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Thursday, 19 March

Statements by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the videoconference with prefects

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Ludovic Orban: Mr President Klaus Iohannis, Ministers, prefects, representatives, heads of decentralized public services, I will communicate some things which, in my view are very important. Allow me to convey first my appreciation and respect for all of you who are doing your duty, and I consider that you should be an example through all your actions in this critical period.

You must relentlessly fulfil your obligations and solve all the situations that need to be solved in the institutions you are leading. I think it is very important to strengthen the capacity of the Public Healthcare Directorates. Based on the decree establishing the state of emergency, the Public Health Departments can employ personnel, directly, without the contest procedures, without the need to have the status of civil servant.

I ask you to urgently strengthen the Public Health Directorates(DSP), by employing competent persons, taking over trained people from school network, and here, I call on general school inspectors to support the Public Healthcare Directorates to find trained personnel who can take over the DSP tasks, doctors and nurses from school network that is clear, since schools are closed at present, have enough time and can be a vital human resource in fulfilling the duties of the Public Healthcare Directorates.

Call on residents, on employees of other institutions, you can take over from the County Healthcare Houses if there is qualified personnel who can be available, you can also take from certain hospitals that are not on the front line of the battle and have no direct powers in this respect. We need to focus on a few things: the speed of the epidemiological investigations, the ability that, once a person tests positive for coronavirus, the doctors carry out the epidemiological investigation as quickly as possible, and in a short time, the measures taken following the epidemiological investigation, especially the measures to isolate at home the persons who have come into direct contact with the person who tested positive, can be put into practice quickly.

It is also very important to know all needs of the county hospitals and to watch, under the coordination of the Health Ministry and the Internal Affairs Ministry, the preparation of hospitals to offer the best conditions for the treatment of coronavirus patients, when hospitals gradually enter (…) in which Romanian citizens infected with coronavirus can be taken care of. You should also know that we allocated from the Government Reserve Fund, 42 million lei to the Health Ministry to support the quarantine activity in each county, and we also adopted methodological norms to organize the quarantine.

It is very important to ensure the best conditions to quarantined persons. They are Romanian citizens that we should take care of, we should provide them decent accommodation, and we should also make sure they observe all rules required by quarantine. Concerning the home isolation, I many times asked and we will issue a legislative document in the next Cabinet meeting, to make the local administration authorities more responsible for checking the observance of the home isolation conditions. Along with the Internal Affairs Minister, I established other measures to ensure the strict enforcement of rules, military ordinances and legislative documents and drastic sanctions for those infringing legal provisions or the provisions included in the respective ordinances.

Other very important issue is the speed of information dissemination between various structures involved and even within various decentralized Ministries and Directorates in order to convey information, so that decisions can be made based on information. In maximum 24 hours from the moment it was decided that a person should be isolated at home, local authorities should be informed in order to check the observance of the isolation decision. I also think we should briefly informed those who enter isolation at home, about the conditions they must observe during isolation.

I request special attention to be extended to the disinfection of the common spaces! You must require local authorities to perform the disinfection of the spaces, means of public transport, institutions must ensure the disinfection and, here, you will have to make sure that there are all the necessary amounts to carry out the disinfection process. One of the ways the virus spreads is contact as the virus lives for long time on surfaces. Surfaces that are touched by many people, such as door handles, shopping trolleys and other types of surfaces, lift buttons, are surfaces whereby the virus can spread- and here we will have to make sure that all necessary measures are taken to disinfect them.

I request the AJOFMS(County Employment Agencies) to prepare for the enforcement of the ordinance whereby I decided the payment of technical unemployment from the unemployment budget fund. They must be prepared to process all requests, self -declarations, so that we can, in the shortest time since the requests submission, to make the evaluation that would allow us to decide the employees who should receive this aid form. The ITMs(Labour Inspectorates) must ensure, together with the DSPs(Public Healthcare Directorates), the correct information of the employers, about the workplace conditions that must be ensured to prevent the virus spread. It is very important for ITMs to focus on this activity, because it is clear that we must maintain production capacities in operation, trade, pharmacies and all other activities must be carried out under normal conditions, supply of energy, the provision of public services and utilities. We must make sure that all sanitary measures are taken at the workplace, in order to protect employees from coronavirus contamination.

I conclude urging you to communicate regularly information of public utility! Counter any fake news! Provide correct information to citizens, taking into account the different categories of citizens, their situation, provide all the useful information, the necessary information to make sure that the citizens know what they have to do and also they behave responsibly! Thank you!

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