RSS - Guvernul României Guvernul Românieiro-ROBriefing de presă susținut de ministrul sănătății, Vlad Voiculescu la finalul ședinței de guvernȘtiri din 15.01.2021 20:18:00ță de presă susținută de președintele Comitetului național de coordonare a activităților privind vaccinarea împotriva SARS-CoV-2 (CNCAV), Valeriu GheorghițăȘtiri din 12.01.2021 16:28:00 umanitar pentru persoanele afectate de incendiul din Miercurea CiucȘtiri din 12.01.2021 14:53:00 DE PRESĂȘtiri din 12.01.2021 13:28:00 este pregătit să sprijine persoanele afectate de incendiul din Miercurea CiucȘtiri din 09.01.2021 12:33:00 de presă susținut de premierul Florin Cîțu și ministrul educației, Sorin Cîmpeanu, la finalul ședinței de guvernȘtiri din 06.01.2021[Check against delivery] Florin Ciţu: Good afternoon. On today's Cabinet meeting, we started the preparation for the 2021 budget. In this respect, I notified every Ministry asking through a note several things. First of all, I asked an analysis of the current pieces of legislation in force and which have a budgetary impact, but cannot be fully covered by 2021s budget, and other pieces of legislation in force, but which cannot be enforced this year because of some legislative inconsistencies. Therefore, all pieces of legislation, for each ministry, with a budgetary impact, we will see where we will place them. I asked of course, each Minister to come up with a note of presentation and solutions for these legislative documents. The second thing that I asked the Ministers, in the case of those ministries with economic operators under their authority, to conduct an analysis based on the accounting reports and the financial situation, which was also done in the past. Until the 4th of February, each minister must present to the Government approval, a memorandum which contains the current situation of these economic operators, the causes that determined the registration of losses, outstanding payments and so on, and, of course, a set of solid measures, quantifiable and with clear deadlines to render these companies more efficient. As I have said, granting sums from the budget to these economic operators will be firmly conditioned by observing the implementation of the measures mentioned in these memorandums. There will be a memorandum for each Ministry, we will see there the terms, and the budget or money to be allocated to these companies will be conditioned by these terms. The third thing requested to Ministries is the status of investment projects, which we also analyzed last year and I can tell that we could see a strange practice when looking at projects throughout 2016 -2020: projects which were included in the budget, some were budgeted, others not, but the implementation was very bad even for the budgeted projects. Therefore, we asked for a list of all the investment projects that were included last year, the implementation in 2020, the implementation of each budget to see their status. /...; / And another list of investment projects that were included in the 2020 budget but did not have commitment appropriations, so they were only included there. These lists will be sent to the Prime Ministers Office and the Ministry of Public Finance. Based on these lists, we will prioritize and budget these investment projects for 2020. An information note from the Ministry of Public Finance has been presented which will be the basis for a memorandum drawn up by the former Ministry of European Funds and the Ministry of Finance, with projects that can be financed from European funds and not from the state budget. I announced this last year when I was at the helm of the Ministry of Finance. We want those investment projects that can be financed from European funds, to be financed from European funds, not to put pressure on the state budget anymore. And we will have this list too. Next week, we begin the procedure for the 2021 budget, with the preparation of the limits for each ministry. We propose that the budget enter parliament on February 4, be debated then and approved. Until then, we will do all these analyzes. These are the things I wanted to say on todays Cabinet meeting. Minister Cimpeanu will present you a draft emergency ordinance. If there are any questions... Reporter: As for the draft budget, why does it take so long to make this budget given that, at this moment, we operate, we know it very well, on 1/12 of last years expenditure, especially since you said that you prepared a form of the draft budget for 2021, even if there is a higher number of ministries, in fact, we are talking about the same budgetary impact, in general, that you could take into account? Florin Ciţu: On the one hand, we give our colleagues, the Ministers, the chance to get to know their ministries. And this request that I made today is in this direction. They will have the chance to know exactly what investment projects they have, the companies under their authority, whether they are profitable or not, to deal with restructuring and of course the legislation in force. Its an analysis Ive never seen anyone conduct before a budget. I have said very clearly and I am firm about it: I want to reform! Public money will no longer be wasted. That is why this transparent analysis is needed. At the same time, it happens the same with the prioritization of investment projects: I want to budget those investment projects that can be done this year, not just to budget investment projects in general to present a high number. I tell you that for 2020, according to my estimates, nevertheless, the Minister of Finance may confirm or deny it over the next days, yesterday, we managed to hit a record in terms of investments, they amount to approximately 53 billion, I do not have the exact figure - you will see, after 12 months. But these investments too must be analyzed. I want to see that this money has been spent efficiently and that it has led to economic growth. That is why this budgeting this year is very rigorous. It takes a little longer, but you will see a positive impact on the economy. Reporter: Precisely because Im thinking about economics, the business community should know what to expect in the current year. 2021 has already started and at the same time you said in a statement in early 2019 that a delay in the draft budget in a year is unacceptable because it comes only in times of crisis. At this moment, dont you think that good predictability would help the business sector, given that currently, not even the fiscal- budgetary strategy is made public or at least the estimated GDP you have been working on? Florin Ciţu: Lets take them one by one: predictability - the business sector has the greatest predictability on my part. I said that there will not be changes to the Fiscal Code, to taxes, everything goes forward. Secondly, regarding the fiscal-budgetary strategy, the government programme of this coalition says very clearly: we want to reduce the budget deficit below 3% in 2024. So, we already have a firm, clear target that we will stick to. I have mentioned the budget deficit estimate for this year that we consider, 7 percent. These are the details for the business sector, and you will see that the business sector does not need more. The rest are details regarding how we will distribute the money this year. At the same time, we wanted to see the execution for last year, to know exactly how the measures we took, worked - you saw that, based on last years budget implementation, we extended a series of measures that were in favor of the business sector, therefore, in my opinion, things are running in the right direction. We will see, if something new appears, we will let you know. Reporter: And a clarification regarding the minimum wage: why didnt you approve it? You even said that this week you will approve the draft law on the minimum wage. Yet, it is not approved. Florin Ciţu: I understand that it is in the approval circuit. The SME test was needed, the CES is required- there are several things to consider. When the opinion is given... Reporter: The SME test should have been obtained before all the approval procedure started. You said there were only a few opinions left, not the actual test. Florin Ciţu: It is in the process of approval. Everyone knows the value of the minimum wage in 2021 already. Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to ask you when are you going to approve that emergency ordinance whereby the medical staff who will vaccinate Romanians, will be remunerated, and how much will they receive? Florin Ciţu: It was in first reading today. It will be approved next week. Reporter: Can you tell us what this emergency ordinance basically provides? Florin Ciţu: Although it is not a final form - a way to motivate family doctors to participate in this vaccination campaign, was additionally introduced. Regarding the amounts, well see, well discuss those amounts. I dont know if the final ones from this draft ordinance, remain as such. But compared to the initial project, a motivation scheme for family doctors was introduced to help this vaccination campaign. Reporter: Apart from family doctors, who else will administer the vaccine? You accept resident doctors, volunteers including...? Florin Ciţu: Yes. There are both resident doctors and volunteers. Volunteers, I do not know if they are included in the current document. But, I repeat, it is in first reading. It will go through the approval process and, depending on how the ministries will introduce or add things, we will see what it will look like. I say that the major change is the introduction of this motivation scheme for family doctors. We know very well, it can be very helpful right now. Reporter Will we see this ordinance approved next week? Florin Ciţu: Yes, it must be next week. I asked the Health Minister to get all opinions until next week. Reporter: Are we ready for the second stage of vaccination, Mr. Prime Minister? Florin Ciţu: Yes, we are ready. I say that in Romania the vaccination campaign is going well, and the estimates we have to go to 150,000 vaccines a day clearly show that the direction is good. When I communicated with prefects yesterday, there were 230, I do not know how many vaccination centers are at this moment, the intention to have 1,000 vaccination centers is ambitious. Im sure itll be attained. We need to bring more vaccines, to increase the pace of vaccine deliveries to Romania. Thats actually a challenge. We are also limited by what happens in the EU, the way the vaccines are being approved and then delivered. I say we are ready to vaccinate 100,000 people per day, as quickly as possible. Reporter: Vice Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor stated he insists schools be re-opened on February 8. I would like to ask you if you discussed with him and if you agree on schools re-opening on February 8? Florin Ciţu: Of course, I had a discussion with Mr. Hunor and with Mr. Barna and I too want schools to reopen, to have restaurants opened, I said that last year too. As far as Im concerned, if it wasnt for the health problem, I would like them to be reopened. Yet we have this pandemic conditionality. Minister will present you the amendment from the Emergency Ordinance. Personally, I believe that we must do everything we need to be able to reopen schools as early as possible, which is why it is important that in addition to the vaccination campaign we also have this campaign to reduce the effects of the pandemic, to keep up the pace. So far we have seen that numbers have dropped, we have reached a comfortable level, there are cities, municipalities that have come out of quarantine, and we must follow this trend. If we keep this trend, we can reopen schools on February 8. But I repeat that the vaccination campaign is important, we have the necessary resources and it is a top priority. At the same time, we must keep this campaign to reduce the effects of the pandemic. Let us not forget to further maintain physical distance, wear mask, use disinfectant, etc. Thanks. Cătălina Mănoiu, Realitatea Plus. If teachers do not get vaccinated in a higher number, are you considering applying the same criterion, a financial incentive as it happens in the case of the doctors? Florin Ciţu: There is no incentive for doctors to get vaccinated, it is intended for the family doctors to help the vaccination campaign, to register people for a vaccine. Cătălina Mănoiu: However, we have seen in the European Union and in the United States that this vaccination incentive exists. Do you consider implementing it here? Florin Ciţu: No, I see that in Romania there is an interest in vaccination. No, we are not considering this at the moment. Cătălina Mănoiu: Only 50 percent of teachers said they will get vaccinated. Florin Ciţu: There are estimates. I say to wait and see when there is the vaccination that there will be a higher number, and the majority will get the vaccine. I would not go on estimates and surveys, we follow what is happening in reality and you will see that it will be a successful vaccination campaign. Cătălina Mănoiu: You talked about projects that cannot be financially supported during this year. From the data you have, what exactly do you mean? Florin Ciţu: That is why I asked for this report. I said lets see. Reporter: Dont you have a partial evaluation yet? Florin Ciţu: I asked every minister today to present the situation regarding the projects that were financed last year, which must be financed, companies, everything. And then well see the report. I have my information, but I would like every minister to come up with solutions and with these lists as well. Reporter: What are the risks for ministers who will not perform at the quarterly rate that you announced according to these plans to reorganize troubled companies? Florin Ciţu: There will be no such ministers. Im sure everyone will perform well. Thanks! Reporter: A clarification! The state of alert expires next week; if you extend it. Will it be a Cabinet meeting? Monday, it expires ... Florin Ciţu: We will make a decision depending on the national situation. Thanks! Reporter: Regarding the vaccination campaign: is it possible to extend the vaccination scheme so that doctors families are also vaccinated in the first stage? Did you consider this? Florin Ciţu: We havent had this discussion so far. Thanks! (...;) 2021-01-06 18:02:00ță de presă susținută de președintele Comitetului Național de coordonare a activităților privind vaccinarea împotriva SARS-CoV-2 (CNCAV), Valeriu GheorghițăȘtiri din 05.01.2021 16:16:00 premierului Florin Cîțu la videoconferința cu prefecțiiȘtiri din 05.01.2021 by Prime Minister Florin Cițu at the videoconference with prefects [Check against delivery] Florin Ciţu: Thank you, Minister. I will be very brief as we have a lot of work to do. First of all, I wanted to wish you: a happy new year and good health in 2021. We have a challenge ahead, as if last year's challenge, the pandemic was not enough, to run this vaccination program as well as possible. It started at a slower pace, but we saw that yesterday we already had 230 centres operating and I think it is a good pace. We are in the first phase, in which only the medical staff gets vaccinated, and I believe we started to have a pace, we are getting to 20,000 vaccinations a day. It is a very good pace during this period, but we have to accelerate this rate because you know very well that we intend to move to the second phase of vaccination in the middle of next week, and that means we need to have those centres outside the hospitals. There are 932 centres and here we need your support, your involvement, directly, in every community, as Government representatives, and we need to do it with professionalism, celerity. We need to have these centres operational as soon as possible so that we can distribute all doses to reach all citizens. There are already counties with significant progress, I would mention: Bucharest, the capital, Dolj, Iasi, Cluj, Suceava, Mures, Sibiu, Timis. Congratulations! Things are running very well. At the same time, there are some counties that have not reached a satisfying pace yet: Giurgiu, Dambovita, Ialomita, Teleorman. I call on you to treat this vaccination campaign as having very big importance and as the first priority of this Cabinet. It is very important to have the vaccination centres ready. The vaccines are arriving. You know very well, we have 140 thousand doses weekly, there is no problem. /.../ We want to increase the number of vaccines we receive weekly. It is complicated. You know very well that Romania receives pro-rata, but we will try. We will try to increase the number of doses we increase weekly. They will increase gradually until March, but we will want to have more because I believe that if we keep this pace, we will reach almost 100,000 vaccines capacity per day, which would be very good. Lets not forget that we are still in a pandemic and we have to keep the restrictions where they are needed, to keep the same message to the citizens. The fact that we started this vaccination campaign does not mean that the danger has passed and we have to say that every day. The vaccination campaign is complementary, it helps to eliminate the pandemic faster, thats all we wanted, but we are still in a pandemic, we still have to comply with these rules and you as representatives of the Government at the local level must make sure that these rules are observed. Last but not least, I call on you to support Mr Valeriu Gheorghita and the Secretary of State Andrei Baciu. They have been designated to coordinate this activity nationwide. They need your support, but I am available to you with any information, each time. Once again, thank you for your effort. We all need to continue and speed up this vaccination campaign. I want these 932 centres to be ready until the start of the second phase, which means, according to our estimates, Health Minister is there, the Interior Minister, the Defence Minister, and next week, we have to start the second phase. Therefore, that means that these centres which are outside hospitals, should be ready next week, and I do not think there is any excuse for them not to be ready next week. Thank you, a Happy New Year! Thanks to the media! 2021-01-05 12:59:00 premierului Florin Cîțu, în sistem online, la Consiliul Național Tripartit pentru Dialog SocialȘtiri din 28.12.2020 Minister Florin Cițu and the Labour Minister Raluca Turcan had today consultations with the representatives of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue, on the topic of raising gross minimum wage, guaranteed for the year 2021. 