Romanian Government

Thursday, 06 June

Romania - Israel Memorandum of Understanding on cyber security cooperation


Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the signing ceremony of the Romania - Israel Memorandum of Understanding on cyber security cooperation


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Ladies and gentlemen,


The cyber security is a priority for the optimum functioning of any governmental system and beyond. In a technologized world, in which cyber attacks are in a continual change and evolution, we need increased data protection.

In this respect, I consider that it is high time now to capitalize on the openness of the two countries: Romania and Israel, towards research, tehnology and industrial development cooperation, in the field of cyber security, to provide protection to organizations, institutions and our citizens.

Romania successfully took over part of the State of Israel’s practices in the field of cyber security, the most recent example being the launch of the single number 1911 to report the cyber incidents.

I express my joy that we managed to intensify lately the cooperation in high -tech areas, such as the area of cyber security. It is important that the two states share a common vision regarding the opportunities and benefits of good cooperation in this very complex field of cyber security.

Today's event is part of a productive track record of collaboration between Romania and Israel in the digital area.

The "Romania - Israel Cyber Security" Forum, on which occasion was signed the memorandum of understanding on cyber security, represents a new stage with significance in the development of cooperation between the two states, in the digital sector.

I welcome the presence of experts from both countries, the teams contributing to the development of joint projects, as well as the involvement of Ambassador David Saranga, a friend of our country.


Dear guests,


Romania has an ambitious agenda regarding the consolidation of this field, which encompasses both research and innovation projects nationwide, as well as exchanges of expertise with the authorities of states with advanced practices and strategies in this sector.

The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council’s success in the digital area reinforces the conviction that only through sustained cooperation, will we avoid the risks generated by the rapid evolution of technology and, more importantly, we can thus protect national economies, institutions and citizens from potential damages derived from generalization of the digital environment.

We are aware of the need for higher education and training within institutions and companies, but also of informing citizens about cyber attacks and their consequences. In this respect, we foster the development of a culture of cyber security rules and regulations, while diversifying risk analyzes and boosting expertise in the field, the cooperation with the State of Israel being very important in attaining this national objective.

Congratulations! Thank you!