Romanian Government

Friday, 26 June

Address by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the ceremony held on the occasion of the National Flag Day, in Zalău

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Ludovic Orban: Good afternoon! I am glad to be today in Zalău, Salaj, and to attend for the first time the National Flag Day celebrations here. I am glad to have joined the Salaj inhabitants in this fundamental celebration for our country.

The flag represents a fundamental symbol of the Romanian nation, one that we must honour as we honour the country we are living in and as we honour each of our fellow citizens. On the National Flag Day, let us remember all those who fought for freedom, for unity along with the history of Romania under this flag, all those who gave their lives for this flag and for Romania; let us remember to show our respect to all those who honourably represent the flag, to all those who raised the flag of Romania on the highest masts, to all those who do their job for their country in the public offices they held or each in their place.

On the Flag Day, I want to launch a call for harmony, understanding, and unity, a call to love our country and a call for concerted action for Romania to earn well-deserved respect and appreciation worldwide. Happy National Flag Day!

Happy anniversary, Romania!

Happy anniversary, National Flag!