2020-12-28 12:44:00 împotriva COVID-19 a început astăzi în România, în toate cele 10 spitale de boli infecțioase aflate în prima linie în lupta împotriva noului coronavirusȘtiri din 27.12.2020 first person vaccinated against COVID-19 in Romania, at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases - Prof. Dr. Matei Balș, was Mihaela Anghel, a general nurse, a member of the medical team that, on February 27, took over the first patient in Romania confirmed with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 'I was privileged because I was chosen to be the first person vaccinated in Romania, stated Mihaela Anghel adding that she did not think twice when she found out about the possibility of getting vaccinated. The vaccination campaign will continue, Romania is set to benefit from 10 million doses of vaccine, approximately 140,000 - 150, 000 doses per week. Doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign, estimates that the immunization of the entire population of Romania will be possible in about six months. The healthcare measures must be further observed to protect people's health and life. 2020-12-27 11:40:00ții de presă susținute de premierului Florin Cîțu, alături de coordonatorul campaniei de vaccinare anti-COVID, dr. Valeriu Gheorghiță, la sosirea primului lot de doze de vaccin împotriva COVID-19 la Institutul Cantacuzino, Centrul Național de StocareȘtiri din 26.12.2020 statements by Prime Minister Florin Cițu, alongside Doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, coordinator of the national anti-COVID vaccination campaign, at the arrival of the first batch of anti- COVID-19 vaccine, at the Cantacuzino National Institute for Medical-Military Research and Development, National Storage Center [Check against delivery] Florin Ciţu: Good morning! First of all, I would like to thank all the Institute employees. They worked yesterday, even though it was Christmas, they were here, they made the preparations, and today, you could see, we received the first doses of the vaccine. I would like to emphasize that the vaccination campaign starts at the same time in Europe. Therefore, we worked hard and we managed to get everything ready to start the Vaccination Campaign in Romania on the same day as it starts all over Europe. It is an important moment, we have been waiting for it for a year since we found out about this pandemic, and the appearance of the vaccine, its delivery and distribution in a record time will in my opinion help to limit and eradicate the pandemic in the shortest time possible. Of course, in addition to the measures we have already implemented, the vaccine only comes to help this. You know very well, tomorrow, the official vaccination campaign starts, the first dose of vaccine will be given tomorrow. Now we have received the first 10,000 doses, and weekly we will receive around 140,000 doses. Romania will have around 10 million doses of vaccine. And, looking at how things have gone so far, I am sure that we will have a very smooth campaign. Vaccination in Romania is free, it is not mandatory, and regarding information that has to reach population, and Ordinance 63 will be completed in order to continue this vaccination campaign in mass - media. Thanks a lot to all those who worked on this, it was a huge effort, lot of work has been done, and the results are very good. Congratulations! I will let specialists to give you more details about the next steps. Thank you! Valeriu Gheorghiță: Good morning. Thank you for attending! I would like to begin by saying that I am very happy that today, the vaccines have safely arrived at the National Institute for Medical-Military Research-Development Cantacuzino, the National Storage Center. I remind you that the Cantacuzino Institute, through the National Storage Center, received all the necessary authorizations and approvals from the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania. It is the only centre that currently has storage capacity at minus 80 degrees, adding to the other six regional storage centres. From this point of view, the logistics and organizational efforts were unprecedented, and, as the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign against COVID-19, I deal with the organization and continuation of the logistics activities. Also, today, on the second day of Christmas, we are one step closer to the start of the vaccination campaign, which kicks off, as I said, on December 27, in the first ten medical units on the front lines of COVID -19 fight. We have all been witnessing intense public interest in this respect. There is hope, there is trust, at the same time there is hesitation on this topic related to vaccination, but nonetheless, I am glad that we can offer more and more answers to the questions that each person has regarding the importance of vaccination at present, as a safe and effective measure related to the vaccination campaign and the limitation of the negative consequences of the pandemic. Lately, I have received a number of legitimate questions about the first person to be vaccinated. You will meet the first person to be vaccinated tomorrow, at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Matei Balş, but I can tell you from the beginning, as coordinator of the vaccination campaign, I am also interested in the second person, the third person and the thousandth person to be vaccinated, from both the medical staff and the other population categories according to the stages of the vaccination strategy. I would be happy to hear the story of every person who decides to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but at the same time, I can tell you that I am also interested in the last person to be vaccinated and the story of this person, because that will be the time when together we can say that we have finished this vaccination campaign and we have put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected our lives this year. It was a year with a lot of difficulties, a year with restrictions, a year in which life was disturbed, but I think that only together can we get through this difficult moment that the world is currently facing. Thank you. (...;) 2020-12-26 10:16:00ții susținute de Șeful Departamentului pentru Situații de Urgență, secretar de stat în Ministerul Afacerilor Interne, Raed Arafat și coordonatorul campaniei de vaccinare anti-COVID, dr. Valeriu Gheorghiță la sosirea în România a primelor 10.000 de doze de vaccin împotriva COVID-19 - Vama Nădlac 2Știri din 25.12.2020 15:37:00[1].jpgMesajul prim-ministrului Florin Cîțu cu ocazia CrăciunuluiȘtiri din 24.12.2020 18:44:00[1].jpgDeclaraţii susținute de premierul Florin Cîţu la preluarea mandatului de ministru al Finanțelor de către Alexandru NazareȘtiri din 24.12.2020 13:20:00 reuniune a Guvernului condus de premierul Florin CîțuȘtiri din 23.12.2020 by Prime Minister Florin Cițu and members of the Cabinet at the start of the Cabinet meeting [Check against delivery] Florin Ciţu: Good evening. We have got here. The past two weeks were difficult, but you will see next week why we had to work in this period, to have a government before holidays, as there are things which need to be already solved in the next days. Thank you very much for all you have done in this period! Many of you have been part of the negotiating teams, we were together there. I think the result is a beautiful and good project for Romania, this center - right coalition and I am sure that this will be a stable and long government as we all set out with the same goals. This evening we wont have a Cabinet meeting. There are only a few things we have prepared, we are preparing for the next meeting, which we will hold next week. There are some priorities, especially for combating the negative effects generated by the pandemic and some necessary to support the business environment and the finalization of the budget construction for 2021. All these things should be ready by next week. First of all, the promotion of the draft emergency ordinance for extending the active measures by June 30, 2021. In this respect, Minister of Labour, we need to be ready next week. The promotion of the draft emergency ordinance regarding the prolongation of the applicability deadline of the IMM Invest government program until June 30, 2021, and the approval of the new subprogram Agro IMM Invest, with applicability until the same term, immediately after receiving the authorization decision from the European Commission. The decision to authorize will be issued by the European Commission by December 24. We have this decision, so we must move forward. Also regarding state aid schemes, the European Commission decided to prolong by six months the functioning period of the state aid scheme for large companies. The related financing and guaranteeing norms have been approved and are forwarded for publication in the Official Journal. We have the promotion of the draft emergency ordinance that institutes the state aid scheme regarding some measures to grant financial support to enterprises in the HoReCa domain - tourism, accommodation units, catering units and tourism agencies, the activity of which was affected in the COVID-19 context. This is for Minister Claudiu Nasui - for next week we should be ready with all approvals. This scheme was pre-notified at the European Commission. After all the necessary clarifications are sent, with a view to checking the compatibility of the state aid scheme, the official notification will follow, and the authorization decision will be issued in accelerated procedure. We also have the promotion of the draft emergency ordinance for the prolongation of some fiscal incentives in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and here, Minister Nazare, things are unfolding. Promoting fiscal-budgetary measures, such as maintaining allowances for holders of public offices at the level granted for December 2020 and the like. You will see them in the ordinance for tomorrow. These are the priorities we have for next week. I propose, tomorrow, when the transfer to the ministries will be made, there are already prepared materials and we should start the approval procedures so that we have all the opinions, including from the Legislative Council, on next weeks Cabinet meeting, the next Cabinet meeting will likely to take place on Wednesday, at 1.00 pm. Thats about all I want to say this evening. Virgil Popescu: Mr. Prime Minister, an emergency ordinance on extending the validity of holiday vouchers, has been in first reading and is still at the Economy Ministry. Florin Ciţu: If it was in first reading and has all opinions, will enter debate on the next Cabinet meeting. Virgil Popescu: We must resume the approval circuit with the new ministries, as for all. And we have another problem regarding an amended law in Parliament, a water law, the Parliament imposed an absurd law, regarding the price of water treated by hydroelectric power plants, which is about three times higher in the case in which they do not install water meters. Or, there is no such thing in Romania. It was introduced by the back door in the Parliament, and we have to solve this as well, because the water costs will increase a lot and we will pay for the water that does not produce electricity. Florin Ciţu: All right, prepare the ordinance. Nicolae Ciucă: It is a threefold increase as the Economy Minister says, as revealed by what I received this week. Therefore, a decision must be made in this respect. Florin Ciţu: Prepare this ordinance as well. I know that two ordinances are being prepared at the Ministry of Justice. Stelian Ion: Yes, yes. That ordinance prorogating the entry into force of the law governing the number of judges on appeals panels is required. Florin Ciţu: It should then enter tomorrows approval circuit so that all the approvals for next week can be taken. Any other ordinances should start the approval circuit tomorrow so that we are ready on time. Cseke Attila: Thank you, Prime Minister. There will also be a draft emergency ordinance that is also expected by the local public administration authorities regarding the possibility of extending the investment objective on the National Local Development Program, the first stage, which would expire at the end of this year. Tomorrow, we start the approval and we hope to be able to come up with the document. Florin Ciţu: We have time to get all approvals next weeks. Cătălin Drulă: The law empowering the government to issue ordinances during the parliamentary recess? Florin Ciţu: Next week. Well try again next week. Thanks a lot. We have nothing else now. I just wanted you to get used to the new position. Minister? Lucian Bode: I have a question, Prime Minister. Good evening and good luck, dear colleagues. Because tomorrow some of us set out to achieve the handover, we should make a calendar this evening so that we do not overlap each time and if you who have already decided to let us know to set this evening in what order do we carry out this handover-reception activity, specifying that at 10:00 pm, some of us will be present at Cotroceni, at an activity alongside the president. Therefore, we should sit and talk, to correlate this activity, because the press will be interested and you cant have four, five activities at the same time. Florin Ciţu: Ok. You will do it after. Thanks. Good luck! Im sure well have a successful term of office. Minister. Bogdan Aurescu: I just want to thank Minister Ciucă for his work as interim Prime Minister, during the period that has just ended. Nicolae Ciuca: Thank you, Minister. It was an activity in which we had to cover everything that was a priority for the Romanian Government, I mean what the Prime Minister has mentioned: monitoring and controlling the pandemic situation and also preparing the vaccination campaign. I thank all the Cabinet members. /.../ I hope it will be a transfer as beneficial as possible for the new Cabinet, for the new Prime Minister. Good luck, Mr. Prime Minister! Florin Ciţu: Thank you, Minister, former interim Prime Minister. 2020-12-23 22:25:00 depunerii jurământului de către noul guvern condus de Florin CîțuȘtiri din 23.12.2020 21:28:00ții susținute de premierul Florin Cîțu, după votul în Parlament pentru învestirea noului GuvernȘtiri din 23.12.2020[Check against delivery] Florin Ciţu: Good evening! The Parliament has voted, Romania has a Prime Minister, a Cabinet of professionals, a government backed by a right coalition. I am aware of the responsibility I was vested with today, by Romanians, through the Romanian Parliament, and I will not deceive these expectations. Romania is going through a difficult period. I was a member of the Cabinet last year, I am aware of the challenges, I know how to move forward. I assure all Romanians that we will continue the projects started in 2020 and, of course, we will implement those agreed with our colleagues from the center-right coalition. After a long time, Romania has a team of professionals in government, a team backed by a coalition that really wants the well-being of all Romanian citizens. Thank you! And we will start our work tomorrow. Reporter: Despite the massive voting in the reunited plenum of Parliament, your government colleagues criticized you, Mr. Ciolos for instance, because the nomination of Mr. Campeanu as Minister of Education. He claims the professional background of Mr. Campeanu does not authorize him to hold such an office. How do you see this criticism? Florin Ciţu: I know that within the coalition, we have an agreement not to comment - and I have not seen the statements - not to comment on the candidates of other political parties. This is what I can say now. Reporter: What does it mean that Mr. Ciolos nevertheless commented on it/.../? Florin Ciţu: I have not seen it! Allow me to see it and afterwards, we will discuss, if indeed, there are such statements. I only repeat that we have agreed within the coalition not to comment on...; Reporter: Is it there a mechanism for the coordination of the entire coalition? Can you explain us how this coalition will work, through weekly, monthly meetings? How will you make all decisions? Florin Ciţu: Of course, this mechanism is facilitated by the fact that, in the Government, the two chairmen of the other two parties are Vice Prime Ministers and it is true, we will have weekly, daily meetings - if necessary. There are people Ive worked with very well before, so its not something new. At the same time, as I said, we change things a little bit. Ministers will have objectives, starting this evening, which will be monitored quarterly; it is very simple, through budget execution, to finance each project. You will see that things can be done transparently and we aim to complete the projects, as we have committed from the first moment. Romania, in the last 30 years, has suffered because of the fact that all kinds of projects have been started and that have not yet been completed. We are moving to a new way of working, but in a transparent way, whereby we all assume the responsibility of government. Reporter: /.../ the draft budget? Florin Ciţu: The draft budget will be ready in the first part of next year. The majority of details have been decided on. What we know very well is that we aim for a budget deficit of 7 percent or better, depending on how the discussions will unfold, but at this time these are the details. We are waiting, in order to have all information, and the estimates of the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis. You know very well that the budget is based upon the estimates of the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis. After that we can speak of the other macroeconomic indicators. Reporter: When do we have a legislation for the anti-COVID vaccination campaign? Florin Ciţu: You know very well that the vaccination campaign starts this weekend. It is one of the first things I will do tomorrow, at the Government, I will get informed about this entire campaign, its current status. On the previous Cabinet meeting, additional amounts have been allocated for this campaign, but I will see what its current status is. Reporter: The Social Democrats advanced in plenary session, the idea of hearings in June, automatically and a motion of censure if this stage, the hearings, is reached. At this moment, are you sure of the majority in Parliament so that the Government stays at Victoria Palace? Florin Ciţu: I am sure of this center-right coalition, as I said yesterday as well, we are prepared for a stable and long-term government. Its what all of us in this coalition have stated. Therefore, I do not see things changing in a couple of months. Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, we are nevertheless facing a pandemic at this moment. There were problems including with intensive care beds, with beds in hospital. Do you expect the number of positive cases to rise after the holidays given that no new restrictions have been imposed after the holidays? Or are you going to impose new restrictions for the holiday season? Florin Ciţu: From what I saw in the past days, the number of positive cases has dropped or reached a ceiling, we will see what happens after, but we have a government that can take decisions immediately and this was in fact, our purpose, to have a government invested as fast as possible in order to make decisions if things worse, in order to pass emergency ordinances. Reporter: /.../ possible restrictions? Florin Ciţu: We are not planning such things (restrictions). On the contrary, I think we may relax, especially because this vaccination campaign is starting. From what we see in Romania regarding the number of positive cases, plus the vaccination campaign, it leads me to believe that we may speak of a relaxation of conditions, not about restrictions. Reporter: Regarding the number of intensive care beds, have you discussed with the Minister of Health, with the future Minister of Health whether this number should be increased, if this can still be done? Florin Ciţu: I am sure that the Minister of Health will have a situation that we will discuss as soon as possible tomorrow, after he will take over the mandate. Reporter: You have two Vice Prime Ministers whose responsibilities we would like to know officially as coordination... Florin Ciţu: We will officially present them... Reporter: Mr Barna says he will coordinate the European /.../ side, what about Mr Kelemen Hunor? Florin Ciţu: He will primarily manage the development - it is a ministry that is within this coalition, assigned to this party, and the field of culture as well, as far as I know, but these responsibilities have not yet been defined. We will have a discussion with the two Vice Prime Ministers in order to complete these responsibilities very well. Reporter: Were you talking about a series of tax exemptions for IT people? Florin Ciţu: As aforementioned, in the programme for government, and its the only government programme in Romania that says black on white: no new taxes will be introduced and the taxes will not be increased. Therefore, it is clear. Reporter: But, at the same time, the programme for government stipulates this rectification of some imbalances, does this mean that certain deductions could be eliminated? Florin Ciţu: There is no such thing there. Reporter: But what exactly should we understand from... Florin Ciţu: There are several imbalances, for example, the relation between state and citizen. Its an imbalance in the Fiscal Code in Romania and it must be balanced. I said it today in Parliament as well: the state and the citizen must stand on equal footing. Thats what its about. Its not about eliminating any fiscal incentive, on the contrary. Reporter: As regards the epidemiological context, will you extend the state of alert starting January 1? Florin Ciţu: Allow us to see how situation is evolving and we will make a decision accordingly. I cannot say it this evening. Reporter: If I may, I would go back a little to the point, because I look exactly what is written in the government programme, it mentions the elimination of distortions and gaps that allow minimization of the tax burden. Considering this minimization of the tax burden, which must be eliminated, I thought that this incentive for IT specialists could be removed. Florin Ciţu: No, the two are not connected. Reporter: And because there were some dissatisfactions within your party, related to the fact that USR will be in charge of the European Funds, can you explain to us the mechanism that will be used related to this PNDR? Florin Ciţu: So I dont know what dissatisfaction you are talking about. Last evening, in the National Political Bureau of the PNL, the list of ministers was voted by a majority, there were only two votes against, five abstain, but we cannot talk about misunderstandings. Reporter: There is some concern at local level about how European funds will be allocated. Florin Ciţu: You should know that we are a living party, a liberal party, in which the debate is encouraged, it is not stifled, so I would not see any problem here. I have had discussions with all regional leaders and my impression is that everyone endorses this Cabinet and will always be by its side. Thank you very much. We have to go to Cotroceni. 