Romanian Government

Wednesday, 22 February

The non-teaching personnel in education will benefit from salary increases

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, Minister of National Education, Pavel Nastase and representatives of education trade unions have discussed today about the Government’s proposal to increase the salaries of the non-teaching personnel in education.

„I respect the work and contribution of every member of the educational staff. I have full openness towards finding fast solutions to the problems related to wages of the non-teaching personnel in education and to redress this injustice done to nearly 53,000 people in education” the Head of the Executive has stated.

The Government will promote an Emergency Ordinance on tomorrow’s meeting, with a view to solving the problems emerged in the pay of the non-teaching staff from pre-university and university education. The envisaged solution aims at position in the grid, according to seniority, of this personnel category’s wages, and the measure will be enforced as of February 2017. Thus, according to the new salary grid, the rights of the non-teaching staff in education will range between the minimum wage per economy, respectively 1.450 lei and 1947 lei.

Other topic of today’s discussion aims at the situation of salary increases for the educational personnel. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and the Minister of National Education Pavel Nastase have underlined that the Executive considers this situation that has been dragging on for longer time, and they have all openness and strive to resolve it.

Also, the Cabinet members and the educational trade unions representatives have discussed about promoting a new National Education draft law by the end of the year. In this context, Prime Minister Grindeanu has showed that the new draft law will  result following an extensive consultation with the academic environment, civil society, trade unions, employers, political parties and all interested parties. .