Romanian Government

Thursday, 12 May

Prime Minister Nicolae –Ionel Ciucă’s visit to the SC Star Assembly SRL Mercedes in Sebes



Prime Minister Nicolae –Ionel Ciucă’s visit to the Star Assembly production facility based in Sebes




Prime Minister Nicolae –Ionel Ciucă visited today the Star Assembly production unit based in Sebes, an important component of the production network for the vehicle rolling stocks manufactured by Mercedes –Benz and an investment objective with much benefits at local and national level.

”It is an encouraging signal for the Romanian economy and Sebes –based community the fact that this production unit in Romania is taken into account by the German investitor in its retechnologization programme for transition to the components production for electrical vehicles. Through this increase in the production performance and adaptation to sustainable development goals, we are confident that people in the area will continue to have jobs. The development of production investment in Sebeș will continue to have a multiplier effect socially, through the newly created jobs, and will bring added value to the local and national economy at the same time, through high standards of specific production ", said Prime Minister Nicolae -Ionel Ciucă.

Manufacture in the Sebeș facility began with the assembly of eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearboxes and nine-speed transmissions, and from 2020, the hybrid vehicle is being assembled, an important step towards the production of environmentally –friendly, carbon-free vehicles.

The Head of the Executive appreciated that the confidence shown by German investors in the Romanian business environment can also encourage other foreign investors, whom he conveyed that the measures agreed through the programme for government and those included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan aim at both investment, as well as the reform component to ensure the transparent, correct and efficient functioning of the institutional mechanisms in relation to the citizens and the business sector.

Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă also thanked the representatives of Mercedes-Benz investors from Sebeș for the company's involvement in various social responsibility projects, including through training and professional reconversion opportunities, dual education system, scholarships and training programs they provide for local labour force training.

The company's representatives mentioned that they intend to develop projects for the transition to the production of components for electric vehicles, through major investments in the next period.

They also appreciated the aid worth 35 million euros received in the form of state aid, funds the company benefited from, for the purchase of equipment. As a result of the investments of over 320 million euros, the social contributions paid amounted to over 64 million euros.

The assembly and production unit SC Star Assembly SRL from Sebeș is, together with SC Star Transmission from Cugir, an important component of the production network for the rolling stock of vehicles manufactured by the Mercedes-Benz corporation.

These two investment objectives of the German corporation:

• have a turnover of 1.5 billion euros

• the investment exceeded 930 million euros

• the two production units rank third in the ranking of Romanian exporters (after Dacia and Ford)

• provides 2,600 jobs in Romania, of which 40% for women

• with the support of the Government, is one of the first companies in Romania to implement a dual education system, also offering training and professional reconversion opportunities. In the last 6 years, more than 330 young people have benefited from such programs within the two production units in Romania of the Mercedes-Benz corporation.

The Prime Minister is accompanied in his visit to Alba County by the Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Mircea Abrudean.