2020-12-23 20:16:00țiunea premierului desemnat, Florin Cîțu, la ședința comună a Camerei Deputaților și Senatului pentru învestirea noului GuvernȘtiri din 23.12.2020 Ciţu: Thank you, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, President of the Senate, dear colleagues, members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, dear members of the Cabinet, dear Romanians. As of today, Romania will have a full-fledged Prime Minister and Government. I want to assure you all from the beginning that I will not deceive the trust you will bestow on me, by means of the Parliament convened today here. I, as future Prime Minister and the entire Romanian Government, will do our duty towards all Romanian citizens, regardless if they voted for us or not. Both I and my team will do our best to achieve the two objectives we have already mentioned and with which I am sure that all political parties agree: to overcome as quickly and as well as possible the health crisis, and get the economy back on its feet. The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the need to apply a new model of public governance and economic and social development. In this context, the centre-right coalition proposes a programme for government that combines measures to get out of the crisis with long-term development policies in order to build a normal Romania, to which every Romanian aspires. The new model of economic and social development focuses on investments as an engine of economic development, able to generate the highest economic growth in the European Union in the period 2021-2024. In our programme for government, the support of the investment process is doubled by an ample process of structural reform designed to ensure the consolidation of sustainable economic growth, requiring calibration of the mix of sustainable macroeconomic policies. In achieving these two objectives, I firmly declare that two things will matter: time and efficiency and to make myself understood: when talking about time, I mean that all the goals that I and my team set for ourselves will have clear deadlines that must be met. For instance, I want to get over the vaccination period as quickly as possible and get out of it healthy. I strongly believe that the most important thing, at this moment, is the health of Romanians. As of today, I announce to you all, including my team members, that I will personally monitor the achievement of the goals we set for ourselves. In terms of efficiency, the Cabinet you will invest today will be a Cabinet of professionals, who will monitor the efficiency of each proposed project. We will never propose objectives which cannot be met on time and which are not for the benefit of Romanians. You know very well that I was previously Minister of Finance, and thats how I did things. We say goodbye to proposed projects that have no funding and which are presented merely as political statements. More work and fewer declarations. For me and my center-right Cabinet, private property is sacred. Yes, and Im looking at you here, for whom this is a fad. And the entrepreneur is a hero. We will take even more steps to simplify the rules and cut through the red tape, in order to facilitate voluntary compliance and tax administration. I will implement a fairer, more efficient, simpler and more transparent tax system that will support economic activities. We know very well that today Romania is the country with one of the lowest tax burdens, a low tax revenue in GDP in the EU. It is not a very bad thing. At the same time, the coalition will not increase or introduce new taxes and fees. Currently, the main effort will be made to improve tax receipts, by eliminating distortions and gaps that minimize the tax burden and ensuring fairness and equity in the system, as we did this year, in times of crisis, when we collected more than you did in years of economic growth. As mentioned in the programme for government, the budgetary tax system will be adapted to the evolution of the economy, so as to facilitate economic growth. At the same time, I propose that the citizen be equal to the state - again I look at you, in your time in office, it was never like that - both in financial and administrative relations. In my mandate, I want the state to stop making abuses in its relation with the citizens of Romania, it is one of my main concerns. And this can only be achieved through the digital transformation and computerization of public institutions. Another of my important objectives, in fact, the pandemic and its consequences on the lives of citizens and the society as a whole have brought to the forefront the importance of digitalization in all areas of the economy. In order to improve administrative processes and facilitate interaction with citizens and the business sector, it is necessary to transform public administration, using the new generations of digital instruments. I would like to assure today the pensioners and all those who need help, that we do not leave them behind. Regarding Romania's foreign relations, I firmly declare that there is only one path for Romania, together with the EU, as a full member. Likewise, in terms of the special relationship with the United States of America, we will stay firmly committed to all the projects we have together, military or economic ones. Finally, dear Romanians, reviewing what I have said so far, time and efficiency will be the main instruments for implementing the programme for government. And before concluding, please allow me to introduce to you the members of the Cabinet, a Cabinet of professionals: Ilie Dan Barna, Vice Prime Minister; Kelemen Hunor, Vice Prime Minister; Nicolae Ciucă, Minister of National Defence; Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Alexandru Nazare, Minister of Public Finance; Lucian Bode, Minister of Interior; Sorin Cimpeanu, Minister of National Education; Virgil Popescu, Minister of Energy; Adrian Oros, Minister of Agriculture; Bogdan Gorghiu, Minister of Culture; Raluca Turcan, Minister of Labour and Social Protection; Cătălin Drulă, Minister of Transport; Claudiu Năsui, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism,; Stelian Ion, Minister of Justice; Cristian Ghinea, Minister of Investments and European Projects; Vlad Voiculescu, Minister of Health; Ciprian Teleman, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization; Cseke Attila, Minister for Development, Public Works and Administration; Tanczos Barna, Minister of Environment, Water and Forests; Eduard Novak, Minister for Youth and Sport. I conclude by wishing you happy holidays! Thank you. 2020-12-23 16:24:00 premierului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, alături de ministrul Afacerilor Interne, Marcel Vela, la evenimentul de inaugurare a Punctului Mobil de colectare de plasmă convalescentă, la nivelul Spitalului de Urgenţă „Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota” al MAIȘtiri din 21.12.2020 by Interim Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă together with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, at the inauguration of the mobile convalescent plasma collection point at the Emergency Hospital Prof. Dr Dimitrie Gerota of the Internal Affairs Ministry [Check against delivery] Marcel Vela: Your Excellency, Interim Prime Minister, the pandemic prompted us to look for and find solutions for the modernization and improvement of the conditions in the Internal Affairs Ministry's medical system. I devised together with the management of the medical department and of the MAI Emergency Hospital Prof. Dr Dimitrie Gerota a plan for the development of medical services in several stages. We have now taken the first step by operationalizing this mobile convalescent plasma collection point at the Dimitrie Gerota Emergency Hospital of the Ministry of Interior, made in collaboration with the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre and the National Institute of Transfusion Hematology. We will be able to come to the aid of those who are seriously ill as a result of being infected with the SARS-VOC 2 virus. It is an initiative for life because the healthcare of many of our fellow citizens depends on convalescent plasma treatment that can really make a difference. After the MAI campaign Donate plasma, messages of public interest that you, the press, have published, and I thank you on this occasion, now this campaign Donate plasma has a technical solution to make it possible. At this point, all MAI employees, who had COVID-19, will be able to donate, and I want to tell you that there are not a few who obviously meet the medical criteria, and the beneficiaries will be all the patients who need plasma. The operationalization of this centre is an act of normalcy, a natural approach in the context of the pandemic, and our long-term goal is the establishment of the plasma bank. Also in the context of the pandemic, in order to increase the hospitals capacity for care and treatment of coronavirus cases, the project Strengthening the response capacity of the medical system to the COVID-19 crisis is being implemented, especially in the field of intensive care. We should be ready. This project has a total value of 28 million lei, being 100% of non-reimbursable funds, with an implementation period by April 2021. It is a long-term project as medical devices and equipment will allow the prompt and efficient reaction of the medical system to pandemic crisis situations, such as the one caused by COVID-19, but also the resolution of any future critical situation. The Ministry of Internal Affairs' development plan of the medical system, about which I told you at the beginning, has as final objective the construction of a new hospital and I took the first step, laying the foundation stone by the fact that a land plot of the Police Academy was passed down to the state ownership, and I announce you for the first time that the procedures for carrying out the feasibility study will begin next month. The new transfusion centre will also operate within this new hospital, which will also have a plasma bank in the future. I want to thank the doctors in this medical unit for the exemplary way in which they did their duty, for the devotion they show, for the fact that they are a team and they fight together. Although it may seem boring or repetitive to some, I want to remind everyone how dangerous and ruthless this virus is. The virus does not choose. Chief Commissioner of Police, Doctor Alida Moise, the director of this hospital, is a real fighter, and for those who do not know, was one of the people who fought for her own life after being infected with this virus in the first months of the outbreak. I am glad that beyond these steps, that ray of hope a few months ago, the existence of a vaccine for COVID-19 is becoming a reality. It is another stage in the fight against the pandemic, the final one, through which it will be defeated. Until then, please remain the same professionals devoted to the fight for the health and life of your patients. In fact, I would like citizens to understand that they must continue to be responsible and follow the recommendations of the authorities for their own health and that of those around them. The winter holidays are coming and I would like people to understand that this is an additional reason to be responsible, to avoid travel and especially meetings, even with close relatives. This year we must be in solidarity and solitary so that we can be together for the next holidays. Thanks to all those who were involved in this project: Dr Dragomir from the Medical Department, Dr Alida Moise and the other colleagues from this elite institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thanks, at the same time, to a friend, analyst, journalist, Radu Tudor, who asked me one day why Romania cant have a plasma bank. Thanks to former Prime Minister Ludovic Orban for supporting us. Thanks to the current interim Prime Minister for being with us and supporting us! Thank you all for your support and promotion of our Donate Plasma campaign. Good health to all! Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă: Good morning! I would like to start by congratulating first the doctors of this hospital, the Chief Commissioner, director of Gerota hospital, the entire staff of the Internal Affairs Ministry, and surely, the Minister present today here, as I come up with this initiative which is very beneficial for the overall measures established both at Government level and nongovernmental level, in order to gather together all instruments necessary to efficiently combat SARS- COV-2. It is an opportunity for me to outline that Friday, I participated together with the President of Romania in the opening of the vaccine storage centre. Everything is ready so that the vaccination campaign can kick off starting December 27, and I take this opportunity to urge all citizens of the country to trust this campaign, the state institutions, and all steps which have been taken so that we can have a coherent and effective campaign. It is also an opportunity I want to take in order to convey a simple message as possible. There are just a few days until we celebrate Christmas and I know how hard is for each of us not to celebrate it with our loved ones. There is a set of restrictions and limitations we have to observe, and I urge all Romanians to observe them, as it is only a simple gesture of responsibility towards ourselves, our fellow citizens, and also, each of us can contribute to this set of measures taken so that we complete everything that we could identify as measures in order to be as effective as possible in the campaign of combating this pandemic. Thank you! 2020-12-21 10:34:00 premierului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, la evenimentul de prezentare a Centrului național de stocare a vaccinurilor anti-COVID-19 de la Institutul „Cantacuzino”Știri din 18.12.2020 15:29:00 premierului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, la primirea de către autoritățile române a echipamentelor de terapie intensivă destinate unităților medicale din România pentru tratamentul pacienților infectați cu virusul SARS-CoV-2Știri din 17.12.2020 by Interim Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă at the arrival of the intensive care equipment intended for medical units in Romania, for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 [Check against delivery] Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: Your Excellency, Mr Ambassador, Mr Secretary of State, generals, dear guests, allow me to state that I attend this activity for two reasons. The first is linked to the repatriation of the wounded military on October 21, from the theatre of operations in Afghanistan, and also of other two servicemen who were treated in the Landsthul military hospital in Germany. A total of six servicemen have been repatriated, they have come home. We wish them a speedy recovery and we are very happy that, before the holidays, we managed to return them to their families and see their comrades-in-arms again. I very much wanted to be at present at their return because I wanted to greet the servicemen commander who, when hospitalized, after the incident in Bagram, when I spoke to him via WhatsApp, on a means of communication available at that time, when I asked if they had taken all the safety measures, he replied: General, no one gets into my fighting vehicle without protection means and without wearing a seat belt. And I liked this issue so much because it was an example and a model for everything that means the preparation and carrying out of actions and in fact, that saved their lives. A strong leader, a leader who knew what to ask from the people under his command and today, they returned home. The second reason for my presence here pertains to the donation that the German Government made to the Romanian Ministry of Health via the German Ministry of Health. The Secretary of State spoke about the 40 ventilators, about their relevance. I would like to thank the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for the fact that although Germany is in a difficult enough phase in the fight against the pandemic, it did not hesitate to prove solidarity, concern for everything that happens in an EU member country, a friendly country, a strategic ally, and for all this, Mr Ambassador, please convey our thanks, of the Romanian Government for the German Government. Thank you! 2020-12-17 16:53:00 viceprim-ministrului, Raluca Turcan și a ministrului Culturii, Bogdan Gheorghiu, la expoziţia Laborator II - 1989Știri din 16.12.2020 18:32:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, cu Bujar Osmani, ministrul afacerilor externe al Republicii Macedonia de NordȘtiri din 16.12.2020 Prime Minister Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă had today a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, who is paying an official visit to Bucharest. Issues pertaining to the bilateral relation, the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU and cooperation within NATO were addressed on this occasion. The discussions reconfirmed the very good state of the bilateral relations, as well as the prospects for their consolidation, with emphasis on the high potential for cooperation in the economic area. With respect to the European agenda, the Interim Prime Minister Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă reaffirmed Romanias position in support of the enlargement policy, a key policy of the EU, with real transformative power and with benefits regarding stability and security in the close neighbourhood. Romania will continue to be an active and vocal supporter of the Republic of North Macedonia throughout its European path. In this respect, Romania will endorse the opportunity of organising, as soon as possible, an EU-North Macedonia Intergovernmental Conference regarding the start of the negotiations for this countrys accession to the European Union. Moreover, Interim Prime Minister Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă welcomed the formal accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to NATO and evoked the prospects of closer cooperation within the Alliance. At the same time, the Interim Prime Minister has voiced his hope that, once the difficulties related to the pandemic are overcome, the economic and trade exchanges between the two states will be strengthened and expanded. 