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Sunday, 18 July 2021

Statements by Prime Minister Florin Cîțu during his visit to the flood –hit localities in Alba County

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Florin Cîţu: Good afternoon! It is a miracle that we do not have fatalities in this area, seeing what has happened, I understand that there were 250 litres of water fell per square meter. There are no fatalities, this is a positive thing. It means that the RO-Alert system has worked. I understand that people warned each other. Now comes the hard part, in the short term, to restore everything that has broken down. First of all, we start with people's households, where needed, we have already discussed whether (drinking) water is needed, we will bring containers of 1,000 litres of water as to have drinking water in the area, if there is a need for housing, mattresses, equipment, the Army, I spoke with the general for help to be provided. All resources will be handled to quickly solve the situation. First of all, the citizens' households to be able to return to normal as soon as possible, then we will start with the main roads, as well, a road has already been destroyed, a road to a pasture. Farm animals should have access there. I assured the four mayors from the most hit areas that they will receive support from the Government.

A month and a half ago, we have created the legal framework whereby we can give help without the need for a Government meeting, which means that after we receive the evaluation report, people will be able to get financial, material support, everything they need. I call on flood-hit people to contact the town halls in the flood-hit areas to tell what they need, and we will allocate these resources in the shortest time possible.

Reporter: You refer surely to Cărpiniș - Gura Roșie area. Therefore, not only here, at Paulis.

Florin Cîţu: All areas- I have spoken with mayors of several areas, Rosia Montana, with everybody, Abrud, Campeni, all hit areas will receive support.

Reporter: Will there be fixed amounts?

Florin Cîţu: There is a fixed amount, but if needed, it can be supplemented. At this moment, we have to make sure that people can recover and restore their households as soon as possible. We will do our best for that.

Reporter: Did flood-hit people from Moldova receive the money, three weeks ago, a month ago?

Florin Cîţu: The people from Moldova received the money, now we will send resources for the territorial administrative units as well; in Wednesday's Cabinet meeting (we will decide) to send not only to Moldova; there have been floods in Moldova, there have been floods in Transylvania, in several areas and these ATUs will now receive the resources to restore or pay, in fact, the bills for what they have to do lately.

Reporter: And a question for Mr Bode. People complained about the RO-Alert system, they received the alert after the flood came. An investigation is needed there.

Lucian Bode: There were several RO-Alert messages given immediately after these phenomena were noticed. Of course, talking to colleagues from ISU about the phone calls that the citizens here in the area made to 112, we found that we arrived in a very, very short time with dozens of firefighters, gendarmes, police, we managed to get right here in the area, bypassing the flood, because we could not move on the / alignment / of the river and firefighters managed to warn, to remove from their homes some of the citizens who were, as you well know, evacuated. What is very important is that, as the Prime Minister said, there were no fatalities, although there are almost 300 people evacuated, over 120 destroyed houses, two national roads hit, on which people are still working, but the fact that we, today, we are here, Mr Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, I want it to be understood very clearly: our message is for all those affected, we do not leave anyone in trouble, we intervene immediately. Tomorrow, the Government can allocate the necessary resources for the flood-hit families, and citizens and, of course, on account of the reports made by the administrative-territorial units, we can intervene and help them rebuild their roads, water supply systems. What is very important is that, for example, the power supply is 95% solved. About 50 out of more than 10,000 household consumers are not connected.

Florin Cîţu: Today, around 8:00 pm, all these problems should be solved. I would like to thank all the structures of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of National Defense that intervened quickly and I also want to thank the volunteers –for coming and responding immediately to the needs of the citizens. It is a dramatic situation and we will all support the people here.

Reporter: When do you estimate that the people in the area will receive compensations /.../?

Florin Cîţu: Starting tomorrow, after the Government's decision, of course, the money will reach the citizens. Thank you very much! 

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