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Monday, 15 April 2019

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă officially receives the Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze

Joint press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze


Viorica Dancila: I will start by giving a warm welcome to Romania, to Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and the members of the Georgian Cabinet.

We held constructive talks today and we reviewed the current state and the development prospects of the Romanian – Georgian relations in important fields of activity, such as: transports, energy and trade exchanges.

I reiterated Romania’s firm support for the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Georgia, and I encouraged the continuation of the ambitious reform agenda promoted by the Georgian Government. The development of EU’s relations with Eastern partners is a priority of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, context in which we actively engage in promoting the objectives undertaken within the Eastern Partnership.

Other aspect which we addressed during today’s discussion pertained to Black Sea security, which is a matter of utmost concern to both states. From Romania’s perspective, Georgia’s prosperity, security and stability are essential to the security and stability of the entire Black Sea region. This is why in addition to supporting an increasingly closer cooperation of Georgia with NATO, we are exploring the bilateral cooperation potential.

I took this opportunity to reiterate Romania’s firm support for Georgia’s soveregnty and territorial integrity, in its internationally recognized borders.

At bilateral level, I noticed that the results of our efforts to streamline the economic and trade dialogue have already started taking shape as there is an increase in the volume of Romanian –Georgian trade exchanges as well as of Romania’s exports in Georgia. We both saluted these achievements and we agreed on regularly holding the sessions of the Joint Committee, for a full capitalization on the current potential.

Overall connectivity refering either to relations among business, tourism milieus, or to interpersonal contacts in general is an important element and we will further support it. In this context, I want to encourage the Romanian companies to explore the business opportunities offered by Georgia.

I thanked Mr. Prime Minister for the support and active involvement of the Georgian side in the Black-Caspian Seas freight corridor project which was jointly initiated by Romania and Turkmenistan.

We also decided to speed up the efforts aimed at developing tourism between our countries, a sector with huge potential.

We discussed today about further developing bilateral relations in the education and culture sectors as they are already based on solid cultural ties. In this respect, I am particularly pleased to recall the personality of Antim Ivireanul (Anthimus of Iberia) who was born on Georgian soil and who, alongside Diaconul Coresi, is the greatest editor and author of Romanian medieval culture.

Finally, let me thank Prime Minister Bakhtadze for his presence in Bucharest and I assure him that Georgia will continue to be a friendly country and a partner for Romania. I am convinced that the partnership between our countries will intensify and generate beneficial results for the Romanian and Georgian citizens. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, you have the floor.

Mamuka Bakhtadze: Thank you very much, Mr. Prime Minister, for these warm welcoming words. I am glad to be in Romania, on my first official visit here, as Prime Minister. Romania is a very important country for us, we have a special relationship with the Romanian people. Friendship between Georgian and Romanian nations has developed along centuries and today’s visit carries a symbolic importance to me as we are celebrating this year 300 years of friendship between our countries. Naturally, when speaking about friendship between our peoples, we have to mention Antim Ivireanul, Vahtang IV, and Constantin Brancoveanu. They have an inestimable contribution to the development of Georgia –Romania relations. I am delighted that we continue what our forefathers began. Today, we share many interests with Romania, we are a country with a very old culture, we are geographically connected countries too, we have access to the Black Sea, which generates unique opportunities for us to play an important role in developing our bilateral relations and also in our regional relations.

Today, it is more important than ever to ensure security at the Black Sea and this is the message we have tried to convey to our Western partners for many years, as we believe that without security in the Black Sea region, it is impossible to talk about the security of Europe or the Euro-Atlantic area. We salute the decision adopted by NATO at the meeting of Ministers, aiming at a more active involvement of NATO in the Black Sea region security. On this occasion, I would like to thank our Romanian friends for the support granted very clearly all time. I would like to say that our relationship has a high level today. It is important for us to intensify economic relations even more in the future. We are prepared to have an ambitious agenda for the development of bilateral economic relations with a view to boosting the potential yet unexplored in the Black Sea region. The meeting which took place at Bucharest, on March 4, 2019 is extremely important in this context, and the Foreign Ministers of Georgia, Romania, Azerbaidjan, and Turkmenistan issued a joint political statement on developing a joint transport corridor. It is even more important for me, especially that I was among the authors of the new corridor in my previous capacity of director executive of the Georgian Railway Company S.A., and we are pleased to know that this truly wonderful idea is taking shape.

We attach special importance to the interaction of Constanta port with Georgia’s maritime ports especially that we are building a deep sea port in the country that will create new opportunities for economic cooperation. At the same time, we have innovative projects in the energy sector which will lead to a much better energy security of the EU and the European family, thus strengthening the role of Georgia in this respect.

Considering all that I have said before, we naturally want our bilateral relations to become strategic, and this is our stance which we are openly declaring today.

We appreciate Romania's active efforts during its EU Council presidency, because the idea and concept of Eastern Partnership (EP) must be maintained at a high level. On the tenth anniversary of the EP, we all agree that really significant progress has been achieved in many directions, nevertheless, we have noted a new trend in our joint efforts and we must have a new dynamic leading to a greater rapprochement and integration of Georgia in the EU. Georgia continues to successfully implement the Association Agreement with the EU, and this is the idea behind a roadmap recently presented by us in Brussels aimed at ensuring Georgia's greater rapprochement with the EU and I am sure that Romanian friends will actively back us in this respect.

Allow me to take this opportunity and thank our Romanian colleagues for their constant support for the sovereignty and territorial integration of Georgia. During this meeting, we also discussed current and very painful challenges that Georgia is facing. The Russian Federation continues to occupy 20 percent of our territory. The human rights situation is disastrous in the occupied territories of Georgia. It can be said that we are facing a humanitarian catastrophe in both occupied regions. Together with our partners, we created a peace initiative aimed primarily at halting the humanitarian disaster in these territories. Russia does not honor the commitments it undertook in 2008, and refuses to withdraw troops from Georgian soil. We are closely watching the policy of peaceful settlement of conflicts and we are grateful to the international community for its support. I would like to especially thank our Romanian friends from the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia for their contribution. Prime Minister, I would like to thank you once again for your warm welcome. I am convinced that our meeting and this visit will give us the opportunity to intensify and extend our collaboration to other sectors as well. Thank you very much!



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