2020-12-16 10:51:00 interimar Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă a primit Legiunea de Merit (în grad de ofițer) a SUA pentru recunoașterea meritelor din timpul desfășurării activității de șef al Statului Major al Apărării, în perioada 2015-2019Știri din 15.12.2020 by Interim Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă at the awarding of Legion of Merit (degree of officer) in acknowledgement of the merits during his activity as Chief of the Defence Staff, from January 2015 to December 2019 [Check against delivery] Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: Your Excellency, Mr President of Romania, Mr Chairman of PNL, distinguished members of the Cabinet, Lieutenant General, Chief of the Defence Staff, distinguished representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, dear guests, it is an honour for me to receive this high distinction. Each of us, military or civilian, in the institutions where we carry out our activity, we are in the service of the citizen, of the country and the decoration awarded today represents a recognition of the merits of the entire personnel of Romanian Army, a recognition of everyone's sustained work. Today, I am here, only as representative of those who offered their most precious gifts: their time, health and even their life to fulfil the missions entrusted by the country. No commander, no matter how good, can win a battle without a strong army by his side. For those who wear the military uniform, teamwork is very important and I want, on this occasion too, to thank my comrades- in -arms, some of them are present here today, the others are on duty, home and in the theatres of operations, and to assure them of respect and consideration. In my work, I have always put first the well-being of the structure and institution I was part of. I have constantly acted to promote and support them and I am sure that this is the only way to meet the own and institutional goals, at the same time being the guarantee of real perception, including in the multinational environment. As I mentioned the multinational environment, I must emphasize that it had a very big impact on the process of transformation and modernization of the Romanian Army. To me, the missions in the theatres of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq together with the U.S. military were moments when I understood we have to be proud of us because we are professionals and dedicated to fulfilling missions, that we have potential and that we must capitalise on it through efforts of will and ambition, elements that need to be passed on from generation to generation. I didnt think back then that I would be chief of Defence or that, one day, after years, I will be honoured with the highest US distinction that a foreign military can receive. Nevertheless, my entire career has definitely been influenced by the experience I lived there, in the first line, with the Romanian military and our allies in the U.S., whom I am grateful to because together we accumulated great part of the experience needed for the transformation and modernisation of Romanian Army. The United States has consistently supported Romania and its Armed Forces on the difficult path of meeting NATO-specific standards. The strategic partnership between our countries is one of the pillars on which the defence of our country is based, it has significantly contributed to the development of the Armed Forces. I know what the Legion of Merit stands for, but I reckon once again that this award represents a recognition of the teamwork, of all those with whom I have worked along time and they deserve, equally, the merit of this decoration. Thank you for the permanent and robust support you show to our country, Mr Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman, and for the honour of receiving this medal, thank you on behalf of the entire staff of the Romanian Army! Thank you, Mr President, for attending this event and thank you all for having taken your time to attend this event, alongside the Romanian Army! Thank you. I have the honour to salute you! 2020-12-15 14:24:00ții susținute de prim-ministrul interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, ministrul economiei, energiei şi mediului de afaceri, Virgil Popescu, și primarul general al Capitalei, Nicușor DanȘtiri din 11.12.2020 13:44:00ții susținute de premierul interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, și de membri ai Cabinetului la începutul ședinței de guvern din 11 decembrieȘtiri din 11.12.2020 00:00:00ții de presă susținute de Raed Arafat, secretar de stat în cadrul MAI, în urma ședinței CNSUȘtiri din 10.12.2020 19:58:00 prim-ministrului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, la ceremonia de aprindere a primei lumânări de HanucaȘtiri din 10.12.2020 19:36:00ţiile prim-ministrului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, după participarea la evenimentul de semnare a acordurilor de cooperare dintre ANTIP și BOR, respectiv, PMB, pentru combaterea și prevenirea traficului de persoane și protecția victimelorȘtiri din 10.12.2020 against delivery] Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: I want to congratulate the organizers of this event: the Romanian Orthodox Church(BOR), the Bucharest City Hall(PMB), and of course, the host - United States Embassy. Human trafficking is a phenomenon which, unfortunately, has unacceptable dimensions in our country and therefore, bringing together all instruments that our country, as well as our partners, have, is a step we are all backing at the level of the Romanian Government. I also think that each of us is dutybound to do something in this respect. Thank you. Reporter: Mr Prime Minister, one question ...Do you see yourself in the next Cabinet, and in what position? Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: It is not up to me to decide this. Reporter: But do you want to be part of the next Cabinet? Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: I want to continue doing my job. Reporter: What is new about Bucharest? There are many confirmed coronavirus cases in Bucharest, 1700 today out of a total of 7,000 nationwide. Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: There were 1,900 in the past days. The discussions we had with the Minister of Health and with those dealing with the pandemic related issues, revealed that at present, seemingly, we have been facing a really very serious problem at the level of Bucharest. There are measures that must be discussed at the level of local authorities and together with the Bucharest Public Health Directorate. As such, given all the measures nationwide, we hope that, based on the procedures already established at the level of Bucharest, measures will be taken accordingly. Reporter: New holiday restrictions somehow? Many European countries have already decided whether they leave the ski slopes and the mountain resorts open. Switzerland, for example, has decided to let everything open to tourists. Romanians also make holiday plans. When will we find out whats going on? Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: The meeting of the National Committee for Emergency Situations will take place this afternoon. Also, at the level of the specialized committee, all these aspects are being analyzed, which will prompt decisions at the governmental level. What I can tell you is that the interim Cabinet I am currently leading cannot take decisions to greatly change the provisions of the current state of alert. Therefore, in the next Cabinet meeting, we will adopt a Government decision whereby we extend the state of alert with the measures and indicators provided in the previous one. Reporter: What happens to the rapid tests purchased through ONAC(National Office for Centralized Procurement)? What do you know? Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: I dont know who exactly bought them. I know weve discussed buying three million tests. The Minister of Health has communicated this aspect and they are to be used in accordance with the decisions to be taken by specialist physicians. Reporter: But from your point of view, is ONAC a reliable institution to make the procurement, given what has happened lately in the state of emergency and alert? Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: You ask me to answer a topic that I did not delve into and I have no knowledge about what happened there. Reporter: What do you think about what is happening at PNL now, would you have wanted the position of Prime Minister or not? Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă: I told you what it is about. I wanted to do my duty and I will continue to do it to the end. Thank you and I wish you a good day! Reporter: Thank you! 2020-12-10 15:57:00 prim-ministrului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, la evenimentul de semnare a acordurilor de cooperare dintre Agenția Națională Împotriva Traficului de Persoane (ANTIP) și Biserica Ortodoxă Română, respectiv, Primăria Municipiului București, pentru combaterea și prevenirea traficului de persoane și protecția victimelorȘtiri din 10.12.2020 by Interim Prime Minister Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă at the signing of cooperation agreements between ANTIP and BOR, respectively PMB, for combating and preventing human trafficking and protecting victims Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă: Mr Prime Minister, Madam, Ministers, Mr Ambassador, Your Holiness, Mr State Adviser, dear audience, todays event is a stage in an effort in which the authorities, the representatives of civil society, the church, but also each and every one of us must participate. It is important to raise public awareness of modern-day slavery, a scourge that must be eradicated. Freedom is a fundamental right for every person and a fundamental value of humanity. In all its forms, human trafficking is an open wound of contemporary society, affecting, sometimes irreparably, its victims. The phenomenon of migration has accentuated human trafficking, speculating on the vulnerabilities of people without help and material resources. According to statistics, Romania is at the top of migration. A sad reality that we must be aware of, but for which we are also dutybound to find solutions, here in the country, to stop this phenomenon. The cooperation agreement signed today needs instruments, actions, a real and concrete involvement of all those who can contribute to the eradication of human trafficking. We need results. Steps have been taken and they are being carried on, but nevertheless much remains to be done. Judicial efforts against human traffickers must be intensified. So does the fight against organized crime rings taking advantage of vulnerable people and who send men, women and children to work illegally in Romania or in other European countries. Human traffickers must receive a clear signal that such actions shall not be tolerated. At the same time, we need warning campaigns against human trafficking and funds for assistance and victim protection services. In the fight we are conducting against human trafficking, a phenomenon as complex as it is dark and inhuman, it is essential to ensure cooperation and coordination of actions, both at national and European and international level, because trafficking in human beings has no borders and, unfortunately, most of the victims are women and children. Todays cooperation agreement is an example of good practice that needs to be multiplied. I congratulate you on this initiative and, at the same time, I would like to convey a message that each of us needs to be involved in combating this phenomenon. Thank you! 2020-12-10 13:32:00 prim-ministrului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, la ședința Comandamentului de iarnă Știri din 09.12.2020[Check against delivery] Nicolae - Ionel Ciucă: Ministers, Secretaries of State, prefects, representatives of the other institutions participating in this activity, I want to thank you for the fact that we managed to conclude the parliamentary election, without peculiar events or incidents. All activities as the Internal Affairs Minister has mentioned, unfolded in a normal way, which is why I cannot but salute the way this activity was organized, a proof of the special effort made by the personnel of all involved structures, and I particularly refer to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as I could find out from both Minister and Secretary Despescu, the problems generated by COVID -19 to personnel, and then, given the large staff shortage, I understood very well the efforts which have been made, and once again, we thank you for the way you fulfilled this task. As regards the Winter Command's activity, we wanted to have this meeting with people with responsibilities in this field, on the one hand, to take the required measures, where appropriate. We could notice that, at the level of each county, each prefecture, all your tasks in this respect, have already been fulfilled, least in Bihor county, where this contractual part is to be settled, but I understood that equipment has been brought from other prefectures and intervention needs have been met there as well. I understand that the problems requiring the involvement of equipment and machinery have been solved. None of you referred to human resources, because it is very correct to have a record of machinery and equipment, but at the same time, taking into account the impact of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we are aware there is a staff shortage. As such, I believe the record-keeping of human resources is needed in order to be able to intervene where appropriate. I would also like to note that at the level of the Ministry of Economy, all measures have been taken to ensure the natural gas and coal resources to cover where the small deficit was created at Oltenia. Also, the necessary measures have been taken to bring the water to the required temperature in the ELCEN distribution network in Bucharest, which means that tonight, the water will have the required temperature and the distribution can be resumed in Bucharest. I understood from Minister Bode that all the intervention needs are covered on the national road network, except in 12 stations out of 57. Therefore, we have solved the problems in 45 of them, by concluding framework agreements, and by transferring equipment, we will also meet the intervention needs in these 12 points. As such, I think it is very clear to us that we have a duty not only in the area where bad weather is reported, respectively snow in the Meridional Carpathians and heavy rains in the southwest counties, Muntenia and southeast of Moldova. It is necessary that every time, regardless of the situation, we are prepared and have people able to intervene as timely as possible. As a citizen, I tell you it is very difficult to accept when you see that something has happened and the state authorities, institutions, either did not arrive on the spot or were late or there were countless situations in which I saw that maybe they did not even know why it happened there. Secretary of State Arafat pointed out and asked you to use the RO-ALERT system. It was used last night, it worked. Even if parts of the road were covered with ice, through the appropriate intervention we managed to avoid any kind of unfortunate event. As such, I once again call on all institutions, all staff in charge of interventions in such situations, to have both the means and the speed of reaction prepared for interventions in such cases. Thank you very much! 2020-12-09 17:49:00Întrevederea prim-ministrului interimar, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, cu Adrian Zuckerman, ambasadorul Statelor Unite ale Americii în România, Kimberly Reed, președintele Băncii de Import-Export a SUA, și Aleshia Duncan, Departamentul Energiei din SUAȘtiri din 09.12.2020 Interim Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, had today, December 9, 2020, a meeting with Adrian Zuckerman, U.S. Ambassador to Romania, Kimberly Reed, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), and Aleshia Duncan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Nuclear Energy Policy and Cooperation in the U.S. Department of Energy. Attending the talks were also: Raluca Turcan, Vice Prime Minister, and Virgil Popescu, Minister of Economy, Energy and the Business Environment. On this occasion, the Minister of Economy, Energy and the Business Environment Virgil Popescu, and the U.S. Ambassador to Romania Adrian Zuckerman signed the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the United States of America on Cooperation for the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Projects and Civil Nuclear Power Sector in Romania, initialled during Romanian Minister's visit to the United States, in early October. The discussions at Victoria Palace focused on bilateral cooperation subsumed under the Romania-US Strategic Partnership, in the political, military, energy and economic areas, especially with regard to U.S. involvement in strategic projects of major interest for Romania, including those promoted under The Three Seas Initiative (3SI). The interim Prime Minister underlined the numerous positive developments recorded this year too, in the Romanian-American bilateral cooperation, showing that the development and deepening of all dimensions of this collaboration represent objectives assumed at the highest level. At the same time, the Interim Prime Minister highlighted the endorsement of the Three Seas Initiative by the President and the Government of Romania, emphasizing that the implementation of the 3SI priority interconnection projects, with American involvement and support, can provide important support for post-pandemic economic recovery and can strengthen the resilience of important areas for the country's security. At the same time, a solid U.S. economic presence in Romania can also represent a strong signal of encouragement and stimulation of other foreign investors, interested in the business opportunities existing in our country. The interim Head of the Romanian Government underlined the importance of the priority completion of the Constanța - Gdansk railway project (Rail2Sea), a transnational project with strategic impact on economic development, and with implications for ensuring military mobility between the northern and southern parts of NATOs Eastern Flank. At the same time, Interim Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă referred to the need for implementing the Via Carpatia road project. The U.S. side reaffirmed its commitment to the United States -Romania Strategic Partnership, including the role of the U.S. Import-Export Bank in supporting American exports to Romania and the implementation of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Projects. The representative of the U.S. Department of Energy voiced, in this context, appreciation for the long-term partnership with Romania in the energy field. The U.S. Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman highlighted, in his turn, the special character of U.S. - Romania bilateral relationship, as well as the extremely important regional role of our country. 2020-12-09 13:55:00 PENTRU PRESĂȘtiri din 08.12.2020 17:47:00ții de presă susținute de prim-ministrul interimar Nicolae-Ionel CiucăȘtiri din 08.12.2020[Check against delivery] Following the decision of the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, starting yesterday, I took over the interim leadership of the Romanian Government, until the formation of the new Executive. In the ensuing period, the Governments attention will continue to focus on the priorities related to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the vaccination strategy; we will continue the economic measures with a view to supporting those hit by this crisis, and we will also focus on the completion of the 2020 financial year and preparation for the 2021 financial year. