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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Speech by Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă at the event of launching for public debate the "Education on Climate Change and the Environment in Sustainable Schools" Report

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Your Excellency, Mr President,

Dear Ministers,

Your Excellencies, Ambassadors,

Distinguished members of the Working Group,



Launching the "Education on Climate Change and the Environment in Sustainable Schools" report is the outcome of the Presidential Administration’s assiduous work, in cooperation with the Working Group, being a demarche that responds to the European priorities, the commitments undertaken by Romania and to the citizens’ concerns.

Europeans, especially young people, are very concerned about climate change: 93 percent of Europeans see climate change as a serious problem, and 96 percent have taken at least one action to tackle climate change.

We, too, in Romania can feel the effects of climate change. Draught, heavy rain, flooding, extreme weather conditions and code red heatwaves have become more and more frequent in the last years. The reports of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) clearly show: climate change has generated the warmest period in the last 10 years of weather measurements.

Two-thirds of Romanians see climate change as a very serious problem, and we must find solutions.

The European Climate Pact is an important mechanism for promoting education in the field of climate changes as well as for increasing awareness on this topic, and for Romania, it represents a basis for the measures we will take and a model to follow, which needs to take into consideration deep changes on a social and economic scale.

The Romanian Government took responsibility for implementing such instruments that are included in the programme for government. Measures are aimed at energy efficiency regarding both generation and energy consumption, energy generation from renewable sources, reducing transport emissions, using performing technologies, effective management of cultivated agricultural land and waste recycling. Ensuring the CO2 absorption can be regulated through sustainable management of forests and new areas forestation.

For all these projects, Romania has approximately 12 billion euros available, namely 41% of the financing which Romania will benefit from, through this Plan. The goals will be attained through projects that ensure transition to green energy, energy transition and decarbonization. In concrete terms, it means a cleaner environment and a healthier life for citizens.

As our present actions are vital for the future of the young generations already very keen on protecting the environment and combating the effects of climate change, one of the pillars upon which solutions in this area are being built is represented by education in the spirit of protecting nature and natural resources.

 Component of educational policies, the report launched in the debate today, promotes respect for the environment within the values that are at the basis of the education system. An important gain of this document is the correlation of learning goals with public policies and the major goals of the educational system including among others, environmental education, sustainability and climate.

 Young people’s interest in climate change education is instrumental in attaining our objective. The study conducted last year by SNSPA confirms that young Romanians support the introduction of such courses at all education levels.

As the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) represents not just the most important national post-pandemic recovery project, but also regarding environment protection, I would like to highlight some concrete measures: supporting and developing a network of Green Schools, purchase of electric minibuses, and renovation of existing school buildings in a significant way by increasing their energy efficiency.

I hold the belief that a national strategy based on education should primarily address vulnerable communities with less access to technology, smaller negotiation power, fewer funds to adjust economic and social structures to climate change effects.

 I am glad that the report launched today in the debate also comes with concrete measures, achievable and quantifiable, either changes in terms of curricula, improvement of school infrastructure and creation of new instruments or training and stimulation of human resources, all measures proposed have a solid justification and a well-defined purpose.

Government is firmly committed to mobilizing resources so that the measures be implemented within the established deadlines, for the benefit of citizens.

The contribution to this document of the Presidential Administration, Education Ministry, Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, educational units, students, teachers, parents, governmental organizations with rich experience, represent the guarantee of a successful implementation of educational projects about environment and climate change.

Even if we still have to go through a very important phase, the public consultation process, which will surely generate new ideas, the form of the Report presented today allows us to kick off preparations now. We are all aware that what we aim at –change of behaviour and mentalities at an entire generation – is a lengthy process. And given the current global climate emergency, it becomes obvious that time is not our best ally, therefore, we need to take quick and effective action.

On behalf of the Romanian Government, I want to convey congratulations to the Working Group and the Presidential Administration on this project, and to reaffirm that the Government is committed to being actively involved in implementing projects that will contribute to a cleaner environment and a healthier life for the citizens.

Thank you!

 Răspundem cetăţenilor


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