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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Statements by Prime Minister Nicolae–Ionel Ciucă at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting

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Nicolae–Ionel Ciucă: Good morning. We will approve on today’s Cabinet meeting a package of social measures to the benefit of children, retirees, and persons with disabilities, as undertaken through the Programme for Government. We decided to increase the pension point by 10 percent as of January next year, from 1,442 lei as it is at present, to 1,586 lei.

We will also decide to increase the social allowance for retirees by 25 percent, from 800 lei to 1,000 lei as of 2022.

We will increase the child benefit, and we will establish an additional allowance to be granted starting next year to persons with disabilities, the 13th allowance.

 More precisely, child benefit will rise from 600 lei for children up to 2 years old or up to 3 years in case of children with disabilities. Also, child benefit will increase to 243 lei for children aged 2-18 years and after that age, for young people attending high school or vocational school until graduation.

I want to emphasize that the state benefit cumulates with the monthly allowance, the monthly incentive or the insertion incentive.

By another measure, we provide the granting, exceptionally, of an additional allowance, the 13th, for persons with disabilities, regardless of income. The compensatory allowance is granted only once, next year, in January.

These social measures are in line with the commitments undertaken through the Programme for Government and will be substantiated and funded through the state social security budget and the state budget for 2022.

Also, today, we will approve the draft emergency ordinance for the implementation of the digital entry registration form for travellers entering Romania. Thus, as of December 20, people travelling to our country must complete the digital entry registration form, a document already used in 18 states of the European Union. The new coronavirus strain and the epidemiological situation in the country require the most effective protection measures in Romania, especially now, when the winter holidays are approaching.

The form is necessary to help protect our health and those around us.

Through it, we will streamline epidemiological investigations and measures to protect the population. The Public Health Directorates will be able to more easily identify and contact people who have come in contact, during the trip, with a positive person. The digital registration form has been developed by the Special Telecommunications Service and must be completed by all persons entering Romania, regardless of the means and mode of transportation used. This document can be completed online by accessing the website and will be completed and presented upon entry in Romania, to the authorized personnel from the border crossing points. The form data are accessed only by authorized employees of the Public Health Directorates and can be used strictly to conduct epidemiological investigations. Thank you!

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