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Ludovic Orban for the balance he managed to achieve between the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic measures that were a priority for the Romanian Government. I would also like to mention that meanwhile, I will continue to perform the duties of Minister of National Defence. Thank you! 2020-12-08 12:35:00ții susținute de premierul Ludovic Orban la Palatul VictoriaȘtiri din 07.12.2020[Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good evening. On December 6, the Romanian citizens have expressed their vote in the election for Romania's Parliament. Today I took the decision to turn in my mandate as Prime Minister. This decision has a very precise objective: once the will of the citizens was expressed, negotiations must start to form a new Cabinet. Romania needs a responsible government that would represent the will of the Romanian citizens who desire Romania's modernization and development. And I want my decision today to clearly show one thing - I am not clinging to the position of Prime Minister, because the negotiations to follow must lead to a government made of the centre-right political formations that clearly support Romania's Euro-Atlantic orientation and that want to truly use all the resources that Romania will have at its disposal and, at the same time, capitalize on the opportunities to increase the quality of life for each of Romania's citizens. I end my term as Prime Minister after a year and a month during which Romania has had an extremely difficult time, given that the Romanians, alongside all the world's citizens, have been faced with a pandemic and an unprecedented economic crisis. I tried to do my duty to Romania and I am leaving the office of Prime Minister with the clear conscience that I have fulfilled my duty. Everything that was humanly possible - both me and my colleagues in the government team - we did it. We have tried to find the right answers to all the challenges that Romania has faced. On December 6, the Romanians who went to the polls decided the structure of the future Parliament. My objective now is to build a parliamentary majority that does not include PSD. The objective in the ensuing period is for me to engage in negotiations for the formation of a government that will offer Romanians the guarantee of a correct direction for the country and the guarantee of the capacity to use all the resources and all the opportunities Romania will have at its disposal in the next four years. After my resignation, the Government will be headed by a member of the Cabinet who will be appointed by the President of Romania. I am also confident that in the negotiations that will be launched by the President of Romania, the voice of reason will triumph and I want to state this very clearly: I do not cling to any position, I don't put any conditions. For me, Romania's interest is above the interest of the National Liberal Party and above my personal interests. I hold the firm belief that in the ensuing days, the negotiations will really pave the way for a government that has the ability to take Romania forward, to cope with the challenges we face and especially to prepare Romania's economic recovery after we overcome the pandemic. I would like to thank all those who stood by our side in the hard battles we fought this year. I also want to tell the Romanian citizens that all the measures we have taken, even if they generated unpleasant effects for people, were taken with a single purpose, namely to defend the health and the lives of the Romanians, to defend the Romanians' jobs. I am convinced that in the future negotiations, the National Liberal Party will be able to give the Prime Minister Romania and provide the backbone of the future government that will take the leap to the economic development Romania needs. Thank you! 2020-12-07 19:27:00ții susținute de premierul Ludovic Orban după vizita la Ministerul Afacerilor InterneȘtiri din 05.12.2020 21:17:00ții susținute de premierul Ludovic Orban după vizita la Ministerul Afacerilor ExterneȘtiri din 05.12.2020 19:17:00ții de presă susținute de ministrul Finanțelor Publice, Florin Cîțu, la Palatul VictoriaȘtiri din 05.12.2020 11:36:00 premierului Ludovic Orban cu prilejul Zilei Internaţionale a VoluntaruluiȘtiri din 05.12.2020 09:12:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la demararea procesului de recepție a proiectului de investiții ”Stadionul Arcul de Triumf”, realizat de Ministerul Lucrărilor Publice, Dezvoltării și Administrației, prin Compania Națională de InvestițiiȘtiri din 04.12.2020 19:48:00ță de presă pentru prezentarea Strategiei de vaccinare împotriva SARS-CoV-2Știri din 04.12.2020 16:56:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la semnarea contractului pentru modernizarea liniei de cale ferată „București Nord - Jilava - Giurgiu Nord - Giurgiu Nord Frontieră, Lot 1: Redeschiderea circulației feroviare pe pod peste râul Argeș, între Vidra și Comana, Pod Grădiștea”Știri din 04.12.2020 13:58:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la semnarea unor contracte pentru proiecte finanțate din fonduri europeneȘtiri din 03.12.2020[Check against delivery] Marcel Bolos, Minister of European Funds: Good afternoon. Today's event is very important for the water and sewerage infrastructure. We enjoy the presence of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and the Environment Minister Mircea Fechet. The event is devoted to signing two water and sewerage infrastructure contracts. One is for Bacau county, and the other contract is for Braila county. You have the floor, Mr Prime Minister. Ludovic Orban: Good afternoon. The increasing of the quality of life for Romanian citizens represents a fundamental objective of the Government I am leading. The use of European funds to extend the water and sewerage networks represents an opportunity for us to ensure EU living standards in all of Romanias localities. When we took office, on November 4, 2019, financing contracts were signed, throughout 2014 - November 2019, in only ten counties. When we took office, almost all the other contracts were at a deadlock. We had to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation, and find solutions to overcome the emerging blockages which are determined by at least two basic elements: first of all, the need to secure co-funding by water companies for water and sewerage infrastructure projects, also the need to acknowledge as eligible expenditure, the expenditure resulting following Ordinance 114, that increased the labour cost for building companies. We issued legislative documents to resolve both problems, to secure funding source to companies, which would allow them to ensure co-funding via EIB - EBRD loans, and in terms of acknowledging additional costs caused by the increase in labour costs following Ordinance 114, the negotiations we carried led the European Commission to accept these additional costs. Two new contracts will be signed today, for Bacau and Braila counties. With these two new contracts, since taking over, we can say that, in addition to ten financing contracts that were signed by the time of taking office, ten more financing contracts were signed in the term of office of the Government I am leading. Another 12 financing contracts, for another 12 counties are in the final phase, and we intend to complete all the procedures in the first part of 2021, so that we can sign the financing contracts for the 12 counties, among which: Brașov, Sibiu, Iași, Argeș, Călărași, Gorj. The ten financing contracts from European funds for investments in water and sewerage infrastructure signed in our term of office amount to 2.2 billion euros. 212 administrative-territorial units and 717 thousand inhabitants benefit of these contracts. I refer, I repeat, to the ten financing contracts which were signed in the mandate of the Government I am leading, within one year time. It is easy to compare: in six years, the former governments signed ten contracts, and in one year time, we signed ten contracts. Furthermore, we are ready to sign another 12 contracts. The other 12 contracts to be signed amount to 2.9 billion euros; more than 300 administrative-territorial units and 1.5 million Romanian citizens will be the beneficiaries. As regards the financing of investments in water and sewerage infrastructure, during the 2021-2027 multiannual financial exercise, from Cohesion, we allocated a sum of 3.4 billion euros. Furthermore, we envisaged the financing of projects of this type of infrastructure for water and sewerage also from the National Plan for Resilience and Recovery with a total sum of 1.5 billion euro. Furthermore, for the first time we considered a program for those localities where its not efficient to build sewerage networks, we designed a plan whereby we allotted the sum of 500 million euro, in order to build septic tanks in villages where the building of sewerage networks would be inefficient. For us, access to water, sewerage, to natural gas, because here too we have provided funds of over one billion euros to allow the connection to the natural gas network of hundreds of territorial administrative units, these types of investments are fundamental in increasing the living standards and also in development, in creating an additional development potential for each local community. I invite Minister Boloş to briefly present the two financing contracts and also to proceed with the representatives of the companies when signing the financing contracts. Marcel Boloş: Thank you, Prime Minister. Therefore, today, we are going to sign the two financing contracts. The financing contract for the water and sewerage infrastructure at the level of Bacău county has a value of 437 million euros, 41 territorial administrative units are beneficiaries and the beneficiaries of the water network are 78,764 inhabitants. Therefore, it is a very important contract for boosting the living standards of the inhabitants of Bacău County. I will sign first and then I invite each of you to sign. The next contract we sign is for the water and sewerage network in Brăila county, the value of the contract is 269 million euros, the beneficiaries are 33 territorial administrative units and a number of 57,535 inhabitants. Therefore, the two financing contracts have a value of 700 million euros, an impressive budget for boosting the living standards in the two counties, 74 territorial administrative units and 136,000 inhabitants are beneficiaries of these services. Therefore, both contracts have been signed. 2020-12-03 11:40:00țiile premierului Ludovic Orban după vizita de lucru la Spitalul Metropolitan MonzaȘtiri din 03.12.2020[Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: We are now at the Metropolitan Hospital, which will start receiving COVID patients today, with 30 intensive care beds and another 30 beds for intermediate cases, 20 of the 30 beds being connected to the oxygen source. We thank the hospital management for joining the anti-COVID fight. I paid a visit to the hospital, the treatment conditions are very good, the hospital is built to offer proper treatment conditions and - lets say - very good accommodation conditions and I thank those at the Metropolitan Hospital, director Carmen Orban, for joining us in the fight against COVID. /.../ Thank you. If you have any questions. Reporter: /.../ Ludovic Orban: 30 intensive care beds and another 30 intermediate beds. Reporter: /.../ Ludovic Orban: The number of ICU beds is continuously growing. Reporter: And in Bucharest? Ludovic Orban: The number is growing. We are still looking for solutions to increase treatment capacity. Reporter: /.../ reduction of the quarantine period, from 14 days to 10 or to 7? Ludovic Orban: For now, we maintain the quarantine period at 14 days. In fact, following the evolution of the cases, there are many cases in which it is seen that, in fact, the person heals after approximately 14 days. Reporter: Vice Prime Minister Raluca Turcan told us that Romania does not negotiate separately with companies manufacturing the vaccine, so I ask you: how many people will be vaccinated and how will 70% of the population be immunized? Ludovic Orban: The vaccination strategy will be approved today in the Supreme Council of National Defence. Tomorrow, those leading the vaccination campaign, Colonel Valeriu Gheorghiță, Andrei Baciu, Secretary of State, Vice President of the National Committee for the management of the vaccination campaign, will present the strategy and will be available with answers to questions. Reporter: Mr Prime Minister, given the recommendations made by the European Commission, are you thinking of imposing some measures for the Christmas period? How will the masses be held in our country? Ludovic Orban: You know very well that religious services in Romania can be held, of course, in compliance with the sanitary protection rules, with the provisions in force, meaning with keeping social distancing, wearing face masks, disinfection, all these measures that are not very complicated. So, masses shall be carried out. Reporter: But have you already thought of some concrete measures, regardless of the epidemiological situation? Ludovic Orban: The only thing we are thinking about is to persuade as many Romanians as possible to observe the health protection measures, so as to reduce as much as possible the number of people who become infected with this virus. Reporter: /.../ Ludovic Orban: You refer to the percentage of confirmed cases in the percentage of tested people. You have seen this percentage in the last three days, there were days off, with fewer tests, you have seen that priority cases are being tested, and because of this, the number, the percentage of positive cases is higher. We can see it over the next days. Over the previous week, we had a decrease in the number of cases every week, with more than 2,000 cases, we had by 2,000 cases less. The number of confirmed positive cases also decreased in the percentage of weekly cases. Almost every day, the number of persons who healed has been higher than the number of persons infected. Reporter: The Vice Prime Minister said that all persons from vulnerable groups will be vaccinated for free. Where can they take the vaccine from, and what is the cost? Ludovic Orban: I give you the same answer to the question. You will find out all desired information during tomorrow, after the adoption of the vaccination strategy in the CSAT. Thank you. The last question. Reporter: /.../ Ludovic Orban: As I told you, the increase in pensions should comply with some economic indicators, economic growth, the inflation rate. We want to increase pensions and at the same time, rise the purchasing power of pensions, only relying on economic development that should be based on serious economic growth. Thank you! 2020-12-03 10:36:00 adresat de premierul Ludovic Orban cu ocazia Zilei Internaționale a Persoanelor cu DizabilitățiȘtiri din 03.12.2020 10:05:00 premierului Ludovic Orban, împreună cu președintele României, Klaus Iohannis, la deschiderea Tronsonului de Autostradă A7 - varianta ocolitoare BacăuȘtiri din 02.12.2020 statements at the opening ceremony of the Bacau ring road, the first section of the future Moldova motorway [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good afternoon. I wanted to be present alongside Mr President Iohannis, Minister of Transport and the other guests at the opening of this exceptional achievement, namely the completion of construction of a ring road that includes almost 17 kilometres of the future A7 motorway more than a year ahead of schedule. This achievement clearly demonstrates that there are builders in Romania who really have the capacity to do quality works, to do works quickly and to be competitive by the value of the works that is done, in terms of price. Surely, works at this ring road of Bacau have been very often visited by members of former governments who came with all kind of fake news and nonsense linked to unfolding of works. I want things to be very clear and people to know the truth, some simple things: when we were invested as Government by Parliament, the physical progress was 27 percent. All you can see here has been achieved from that 27 percent onwards in our first year in office. Secondly: we solved all issues linked to the environment agreement which was extremely important. Thirdly: in our term of office, the European Commission approved the financing from European funds of this project, exactly because we managed to achieve all documentation and all procedures in compliance with the EU requirements in this field. On this occasion, I want to say clearly: the next 4 years and, why not, the next 8 years will be years when Moldavia will receive what it has been waiting for 30 years from those it has invested confidence in it over the last 30 years, I refer to PSD. The Social Democratic Party (PSD) did not offer what Moldavians were waiting for. Moldavia will get large investment projects that will have a major impact on the level of development of Moldavia, on the quality of life, on the income of the inhabitants of the Moldavian counties. Technical and economic documentation, studies are in almost final stages for every blueprint you see there, regardless of whether it is the A7 motorway, which connects Bucharest, providing an exit from the country at the Siret, on all 4 sections presented. In some cases, the technical papers will be ready as well. As soon as the Recovery and Resilience Facility is adopted, Romania will qualify for 30 billion negotiated by President Klaus Iohannis; we will be able to get to fast signing construction contracts for the sections you see on A7. Regarding the Bacau - Brasov motorway, a Brasov resident speaks to you, and I tell you that so that you understand that I have extra credibility for what I say: it will be built. It is an extremely important motorway that will provide - in addition to the Targu Mures - Iasi - Ungheni Union motorway - connection for Moldavia, especially Bacau, the counties south of Bacau, with the European transport infrastructure. I would also tell you a few things about other investment objectives. We are already working on the technical and economic documents for railway modernisation on the Pan-European Corridor 9, from Giurgiu to the exit to Ukraine. There are already contracts for the technical and economic documentation, and part of the railway sections to be upgraded, will be funded under the 2021-2027 financial programming. We are also requesting funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for an extremely important investment objective, namely the Siret - Baragan canal, an investment project that was abandoned 30 years ago and that plays an extremely important role in the future. It is clear that climate change can lead to droughts, as we have had this terrible drought this year, and we must be prepared in the coming years with solutions to ensure restoration of irrigation systems or construction of new ones. Also, linked to infrastructure, I can tell you that tomorrow, a funding contract for water and sewerage in Bacau County will be signed. Regarding the establishment of gas distribution, we have started calls for projects; we are waiting for town halls or associations of town halls to submit projects because our fundamental objective is to finance from European funds the projects under which Romanian natural gas will reach the homes of Romanians. Thank you! 2020-12-02 14:15:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la ceremonia oficială organizată cu ocazia Zilei Naționale a RomânieiȘtiri din 01.12.2020 14:03:00 premierului Ludovic Orban cu prilejul Zilei Naționale a României 1 DecembrieȘtiri din 01.12.2020 National Day, even if we celebrate it atypically this year because of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, remains just as important for us due to the role that the Greater Union of December 1, 1918, played in the achievement of the nation-state. 102 years have passed since then, during which there were also periods of hardship, which the Romanians overcame united in attaining some ideals or overcoming crises. Today, when we are forced, because of the pandemic, to mark the National Day without parades and other events that have become a tradition, it is a good opportunity to reflect, perhaps more than we did in the past years, on the examples of unity in our history. We are moved by the significance of this day, in which all the Romanians sacrifices for national affirmation and the perseverance of a people to become a self-determined, independent nation are brought together, bringing all Romanian territories within the same borders. But let us look at this context as a crucial new moment of our destiny, which we can overcome well by showing cohesion and social maturity. Only through joint efforts can we save lives and defeat the virus, only through the convergence of all energies in society can we return to normalcy in order to then open a new path towards the modernisation of Romania. Happy birthday, Romania! Happy birthday, dear Romanians, and may the next National Day of Romania find us all well and celebrate it again properly! Ludovic Orban, Prime Minister of Romania 2020-12-01 09:58:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la conferința de presă organizată la Institutul Cantacuzino cu ocazia lansării pe piață a primului lot de produse imunostimulatoare OROSTIM - HVȘtiri din 30.11.2020 Prime Minister Ludovic Orbans visit at the Cantacuzino Institute *** [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good evening. Thank you for your presence here. During the previous visit at the Cantacuzino Institute, we discussed with the research team and the Director-General of the Institute, about the launch of this immunomodulatory product, OROSTIM, and together we agreed that when it is ready, I will attend its launch alongside Mr Minister Ciuca. It is the outcome of hard work of a team that you see here, with us. I have no merit in this respect, I admit it. It is the merit of the Ministry of Defence, that financed all the research, in order to be able to put an extremely useful product on the market. This product can be used to regulate the number of antibodies - thats why it is called an immunomodulator - it practically, regulates the antibodies and strengthens the bodys immunity. We also revisited the Institutes Testing Laboratory, which was equipped with an automatic extractor that significantly increased testing capacity - an automatic extractor that has the ability to amplify in less than an hour, 96 samples taken and which led to an increased testing capacity of the Cantacuzino Institute, which can reach 1,200 tests per day, Mr Director General. I can also tell you that, for us, the Cantacuzino Institute is a fundamental institution in Romanian medical research, which we will support, whom we will try to provide serious funding in order to meet the ambitious goals of the management. / ... / Reporter: Good evening! A question for the Prime Minister. We are two weeks away from the start of the evaluation of the ICU sections and I wanted to ask you if you have any conclusions. /.../ Ludovic Orban: When the evaluation of the ICU sections is completed, the