useful in your professional life. There are things we should do, we should do only together: teachers, parents, local authorities, Government. I want to thank you for invitation and to assure you that next year, in any of my capacities, first and foremost of admirer of the results and tradition of Tudor Vladimirescu high -school, we shall surely meet again. Thank you.

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