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Wednesday, 28 April

The meeting of the Inter-ministerial Committee on Romania’s return to normalcy as of June 1, 2021, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The second meeting of the Inter-ministerial Committee on Romania’s return to normalcy as of June 1, 2021, which took place today, at Victoria Palace, highlighted the need to adjust the gradual relaxation measures to the specifics of each area of activity. In parallel, the Government will expand the vaccination campaign, in order to facilitate the access of as many citizens as possible to immunization.

The representatives of the profile associations and organizations came up with concrete proposals regarding the perspective of organizing some cultural pilot events, which should be held in conditions of health safety. The representatives of the Association of Municipalities voiced their readiness to host such pilot events.

The preparation of the gradual reopening of the hospitality sector was also discussed, as the vaccination campaign progresses. The elimination of restrictions and the reopening of the sectors hit hard by the pandemic will be done gradually, depending on the increase of the population's immunization rate. The information campaign on vaccination will be adapted to each sector targeted by the relaxation measures

Therefore, the proposals will be analyzed starting tomorrow in technical working groups by areas, in which the representatives of the competent ministries and institutions will agree on the specific proposals for measures. These will be later submitted to the Inter-ministerial Committee for approval.

Thus, the working groups will analyze the proposals in the fields of economy, health, labour and social protection, transport and infrastructure, education and research, youth and sports, and culture.

"The vaccination campaign is going well at the moment, there are enough doses of vaccine to reach our target of 5 million people vaccinated by June so that the immunization rate will allow us to gradually return to normalcy," stated the Secretary-General of the Government, Tiberiu Horatiu Gorun, who chaired today's meeting of the Inter-ministerial Committee, as vice-chairperson.

„It is necessary for us to come up with concrete proposals for measures, in as short a time as possible, and to have an effective way of working. The Secretariat –General of the Government will be fully involved in this respect”, stated  Mircea Abrudean, Deputy Secretary-General of the Government.

The meeting at Victoria Palace was attended by representatives of the ministries and institutions involved in the management of the pandemic situation, as well as of the local authorities, of the tourism, culture and event organization sectors. They pointed out that they endorse the COVID-19 vaccination campaign as a sure solution for Romania's gradual return to normalcy in conditions of health security for everyone.

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