Ministry of Health, together with the Department for Emergency Situations, will present a report. At the government level - we have already decided to allocate 50 million euros to finance investments in modernization, the overhaul of the institution, replacement of non-compliant installations which do not ensure all the security necessary for the proper functioning of the sections. Reporter: Can you tell us /.../ to understand where the problems were? Ludovic Orban: I repeat, a report on this will be presented after the completion of the ICUs evaluation. Reporter: Mr Prime Minister, regarding this medicine, whether the Government wants this medicine to reach the pharmacies as well. We understand that it would take some investment to /.../ Ludovic Orban: We will certainly allocate money to support investments at the Cantacuzino Institute both from the state budget through the budget of the Ministry of Defense, and from European funds. We have already thought that within the priority set at the level of the European Commission, called Smart Europe, significant resources will be allocated for research, innovation, development and part of the money we can get from the European Union will be allocated for the research projects of the Cantacuzino Institute. Reporter: When can we find these medicines in pharmacies, /.../? Ludovic Orban: As far as I understand, there is a marketing authorization. Florin Oancea, general director of the Cantacuzino Institute: Starting with December 2, so the day after tomorrow, it can be purchased from our retail point of the Institute. Reporter: Can it be purchased online? Florin Oancea: This depends on the contracts we will conclude with various pharmacies. Reporter: Do you have an estimated date? Florin Oancea: It also depends on the intention of the pharmaceutical chains, if they want to put these, lets call them food supplements, on the market. Reporter: And now a question for the Prime Minister. Did you see, today the infection rate was around 30%, what is the situation of ICU beds in Romania? Do we still have free ICU beds? Do you consider supplementation in this regard? Ludovic Orban: I constantly answered this question stating that we are looking for solutions to constantly increase the treatment capacity in the intensive care units. We are ready at any time to take steps to increase this capacity. Reporter: So, we currently have free beds. Ludovic Orban: Definitely! Sometimes, the distribution of cases, the number of infected people, is not constant across the country. It can happen that there are more infected people in a certain region. In this case, the Intervention Command Center, operating 24 hours a day, is looking for solutions to hospitalize the patient who needs hospitalization in ICU, in another hospital, located in another county and another region. There are free beds, for the time being, perhaps nobody would have believed we would reach this capacity. Currently, we have 1,250 patients who are treated in intensive care units, there is a greater capacity and we will rise it further on, adjusting it permanently to the treatment need. The only impediments we have, which we have acknowledged, are linked to human resources, but in this regard too, we have tried to involve as fast as possible the resident doctors who passed the exam at the end of the residency, and also the resident doctors. The last measure was to involve the students in their final years of studies, in the effective activity to treat the COVID patients, and on this occasion, I thank the doctors who participate in volunteer actions as what they are doing, is very useful and very helpful for both the doctors, medical staff and patients. (...) 2020-11-30 20:52:00 stadiului lucrărilor șantierului Drumului Expres Craiova Pitești, Tronson 2, de către premierul Ludovic Orban Știri din 28.11.2020 20:04:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la Stația de Comprimare Jupa, în contextul finalizării lucrărilor la gazoductul BRUA - Faza I, alături de președintele României, Klaus Iohannis, și miniștrii Economiei, Virgil Popescu, și Afacerilor Interne, Marcel VelaȘtiri din 28.11.2020 13:39:00 premierului Ludovic Orban cu prilejul Zilei BucovineiȘtiri din 28.11.2020 11:06:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la recepția proiectului de investiții ”Complexul Sportiv Steaua”, realizat de Ministerul Lucrărilor Publice, Dezvoltării și Administrației, prin Compania Națională de InvestițiiȘtiri din 27.11.2020 20:51:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la proiectul de investiții IvecoȘtiri din 27.11.2020 18:09:00[1].jpgParticiparea premierului Ludovic Orban la semnarea contractului prealabil cu Compania de apă Târgoviște-DâmbovițaȘtiri din 27.11.2020 15:37:00 premierului Ludovic Orban, în format videoconferință, cu Cancelarul german, Angela MerkelȘtiri din 27.11.2020 RELEASE Prime Minister Ludovic Orbans discussion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel On November 27, 2020, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban discussed via videoconference with the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Topical issues on the bilateral and European agenda were reviewed on this occasion, with emphasis on the opportunities to deepen the Romanian-German cooperation over the ensuing period. Prime Minister Ludovic Orban evoked the excellent level of the bilateral relationship and its strategic nature and underlined Romanias major interest in deepening the Romanian-German cooperation, especially on the economic dimension. Germany is Romanias most important economic partner, and German investments and expertise will undoubtedly continue to make a key contribution to the development of our country. The senior Romanian official also referred to the special quality of the interpersonal relations between Romania and Germany, enhanced by the presence and contribution of the German minority to the Romanian culture, economy and politics, respectively by the presence of a numerous Romanian community in Germany. The Head of Government voiced appreciation for the efforts of Germanys Presidency of the Council of the European Union, including in managing the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, while emphasizing the importance of closer coordination at European level to ensure effective control of the health crisis, and also a rapid launch of economic recovery programs. Prime Minister Ludovic Orban underlined the urgent need to reach an agreement on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and the European Economic Recovery Plan, which would allow the mobilization of European funds as soon as possible. He expressed Romanias support for a balanced, constructive and acceptable solution for all Member States, for the benefit of European citizens and companies. The Romanian Prime Minister also reiterated the special importance our country attaches to its accession to the Schengen area. Romania already meets the technical criteria in this regard, and a favourable decision, as soon as possible, would reconfirm the status of our country as a fully committed member of the European Union, as well as its substantial contribution to the success of the European project. Prime Minister Ludovic Orban also highlighted Romanias candidacy to host the seat of the future European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, and emphasized the solid arguments of our country in favour of its candidacy. The two senior officials also exchanged views on the developments in Romanias eastern and southern neighbourhood, with an emphasis on the post-election situation in the Republic of Moldova. The results of the recent presidential election in the Republic of Moldova confirm the will of the citizens for a democratic path, connected to European standards and values. In this context, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on the importance of maintaining support, including at European level, for the process of democratic reform in the Republic of Moldova. 2020-11-27 14:44:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la a treia reuniune lunară a Comitetului Interministerial pentru DebirocratizareȘtiri din 27.11.2020 12:33:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la evenimentul de lansare a proiectului Planului Național de Redresare și Reziliență, alături de membrii GuvernuluiȘtiri din 26.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the launch of the Draft National Recovery and Resilience Plan [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Your Excellency, Mr President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, dear guests, dear colleagues, general mayor of Bucharest Nicusor Dan, I am glad to be together here today, on the occasion of a very important event for the further development of Romania. We are about to enter the most prolific period since Romania's EU accession. Our country, all Romanians, will benefit over the next period of the largest financial aid package we have ever had at our disposal and we are committed to making full use of it for Romania's development. President Klaus Iohannis achieved an unprecedented performance in extremely difficult negotiations, managing to secure for Romania a substantial financial aid for the next years, which will be an engine of modernization, a development one that will truly allow Romania to take the necessary quantum development leap, and take its rightful place among the developed nations of Europe. Facing an unprecedented crisis, the European leaders have decided to take joint action, in a synchronized way so that recovery be a joint process because only if we all move together and leave no one behind, will we recover quickly and become strong. Of course, the decision to support this recovery and economic relaunch effort at the level of each EU country will instead depend on each country's capacity to implement all projects eligible for funding under the National Resilience and Recovery Programme. I will not present in detail this draft national recovery and resilience plan, it will be done by the one who led the whole process of drawing up this project. I will refer, instead, to the fact that this National Recovery and Resilience Plan is just one pillar for Romanias development over the next period. This National Recovery and Resilience Plan must be seen in complementarity with the funding to be provided under the European Union budget 2021-2027. All the measures, all the programs that are part of this National Recovery and Resilience Plan are included in coordination, in complementarity with the other sources of financing that Romania will benefit from, in the coming period. In addition to the financial resources of over 30 billion euros that we will benefit from, under the National Resilience and Recovery Plan, we will have at our disposal over 46 billion euros, for cohesion, for agriculture, for the just transition fund. We will also benefit from other funding, no further than this week, the European Commission decided to allocate to Romania the first tranche of EUR 3 billion from the SURE Program, intended to finance active measures in support of companies and employees in activity sectors that have been hit by the pandemic. Romania also benefits from another financing axis, through the modernization fund, with resources of nearly six billion euros which are intended for investments in boosting power production capabilities, renewable energy ones, the modernization of the cogeneration capacities, supporting funding in the field of energy efficiency, as well as for the modernization of heat or gas transmission networks. All these financial resources that Romania benefits from, can be used for Romanias economic development. I will not shy away from speaking about elections. Unfortunately, for a long time, in Romania, the only good things and the only positive information that reached our European partners, came from the President of Romania. European officials have become accustomed to having only unpleasant surprises from former Romanian Governments. For a year now, things have changed, and the Government has been working with the President to make pleasant surprises for our European partners. We are in an extremely solid and strong partnership, which has no other purpose than to increase Romanias influence in the decisions taken at European level, decisions that are in the general interest of the citizens of the European Union, and also to be able to capitalize on all the opportunities available to Romania in the European concert. It is not irrelevant who wins this election, because the effort to access these financial resources is an effort that cannot be made by anyone. It is enough to look at the absorption rate until November 4 last year, to see that those in office, before us, almost did not seem to want to use European funds to improve the lives of Romanians. The change is obvious in terms of the approach of the relationship with the EU institutions, only after we took office. It is not easy to absorb European money, you need solid, serious projects, to generate dynamics in the whole society, as the absorption of European funds does not depend only on the government, but also on an institutional ensemble and it basically depends on local administrations, universities, NGOs, employers organizations, professional organizations, it depends on individual beneficiaries, who have the ability to generate projects so that they can benefit from projects funded by the European Union. The effort to transform Romania for the better, to develop and modernize Romania needs to be an overall effort of the whole society because it is worthwhile. All this money, intended for Romania, will offer every Romanian citizen a chance for a better life. There is no citizen who cannot benefit from the absorption of these European funds, whether it be an entrepreneur, a representative of a liberal profession, or an employee, a person looking for a job, public sector employee whose income depends on the country's economic development, or a father or a grandfather whose pension can increase only based on the increase in the number of employees or based on the increase in the average wage in the economy. Our objectives under this National Recovery and Resilience Plan and all the other EU - funded programs is to support those who deserve a chance for development, people with serious projects and the effects of these financings should be seen through an increase in living standards for each Romanian. I conclude by saying that we are prepared to put into practice an unprecedented development plan, a very ambitious one, and thoroughly devised development plan which relies on the implementation plan, and especially one that has the financial resources secured, and the necessary implementation capabilities. The implementation of this program will imply including comprehensive reforms of the Romanian state, state modernization and digitalization, increase in the public sector competitiveness, improved communication among governmental institutions, and all the other institutional or social actors, a joint effort to partner in order to succeed in implementing complex projects which are about to be funded. I guarantee you that this effort will be worthwhile, over the next years, we will have an accelerated development, and we can achieve together this extremely ambitious draft plan. Thank you! 2020-11-26 19:19:00Întâlnirea de lucru a premierului Ludovic Orban cu ministrul Economiei, Virgil Popescu, primarul general al Capitalei, Nicușor Dan, și reprezentanții ELCEN, pe tema furnizării energiei termice în BucureștiȘtiri din 26.11.2020 14:39:00 Internațională pentru Eliminarea Violenței împotriva Femeilor, marcată de GuvernȘtiri din 25.11.2020 13:59:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban cu reprezentanții industriei HoReCaȘtiri din 25.11.2020 11:02:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la Consiliul Național pentru TineretȘtiri din 24.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the National Youth Council meeting [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good afternoon! I salute the representatives of youth organizations, who have been selected to be part of the National Youth Council. I will be very brief. We try to pay attention to all the needs, aspirations, objectives that youth organizations have. We try to generate support programs for different categories of young people, in this respect, I can tell you that we have introduced support measures - that have not been introduced before - such as the support measure for NEET youth employment. We are also preparing European funding to support NEET young people. We have set up, I think for the first time, grants for companies that are owned by students, Start-Up Student. We are trying to support young people with economic initiative and not only, young people who have initiatives in social fields of activity. Regarding the issue of pupils, we issued the normative act whereby, practically, we guaranteed the free-of-charge transport of the school commute for pupils. And, obviously, we prepared a set of other measures that have been presented or will be presented in the next period. I would like to thank you for your presence here, I am at your disposal as much as time allows it, to listen to proposals. I can tell you that, regarding the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, it will be made public by next week at the latest. It will be subject to a public debate and we are looking forward to any improvement from civil society so that we can find a more responsible and useful use of European funds that will be allocated to Romania within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Thank you! 2020-11-24 13:14:00 premierului Ludovic Orban în sistem de videoconferință, la ședința Consiliului Național Tripartit pentru Dialog SocialȘtiri din 24.11.2020 10:51:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la semnarea contractelor de finanțare din fonduri europene a 10 proiecte ce vor fi implementate de spitale din București în scopul creșterii capacității de răspuns la criza sanitară provocată de COVID -19Știri din 23.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the signing of financing agreements from European funds of 10 projects that will be implemented by hospitals in Bucharest in order to increase the capacity to respond to the health crisis caused by COVID -19 [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good afternoon. Directors, thank you for being present here. Todays event is an event in which financing agreements are signed for the endowment of 10 hospitals in Bucharest. The Romanian government, once the pandemic broke out, took steps at the level of the European Commission to obtain European funds to equip the hospitals in Romania. We managed to obtain financing worth 1. 27 billion euros, money that will be used to endow the hospitals with devices, equipment and for any other necessary investments. This allocation of 1. 27 billion euros is followed by the allocation of an unprecedented amount for the modernization of our healthcare system. 6.1 billion euros will be allocated to the healthcare system over the next 7 years, as follows: 1.9 billion euros will come through the National Recovery and Resilience Program and 4.9 billion euros from the EU budget 2021-2027, from the cohesion funds. We are talking about an investment of almost 7.5 billion euros, an investment that comes to make up for the absence of serious funding, until now, in the modernization of the healthcare system and the increase of the quality of the medical services in healthcare. We plan to build the 3 regional hospitals, for which the financing agreements have already been signed, namely the Iasi Regional Hospital, the Craiova Regional Hospital and the Cluj Napoca Regional Hospital. We also aim to build another 10 new county hospitals, as well as to modernize other county hospitals, municipal and city hospitals with a new allocation of funds, absolutely unprecedented amounts. For Bucharest, we are signing today the financing agreements for 10 hospitals, in total, there will be 22 hospitals to benefit from these financing agreements, and the amount allocated for equipping the hospitals with equipment and other necessary investments will exceed 100 million euro. Thank you! 2020-11-23 12:06:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la obiectivul de investiții al CFR în localitatea Pojorâta, județul SuceavaȘtiri din 20.