Romanian Government

Thursday, 03 June

Press release – Cabinet meeting - Prime Minister Florin Cîțu: We will improve digital public systems in key sectors of activity

The public policy proposal in the field of e-government, a strategic document for digital governance and management of e- public services at the level of the administration, was adopted by the Romanian Government in today's meeting, June 3, 2021.

"We want to lead the public administration in the future, to improve the digital public systems in key sectors of activity, such as Education, Health, Culture, Justice, Police. Today, we approved a public policy proposal on the digitalization of Romania, a roadmap for the next ten years. All ministries and government agencies will be connected in a single network and a single interoperable database through a government cloud, for which the Government has included in the PNRR funding of 500 million euros, " stated Prime Minister Florin Cîțu.

The document was developed following an extensive process of debate with the responsible institutions, a process coordinated at the level of the Secretariat -General of the Government and which focused on life events defined in the National Strategy on Digital Agenda of Romania, and that was validated by members of e-Government Steering Committee.

The situation underlying public policy is characterized by the insufficient development of public e-services in Romania, an issue that can be translated, concretely, by the small number of public e-services that exceed level 2 of digital sophistication, provided by public institutions and authorities in Romania, given that the maximum is level 5.

E-Government steering committee specialists argue that such a public policy has never been pursued in this area of the public sector. Through specific measures and achievements, at short intervals, this public policy aims to strengthen the capacity of the public sector to operate in an advanced digital environment. It also aims to deliver mature public e-services, focused on the needs of the citizen, respectively the business environment.

The public policy proposal in the field of e-government in the period 2021-2030 is an instrument with several valences:

Ø the main vision document regarding the process, ie the roadmap for the digitalization of public services in Romania for the next 10 years;

Ø a mechanism for periodic monitoring, assessment and adjustment;

Ø a programming and negotiation support instrument with the European Commission for the financial year 2021-2027 from European funds and an instrument for substantiating the digitization measures from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan - PNRR.

It is absolutely necessary for the coordinated and integrated implementation of the e-government process and e-government policy in Romania, as well as cutting through the red tape. In this respect, the Committee for e-government and cutting through the red tape has been recently established, as a decision-making and monitoring mechanism of the implementation of public policy, chaired and coordinated by the Prime Minister of Romania.

The main objective of this Committee is to provide a framework for debate and decision-making on key initiatives, measures and projects on cutting through the red tape, and ensuring coherence in the implementation of the public policy proposal on e-Government.

Digitalization remains one of the key priorities of the Romanian Government, along with simplifying legislation and improving the quality of regulations to support the business environment, both parts of the goals constantly assumed both through the national strategies adopted and recently before the European Commission, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The public policy document can be consulted at: