Romanian Government

Monday, 16 December

Address by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the fourth edition of the Romanian Capital Forum

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Ludovic Orban: Good afternoon. I accepted the invitation as a sign of respect for all those who, renouncing a comfortable life and a fixed schedule, along with reasonable accountability, took responsibility, risks and built companies that 30 years after, are operating, developing, they already have a future. One of the big problems we faced in the last 30 years is that many companies were built by people and depended on those who set them up, and some of them when those who set them up, could not supervise their activity for various reasons, the respective companies reduced their marketing quota, some of them even ceasing their activity. There is no capitalism without capitalists. The society development is carried out through the action of the people with initiative, the action of people who have the courage to fulfill their dreams, to renounce a comfortable life, a life of habits, undertake risks for the advancement of the society based on the initiative and the entrepreneurial spirit. The Romanian society needs a change of mentality, which will hopefully take place. First of all, we need to appreciate those who succeed in business. The business success is very important and we should respect the successful businesspeople.

Also, I think we need to instil in our children, young people, the courage to walk on unpaved roads, the courage to set up businesses, to succeed in the economic field.

 In the process of economic development, of course, there should be no discrimination between the foreign and the Romanian capital, but under harsh conditions, the foreign capital leaves much easier, while the Romanian domestic capital is the one that provides an economic backbone and that is why I believe that the share of Romanian capital must increase and any Romanian who wants to set up a business must find in the Government, in the local authorities, a partner and a supporter, contrary to what it happens to be at present, an obstacle maker and a hindering instrument for the business development in Romania.

Of course, many things have to be done - from the speed of registration of a company to the speed of granting the VAT payer certificate and to the speed of obtaining all that means certificates, authorizations and other documents that are issued by the administrative entities. I also think that access to capital is fundamental for Romanian companies, access to assets is also very important. I am furthermore sure that we will have to find a way to capitalize on the resources we have access to in order to support the Romanian companies' development projects. We have several projects, from establishing an investment fund to a support system for the internationalization of Romanian companies to procedural simplifications to programmes that really foster business development and which will encourage as many people as possible to start businesses.

The reality is that if you look at the number of people who are involved in companies compared to other European countries, Romania does not have an honourable place. If you look at the number of companies per 1,000 inhabitants that are being set up, Romania is well below the European line. If we look at the share of the Romanian capital in different areas of activity, we can see that there is a great place of growth, a great place of development, and what the Government has to achieve, besides everything that means the transformation of the administration into an entrepreneurial administration and a support administration for the entrepreneurs, the action must also target education, and the education process must really encourage things other than the memorization and production capacity, conformism, but, on the contrary, it must encourage initiative, boldness, creativity and associative skills, the power of analysis and synthesis and moral-volitional qualities which are prerequisite for our children’s life success. Thank you. I am ready to answer any of your questions.