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and Transport Minister Lucian Bode following visit to the CFR investment objective in Pojorata, Suceava County [Check against delivery] Lucian Bode: Good afternoon, again, Mr Prime Minister! We presented today here, a new concept in approaching the rehabilitation works, by means of a complex system of the type work train of CFR Infrastructure. Basically, through this technology, correlated with an allocation of resources within the infrastructure maintenance program, and as of next year, we will rapidly increase traffic speeds and the level of safety of rail transport. As a result of these works, basically, the traffic speed will double. On the other hand, self-directed execution will generate very large savings. The value of the works per kilometre will be reduced by almost 60%, it will be significantly reduced for everything that means repair programs. This is the first railway section repaired with this total overhaul technology in Romania. Therefore, we really wanted to witness this first demonstration activity. On approximately 500 meters, there was intervention on very short sections, but on a length of 500 meters, it is the first intervention of this kind. Until this date, you have seen, the sleepers are being replaced, all the operations are being carried out - the welding operation is a demonstration operation - and we propose that in the coming years, as the CEO said and as you know, we have this goal in the investment plan, we intend to purchase two much more complex work trains. These work trains are worth almost 200 million euros. We are currently in the process of purchasing these work trains and certainly, when we manage to rehabilitate, to modernize almost 300 km of railway, per year, per train, we will have kilometres of railway rehabilitated. Basically, we are talking about 600 km of railway approximately per year. This is our goal, with the purchase of the two new work trains on European funds and if we think that we have managed to rehabilitate about 500 km of the railway from the main network, 600 km of railway per year means a lot of a lot. We think it is a true revolution in terms of railway modernization works. We will continue to invest in the railway rehabilitation works in Romania, in the purchase of new rolling stock. We aim that by 2024, in agreement with our European partners, to invest as much as possible in the railway, so that as much of everything that means freight transport uses gradually the railway to a great extent. Through the National Recovery and Resilience Program to be put up for public debate next week, you will see that most of the allocations will go to railway infrastructure, as it meets all the conditions required by the European Commission, environmental conditions, first and foremost. I congratulate CFR Infrastructure for this initiative and I look forward to implementing this project at the national level in as large sections as possible. I understand that your goal is to rehabilitate the entire section, from Suceava to Apahida, which is an extraordinary thing. If you have questions for the Prime Minister, for us, we will be glad to answer. Reporter: Can you tell me what amount has been allocated at this year's budgetary revision for the railways? Ludovic Orban: We will announce it on Monday, in the Cabinet meeting. We will analyze the request. The revision ordinance was discussed in the first reading, during this week. I proposed we hold a Cabinet meeting on Monday, to adopt the budgetary revision. It is certain that the Transport Ministry not only received a higher allocation than in previous years but upon each revision so far, its budget has been supplemented because it really deserved, it sped up works. Therefore, I have told it, it is a simple thing. As a rule, if you want to make an overhaul, you need to bid. Several companies participate in the auction which lasts two years, three years, sometimes. You dont know if the company signs the contract. Basically, what decisions did CFR SA make? To do the overhaul. That means total refurbishment, overhaul. The first machine belongs to the Brașov Regional Railway Center, where Mr Pintea comes from, a machine that has several components: it dismantles, practically, the old track, after which it has a machine, a calibration machine, then the machine you saw, puts the new railway sleepers together with the rails on a significant length. How long is that ...? Lucian Bode: 500 meters. Ludovic Orban: No, but a line of railway sleepers. 23.5 meters and the rear device is a welding machine, which is manufactured by a company from Brasov, a Romanian company, which produces such welding equipment. Basically, at the joints of the railway rails, it performs welding, with precision comparable to the equipment used by prestigious companies in the world. In addition to this equipment, which is the first to be purchased, we will adopt a memorandum in next weeks government meeting to purchase two more efficient technology trains than these ones. The trains also restore your infrastructure, the railway bed, not only the stone and the sleepers, and the rail. Unfortunately, in the last 30 years, rail transport has been a bit of a - Cinderella of transportation in Romania. At European level, rail transport is considered a priority transport, in which the largest investments are made and, practically, we want to follow the European trend, developing the railway infrastructure. Why is infrastructure development needed? It is a safe, fast, ecological means of transport, which is in great demand. At present, if someone wants to invest, for example, near Constanța, in order to transport their production by rail to the western border, it takes a lot of time and, implicitly, higher cost, due to the fact that the railway transport infrastructure has not been modernized yet. Because of this, in the next ten years, we want to implement a broader and more ambitious program to rehabilitate the Romanian railway network, so as to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of Romania for any kind of investment, to provide safety and speed to those who want to use the railway, whether for passenger transport or freight transport. Reporter: I would have another question, please, if possible. Both the director and the minister talked about the fact that this work was done with the employees of CFR Infrastructure. Is there a plan for the next generation of CFR Infrastructure employees, where will they be educated, is there a younger generation? Ludovic Orban: We should also talk to the Ministry of Education here. Ill give you an answer. Unfortunately, vocational schools and technical high schools, for 15 years, were considered the Cinderella of the education system. Restoring vocational and technological education is one of our priorities in the field of education. Both through investments from internal budgetary resources, from European funds, and through the implementation of the dual system, which implies a partnership between companies and educational units, in which companies, practically, support the educational units in everything regarding the endowment with technology, as well as and educational institutions with specialists to teach students the trade, is also involved in supporting through a scholarship system and also provides jobs for those who graduate from these educational units. This is the dual system used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, with great results. Clearly, CFR will need manpower, young employees, to carry on the experience and for that, they will have to be more attentive to some partnerships with educational institutions that will be able to generate the craftsmen and professionals that CFR will need.(...) 2020-11-20 17:39:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la recepția lucrărilor variantei ocolitoare a municipiului RădăuțiȘtiri din 20.11.2020 16:05:00 Internațională a Drepturilor Copilului, marcată de GuvernȘtiri din 20.11.2020 13:25:00 stadiului lucrărilor la varianta ocolitoare a municipiului BacăuȘtiri din 20.11.2020 10:47:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la exercițiul militar comun româno-american Rapid FalconȘtiri din 19.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the joint Romanian-American military exercise Rapid Falcon [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Your Excellency, Mr Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman, Minister Nicolae - Ionel Ciuca, dear audience, I am honoured by the invitation to attend this event in which we could see in the most concrete way possible how the interoperability between the two ally and partner armies is being exercised. We often talk about how important it is for our Army soldiers to be able to operate routinely to North Atlantic Alliance standards, to be interoperable with their partners, but I think its very important to understand how to get there, first, and especially how to maintain this interoperability. We can say that the shootings that will take place today at Capul Midia will not only prove the compatibility and interoperability between the American and Romanian military but will most eloquently illustrate the present and the future in terms of the endowment of the Romanian Army. Starting next year, the Land Forces will receive the first High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and will thus begin the process that will provide Romania with an essential, modern and efficient land defence capability, credible deterrence in front of the multiple security challenges in the Black Sea region. The cross-party agreement, facilitated by the President of Romania, on the allocation of 2pct of GDP for defence, allowed the launch of an ambitious programme to equip the Romanian armed forces with latest, modern equipment, with capabilities designed to strengthen Romanias position as a stability pole in the Black Sea region. The Ministry of National Defence's investments in these endowment programmes are nothing but investments in our future. All areas are important and many are emergencies that need to be solved. I assure the military that national defence and security is a top priority for the Government I am leading and that we will ensure the predictability and stability of funding so that investments of the calibre of the HIMARS, which we see here, of Patriot anti-aircraft systems, multifunctional corvettes, coastal batteries, armoured personnel carriers, multi-role fighter aircraft and much more can be carried out in conditions of maximum efficiency. All these investments in defence are made for the security of Romania and its citizens. Therefore, it is more than clear that in order to fulfil their missions at the Romanians' level of expectations, our military needs modern equipment and appropriate training conditions. At the same time, we want to support as much as possible the reinvigoration of the national defence industry by equipment procurement, and I assure you we are pursuing the involvement of Romanian companies in as many industrial collaboration programmes related to these endowment programs as possible. Ambassador Zuckerman, I would like to emphasize on this occasion too the special importance Romania attaches to the Strategic Partnership with the United States. The support and assistance your country provides, remain essential to the fulfilment of Romania's defence policy objectives. You can count, Mr Ambassador on the fact that our country will further prove to be a steadfast and loyal ally of the United States. I conclude by thanking all Romanian and American military who participated in this exercise and wish them greater success in the most important stage, that of real shootings. I refer once again to the importance of interoperability which I seem as similar to trust. It can be relatively easy to gain, but it requires great efforts to maintain it. Today's exercise takes place in adverse weather conditions, it is already mid- November, but the shared benefits of this exercise are even more valuable. Good luck to you all! *** Statements by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban following his participation in the joint Romanian-American military exercise Rapid Falcon [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: You know that the vaccine purchase was done at European level, in agreement, and the vaccine amounts are distributed according to the population of each EU Member State. The distribution will take place in several stages, according to our capacity to produce the required amounts. As far as we know, there is a contract, already signed, for 200 million doses of vaccine and another 100 million in reserve. As the quantities are produced, they will be delivered to the member states of the European Union, I repeat, in accordance with the share that each European country has in terms of population. Reporter: Who will be vaccinated in the first stage? Ludovic Orban: The prioritisation of the vaccination will be made according to the quantities that will come and the pace at which these quantities will enter. The number one priority is all those who are part of the medical system fighting against COVID, those who work in hospitals, all those who are involved in the fight against COVID. Also, the next priority is represented by the vulnerable people, the elderly, people who can develop severe forms, people with associated diseases. The next priority is represented by those who are in strategic sectors of social life, critical sectors, such as national defence, economy, energy area, public services, so practically those who maintain essential functions in society. The vaccination strategy will be completed by next week and will be presented publicly by the team that will coordinate the entire vaccination campaign led by Colonel Dr Valentin Gheorghita, seconded by the Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu. Reporter: /.../ MApN aircraft /.../. Ludovic Orban: Most likely this decision was made because there may be no more free ICU beds in the frontline hospitals in Bucharest. It happened in the Western Europe as well. Our obligation is that we identify all the beds for patients that need ICU treatment so that they can be treated and it can often happen, for example, in Alba, they did not find free beds in the Alba county hospital and they looked for available beds in Mureş or Braşov. Also, between the regions there were such situations, from Bucharest, for example, patients were transferred to Timisoara when beds were free there; I think that even now one of the patients has been transferred to Timisoara. We provide treatment to patients who need ICU hospitalization because the number of cases is not distributed according to the number of ICU free beds and when there are free beds there, we will transfer patients. I have always thanked the medical staff, the hospital managers who receive patients from other parts of the country, I think it is something natural, something normal. Of course, we plan to increase the treatment capacity in Bucharest as well. We are going to put into operation next week - I think there will be 30 intensive care beds at a private hospital, which was willing to enter the anti-COVID fight system, it did also during the state of emergency. We also had five extra beds at Malaxa, there will also be 12 extra beds at two hospitals that are included in the Order of the Minister of Health. Of course, we are still looking for opportunities to increase treatment capacity. Reporter: /.../ Ludovic Orban: Mourning is declared in certain situations regulated by law. We are with the families of the victims, I have publicly expressed my regret for the tragedy, but we must comply with the law and it has not been declared. Reporter: /.../ Ludovic Orban: I discussed the subject several times with the leadership of the Ministry of Health. There is a trend: to reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy, so as to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and the possibility of creating congestion, medicines are prescribed for periods longer than a month, they are prescribed now for three months. Unfortunately, there are patients who purchase larger quantities. Because of this artificially increased demand, supply gaps were created. The solution we have agreed with the ministry is to increase the number of such medicines or their equivalent, to supplement the amount purchased so that we can offer them to those who remain without due to the purchase of stocks by other patients. Reporter: Thank you. 2020-11-19 16:13:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la recepția lucrărilor de modernizare DN5 București - Adunații Copăceni, județul GiurgiuȘtiri din 19.11.2020 13:19:00 premierului Ludovic Orban cu prilejul Zilei Cercetătorului și Proiectantului din RomâniaȘtiri din 19.11.2020 12:09:00ții de presă susținute de vicepremierul Raluca Turcan, ministrul Culturii, Bogdan Gheorghiu, și primarul general al Capitalei, Nicușor DanȘtiri din 18.11.2020 16:49:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban cu reprezentații asociațiilor de legumicultori din RomâniaȘtiri din 18.11.2020 13:00:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la Topul Național al Firmelor 2020, ediția a XXVII –aȘtiri din 17.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the 27th edition of the National Ranking of Companies 2020 [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: I am honoured by the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of president Mihai Daraban. In all this difficult period we have all gone through, we have tried to be with the business environment, to be with the institutional representatives of the companies and together, based on a constant dialogue, to find the best measures to overcome the difficult situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible and to be able to prepare for the relaunch. I am certain that we are heading in the right direction, even if, in the 2nd quarter we had a significant economic drop. We have instead an economic growth of 5.6pct in the 3rd quarter. As the first nine months analysis revealed, Romanias Gross Domestic Product is 2.4pct higher than the European average, and the prospects for economic recovery are very good. It will certainly depend, to a large extent, on government policies, and also on the capacity of the Government to be formed after the elections to lay the foundations for a relaunch on serious grounds. As far as we are concerned, we consider the partnership with the business sector as the basic pillar of the relaunch. We think this relaunch should be based on strategic thinking and the use of solid economic growth engines. We also think that Romania has opportunities to be capitalized, opportunities which appeared in this period of crisis, we have the ability to turn them to good account in order to really succeed in developing the business sector, increasing the number of companies, the number of Romanians involved in entrepreneurship, based on capitalizing on our special capabilities, on competitiveness, internationalization and obviously on digitalization. I am ready to answer any of your questions. I congratulate all companies that have received awards. I know they have been through a difficult period and the fact that they advanced, managed to achieve results is remarkable which shows their capacity to cope with challenges nobody expected. Anchor: I said that the event itself brings a bit of optimist, moderate one, however. You described very well the state of Romania's economy. Which are the most critical areas where urgent intervention is required, now or after the elections, where the economy suffers the worst, because of the healthcare crisis, which may be doubled by an economic crisis? Ludovic Orban: Surely, the healthcare crisis generated negative effects on the economy too. My belief is that until large scale vaccination, observing the healthcare protection measures can ensure minimum normality, that would allow the functioning of the economy in reasonable conditions. In this period, we tackled the healthcare crisis, while trying to pay constant attention to the economy, to the business sector, private sector employees, all liberal professions, so that together we can overcome this crisis. Of course, the Romanian economy has weaknesses, vulnerabilities that must be addressed by means of a strategic vision. The first and most important thing is the absolute need to develop infrastructure, both transport infrastructure - highways, modernization of railways, ensuring the navigability of the Danube, investments in airports and ports, both the port of Constanța, which is an entry-exit gate of Europe, as well as investments in the Danube ports, are absolutely necessary; investments in energy infrastructure are also an absolute necessity, alongside investments in