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Monday, 04 Nov 2019

Swearing –in ceremony of Ludovic Orban Cabinet

Speech by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban after taking the oath of office at Cotroceni Palace


Ludovic Orban: Your Excellency, Mr President Klaus Iohannis, dear guests, participants in this event, I would like to start by conveying a very simple message. Mr President, starting today, you have a partner in the Government of Romania, a trusted partner who is ready to join your efforts to put into practice the vision of Romania’s development, to carry out the programmes and projects that can bring Romania back on the right track, and which can truly allow each Romanian to have a successful life in his country. We are after ...I could call it a miracle: seven political parties and parliamentary groups with a small number of MPs each, succeeded in rallying to put an end to a government that really did harm to Romania, caused revolt among the large majority of Romanians and generated effects not only on short term, but on medium and long term – which will be very hard to redress. The second wonder is the investiture of this Cabinet. It really is. Think that in the Romanian Parliament, the National Liberal Party that took the government responsibility holds about 20 percent of seats. And nevertheless, we got the investiture vote. I would like to thank the serious partners, the partners who stood by us in both the effort to halt the PSD to do harm to Romania and the effort to give Romania a legitimate Government, a serious one, a responsible Government(...) that truly has the ability to solve the big problems Romania is facing. I thank the MPs from USR, ALDE, PMP, UDMR, and the Group of national minorities and special thanks to MPs from PRO Romania who, in extremely difficult conditions, stood by us. We have a hard path ahead, in an enough difficult situation for Romania. We have to solve pressing problems, we have to unlock a lot of projects that have slowed down and hindered Romania’s development, from the infrastructure projects in the transport field, the investment projects in the healthcare network, the unlocking of all competitive procedures in the procurement program for the endowment of the army and, in particular, the 2% allocation of the Gross Domestic Product, according to our commitments.

Mr President, we will be your partner in your efforts to strengthen Romania’s position internationally, to consolidate and determine an increasingly better position for Romania at the level of the European Union. We will also be your partner in all your demarches within the Strategic Partnership with the United States and within NATO, as well as in all your programs – „Romania educata”( Educated Romania)and especially the country’s project which we know that will be soon presented to Romanians. You can count on loyal collaboration. We are open to permanent dialogue for a partnership for Romanians’ wellbeing, that leads indeed to a Government of Romanians, a Government that does not fulfil absurd political orders, but takes into account Romanians' expectations, a Government made up of honest people, modest people, common sense people, competent and able to finalize beneficial projects for Romania. Thank you.

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