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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended the signing ceremony of the protocol of collaboration for an effective implementation of the project "TEAM –UP: Progress in the quality of alternative child care"

Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the signing ceremony of the protocol of collaboration for an effective implementation of the project "TEAM –UP: Progress in the quality of alternative child care"


I am glad that we are together today at the signing of this document so necessary to protecting children in difficulty. The Government is taking another important step in ensuring a familiar environment for institutionalized children, in the transition process towards their care in the community.

As a mother, I am very glad that we have the opportunity of implementing such programs so that as many children as possible have the chance to be protected and properly guided in life. A care institution cannot replace the family environment, parental affection and protection.

The document signed today contributes to a better implementation of the second phase of the largest European funds investment in the maternity care system in Romania. It is a project worth 568 million euros, implemented across the country.

The care assistants will receive the necessary training courses in child-rearing, child healthcare protection, resolution of child abuse and neglect cases.

We have the moral duty to take these measures in order to give institutionalized children the chance to decent living, for them to benefit from family affection and protection so that they become emotionally healthy adults and have, when reaching adulthood, the full capacity to integrate into society.

We have taken the steps towards improving legislation on the child rights protection and promotion, project which is currently in inter-ministerial approval procedure.

At the same time, the amendment to the adoption procedure Law is in parliamentary debate. The regulations introduced envisage limiting the child's length-of-stay in the institutionalized system, speeding up the procedure of acquiring and maintaining the status of adoptable child, and rendering the adopters' assessment and post-adoption monitoring more flexible.

In the context of the exercise of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, the issue of child rights naturally occupies an important place on our agenda. Strengthening the children’s participation in the decision-making process targeting them is a first step in children’s involvement in building the future architecture of the European Union, as they represent approximately 21 percent of EU’s population.

Thus, the "Bucharest Declaration" will be drawn up during the Romanian Presidency, it is an appeal to European Union to establish a formal mechanism for consulting children in decision-making processes.

I would like to congratulate Minister Rovana Plumb, Mrs. Gabriela Coman, for this important step, for the signing of these documents. Congratulations once again!

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