health and educational infrastructure which are also extremely important for the ensuing period. And last but not least, we must take into account the fact that Romania is a country with great agricultural potential. We need massive investments in agriculture, on the one hand in irrigation systems, systems to combat soil erosion, desertification, drainage systems and all water management systems, because it is clear that this year, in addition to the economic crisis, we faced drought, especially in areas with the highest productivity of agriculture. The climate evolution shows us clearly that we will need to invest over the next three-four years so that we can face this situation in the future. Of course, we need larger investments in agriculture, in processing, in access to market, also promotion of Romanian brands internationally. As regards the development of the energy sector, although we have resources, skilled labour force, and expertise in the energy sector, we have not capitalized enough yet on our important resources so that they generate prosperity and comfort for the Romanian citizens. Digitalization will have to be vital in the future government - digitalization of the administration also. People must be able to obtain their rights, benefit from services as quickly as possible, without queuing, or wasting time, nerves, without having to interact directly with the administration employees. Anchor: And we could see during the pandemic how necessary this digitalization was. Ludovic Orban: All the products and services we offered during the pandemic, from SME Invest to furlough, to Kurzarbeit and all the other categories, the certificate for emergency situations, etc., they could be accessed through online applications without the need for the citizen to go to the counter. Anchor: Romania has modernized at an accelerated pace, out of necessity, from some points of view. Ludovic Orban: I could say that we went from fax service to online applications. Anchor: Exactly. Mr Daraban, we know about the communication existing between the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Romanian Government. How does this relationship work and what would be eventually the priorities of the business sector? You are talking now to Prime Minister face to face. Mihai Daraban: I would start by saying that the prime ministers first trip, as prime minister-designate, was to the Chamber of Commerce. So I think that immediately after leaving the Cotroceni Palace, the first stop was at the Chamber of Commerce, together with the Minister of Finance. We had discussions for about three hours on major economic issues - for example, how to help the Romanian capital, measures ... - we are talking about the foremath of the pandemic period, but I want to say that ... Ludovic Orban: The small number of SMEs per thousand inhabitants, the smaller number compared to other European countries, of the people involved ... Mihai Daraban: Exactly, the fact that we have a large number of micro-enterprises with very few employees, unfortunately. But, I repeat, all these [measures] began with the appointment of Mr Ludovic Orban as Prime Minister of Romania; the dialogue has remained constant. Anchor: We have an imbalance, Mr Prime Minister, regarding the business environment and the budgetary apparatus. What measures do you envisage for next year, for gaps to be a little smaller? Ludovic Orban: Simplification, which means deregulation, cutting through red tape and digitalization, that in fact digitalization ultimately optimizes all your flows and generates the fastest and most efficient services, including for the management of public institutions. A manager can find it extremely useful to have an intranet, an application through which he can track, for example, the evolution of each procedure, each document, and its solving time. The employees' performance can better evolve, as well as the extent to which they can answer with celerity the business sector's requests, as well as the requests of the society, citizens. Anchor: Therefore, there are solutions to all problems and it is important to stay optimistic. Ludovic Orban: I would not cultivate this division between the public and the private sector. I think that there should be a partnership, the public sector employees are interested in a very strong private sector, bigger economic growth, a very competitive and dynamic economy, ultimately, the income level of a public sector employee largely depends on the economy's performance, the private sector's strength, the dynamism of the economy. Anchor: Basically, performance criteria everywhere, whether we are talking about the public system or the private one. Thank you very much, Prime Minister, for being with us, this evening! Greater success further on, Prime Minister! Ludovic Orban: Thank you! 2020-11-17 19:03:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la ședința de lucru de la Ministerul SănătățiiȘtiri din 17.11.2020 16:57:00țiile premierului Ludovic Orban după vizita de lucru pentru evaluarea spitalelor din București, efectuată împreună cu primarul general al Municipiului București, Nicușor Dan, și cu prefectul Capitalei, Traian BerbeceanuȘtiri din 16.11.2020 22:25:00ții susținute de prim-ministrul Ludovic Orban și ministrul Sănătății, Nelu Tătaru, după ședința de lucru de la Ministerul SănătățiiȘtiri din 16.11.2020 12:55:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la împlinirea a 33 de ani de la revolta anticomunistă din 15 noiembrie 1987 de la BrașovȘtiri din 15.11.2020 it is 33 years since the spontaneous revolt of the workers on the industrial platform of Brasov against the communist dictatorship, on November 15, 1987. After years of cold, darkness, hunger, false propaganda, the humiliation of an entire people and flagrant violations of fundamental rights and freedoms, the workers of Brasov had the courage, in that period of terror, to rise up against the Ceausescu regime. Their revolt was suppressed by the communist torturers, but it was a clear signal that the Romanians wanted to live in freedom and democracy, not in poverty and lies of a totalitarian state. We praise the courage of the people of Brasov who mobilized in November 1987 in that gesture of revolt against a regime of terror that subjugated entire Romania. Let us never forget the ensuing abuses against the protesters, and their families, which destroyed many lives. I still believe that the most appropriate form of respect for all their suffering is for justice to be served in their case- justice which, unfortunately, has already been inadmissibly delayed for a long time in many of the cases against communist torturers. Today, we enjoy the freedom and democracy that many generations before us did not have, although sometimes it seems that we do not value them enough. I am confident, however, in the democratic development of the Romanians and that together we will succeed in building for Romania that future for which the Brașov workers took to the streets in 1987. Ludovic Orban, Prime Minister of Romania 2020-11-15 21:03:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la ședința organizată la Centrul Național de Coordonare și Conducere a Intervenției de la CiolpaniȘtiri din 15.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban after attending the meeting organized at the National Centre for Intervention Coordination and Management in Ciolpani (CNCCI) [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good evening! I attended the videoconference of the National Centre for Intervention Coordination and Management in Ciolpani with the county intervention coordination committees, in order to assess the pandemic situation and to order all the necessary measures to reduce the number of coronavirus cases. This morning, at 10:00 am, I had a meeting with Ministers Marcel Vela and Nelu Tataru, with Secretary of State Raed Arafat and General Iamandi, and factors involved in assessing the situation following the Neamt tragedy. I requested mixed teams from the DSP and ISU to start making an assessment of all intensive care units, of the gas installations for the intensive care units and, also, to check on the compliance with regulations on measures to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals in intensive care units. I called for full support to be extended to the investigation carried out by the General Prosecutor's Office to establish the culprits of the Piatra Neamt tragedy, support for both forensic experts from the National Forensic Institute and the Police, representatives of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, as well as specialists from Insemex, to use their full expertise and capacity to identify as soon as possible the causes of the fire and to establish the culprits so that they are held accountable. Within the videoconference, I requested again an additional mobilization to ensure compliance with the healthcare protection measures I requested, both national measures, and measures to be adopted at the county and local level, in accordance with the virus spreading figures. I also called for the additional mobilization of the human resource to support the activity of the public health directorates, and of the overworked ambulance services, and also I called for further identification of new solutions to increase the hospitals treatment capacity, first within the ICU units. The heroic doctor from Piatra Neamt reached Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Belgium, his health state was assessed, he is undergoing medical treatment. I have a request to the media representatives, that I make on behalf of the hospital management: stop calling directly the hospital, the respective department, the burn center, because, literally, the Belgian friends who gave us immediate support, pointed out to us the fact that there is a real bombardment of questions from the Romanian journalists regarding their activity. I again call on media representatives to stop disturbing the hospital activity. We are kept up to date with the evolution of the heroic doctors health. When we have relevant information, we will make it available to the media. We are praying for the health of the doctor and we can tell you that he is cared for in the best conditions because the Queen Astrid Military Hospital is among the hospitals that have the highest standards for the treatment of severe burns. /.../ 2020-11-15 17:57:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la celula de criză convocată la sediul MAI, după incendiul de la secția ATI a Spitalului Județean din Piatra NeamțȘtiri din 14.11.2020 by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, Secretary of State Raed Arafat, Secretary of State and Chief Quaestor of Police Bogdan Despescu, and the Head of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU)Dan Paul Iamandi, after attending the crisis cell meeting convened at the Internal Affairs Ministry headquarters, following the fire that broke out at the ICU section of the Piatra Neamt County Hospital [Check against delivery] Ludovic Orban: Good morning! The news of the tragedy that occurred in Piatra Neamț shocked me. I want to offer my condolences to the bereaved families and I also want to praise the heroic doctor's great courage and spirit of sacrifice in attempting to save the patients when the fire broke out. As soon as I found out, I contacted all the heads of institutions involved in managing this situation to inform me in order to find out exactly all the steps that have been taken, with Minister Tataru, with Secretary of State Raed Arafat, with Mr Secretary of State Despescu; I also discussed with Minister Ciucă and came at the Intervention Command Center to be with the colleagues, so that we can make all the decisions that are required in this situation. At present, we can tell you that the military plane provided by the Ministry of Defence landed in Bucharest, the doctor will be taken to Floreasca Emergency Hospital and will be prepared to be transferred to the Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Belgium. I thank Secretary of State Arafat for his immediate intervention, through which we managed to get the acceptance of the military hospital, although because of the COVID /...; / pandemic, they usually do not accept to treat patients from other countries. However, the approval of the Ministry of Defense was obtained very quickly and we can, during this morning, after 7:00 am, to transport the heroic doctor with a military aircraft, provided by the Ministry of Defence. I wish him good health, strength and I pray for his rapid recovery. Also, the patients for whom the transfer was organized, reached the modular hospital in Lețcani. I specify that their transport was carried out by highly equipped ambulances, alongside a medical crew composed of an emergency doctor and a nurse, so that given the transport posed risks, they can benefit from the best medical care during their transfer. I invite Secretary of State Arafat to give you a brief summary of the intervention. Raed Arafat: Thank you, Prime Minister. So the call came around 7 p.m. Firefighters arrived at the scene with the intervention crews together with the Neamț Ambulance Service in five minutes. The intervention was also carried out from outside and inside with search-rescue teams, and from outside using a ladder platform and other stairs that the firefighters used to assist in extinguishing the fire and including removing patients from the respective medical wards- here search and rescue teams entered from inside with special equipment that allows them to act in the toxic environment, in the smoke, using insulating devices. Unfortunately, eight patients were found dead in one of the two wards, and two other people who were already in critical condition after being infected with SARS-CoV-2 died during evacuations to the acute admissions unit. Six other people, still in serious condition, some of them - two intubated, two on non-invasive ventilation and two only on oxygen - were evacuated to the acute admissions unit, where they were stabilized. After that, also in parallel with the sending of the teams from the fire brigade, ISU Neamț and SAJ Neamț, we decided to mobilize more medical crews from Iași, from SMURD Iași, with mobile intensive care crews and emergency doctors, from the Iași Military Hospital, which provided a mobile intensive care ambulance, and from Bacău, where a car with multiple victims was sent. As the Prime Minister said, the people who had been evacuated to acute medical units plus another person who was at the acute medical unit and needed intensive care, were transferred to Lețcani Hospital - six people, and another person was transferred to Pașcani Hospital. The doctor was taken by a mobile intensive care ambulance and was transferred directly to Iasi airport, then to Bucharest, with a military aircraft. Now he will receive care in Bucharest and he will be transported by a military aircraft, alongside SMURD crew, to Brussels tomorrow. Therefore, I can only thank my colleagues from the fire department for their prompt intervention, my colleagues from the Ambulance, my colleagues from SMURD for the way they intervened and, at this moment, all the patients reached safely their destination for further medical care. Ludovic Orban: Allow me, Secretary of State Bogdan Despescu. Bogdan Despescu: Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. The investigation, in this case, was taken over by the General Prosecutor's Office. Two prosecutors were designated from the General Prosecutor's Office, they came on the site. They are supported in their investigation by policemen from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, National Institute of Forensics. My colleagues from Neamt Police Inspectorate informed the families of the ten victims and at the same time, the family of the six patients who were transferred to Iasi. We logistically further support all transfers to hospitals, medical units, for rapid transport. Ludovic Orban: Thanks. General Iamandi. Dan - Paul Iamandi: Thank you, Prime Minister. First of all, I would like to state that this intervention was a very difficult one, given its characteristics, it is an intervention in an intensive care department, where there were many intubated or ventilated patients, as well as because of the fact that it was a very big smoke release, black smoke that made the intervention very difficult. It is worth mentioning, again, that this intervention lasted about 20 minutes, so the time was very short. More than 150 people and about 35 means of intervention acted on the site, meaning ASAS fire extinguishers, water and foam trucks, high-altitude trucks and ambulances, of course. I would also like to mention that, since last night, immediately after the fire was extinguished, we ordered two committees to be set up, one that will conduct the investigation and establish the cause of the fire as soon as possible, as the prosecutor will allow access inside and the second committee, which is likely to start working as of this morning, will deal with the on-site verification of compliance with the terms of authorization, to see if certain changes have been lately made in that intensive care unit, which would have required this document, fire safety authorization from the Neamț Inspectorate. Thank you. (...) 2020-11-14 23:50:00 premierului Ludovic Orban cu prilejul Zilelor DobrogeiȘtiri din 14.11.2020 12:20:00 premierului Ludovic Orban cu ocazia Zilei Mondiale a Diabetului Știri din 14.11.2020 11:41:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban în sistem videoconferință cu reprezentanții Asociației Orașelor din RomâniaȘtiri din 13.11.2020 19:46:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban cu reprezentanții Uniunii Naționale a Consiliilor JudețeneȘtiri din 13.11.2020 19:33:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban în sistem videoconferință cu reprezentanții Coaliției pentru Dezvoltarea României pe tema priorităților de guvernare pentru perioada următoareȘtiri din 13.11.2020 16:24:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban cu reprezentanții companiei AzomureșȘtiri din 13.11.2020 16:23:00ții susținute de prim-ministrul Ludovic Orban, ministrul Mediului, Mircea Fechet, și primarul general al Capitalei, Nicușor Dan, la Ministerul MediuluiȘtiri din 13.11.2020 11:23:00 Declarații susținute de premierul Ludovic Orban, secretarul general al guvernului, Antonel Tănase, și directorul general Transgaz, Ion Sterian, după vizita de lucru efectuată la Societatea Națională TransgazȘtiri din 12.11.2020 17:28:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la videoconferința cu prefecții pe tema gestionării epidemiei de COVID-19, împreună cu președintele României, Klaus IohannisȘtiri din 12.11.2020 16:34:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la ceremonia militară și religioasă cu depunere de coroane și jerbe de flori, organizată de Ministerul Apărării Naționale cu prilejul sărbătoririi Zilei VeteranilorȘtiri din 11.11.2020 12:22:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban cu reprezentanții Asociației Municipiilor din RomâniaȘtiri din 11.11.2020 10:35:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la semnarea contractului de finanțare din fonduri europene a proiectului privind reabilitarea sistemului de termoficare a Municipiului BucureștiȘtiri din 10.11.2020 15:05:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la reuniunea, în format videoconferință, cu șefii misiunilor diplomatice ai statelor membre UE acreditați la București, organizată de președinția germană a Consiliului Uniunii EuropeneȘtiri din 10.11.2020 11:59:00Întâlnirea premierului Ludovic Orban cu reprezentanții Federației Naționale Sindicale Ambulanța din RomâniaȘtiri din 10.11.2020 11:05:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la “Ora premierului” în plenul Camerei DeputațilorȘtiri din 09.11.2020 17:05:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la evenimentul organizat de Ambasada SUA în România cu prilejul aniversării a 98 de ani a domnului Iancu Țuckerman, supraviețuitor al Pogromului de la IașiȘtiri din 09.11.2020 15:31:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la Batalionul 26 Infanterie „Neagoe Basarab”, Craiova, şi la facilităţile acestuia, inclusiv lucrările de infrastructură și zona de lucru dedicată noilor transportoare Piranha VȘtiri din 06.11.2020 15:51:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la comandamentul Brigăzii Multinaționale de Sud-Est (MN-BDESE)Știri din 06.11.2020 14:58:00 premierului Ludovic Orban la Colegiul Militar Național (CMN) „Tudor Vladimirescu”Știri din 06.11.2020 14:51:00 an de guvernare în slujba românilor – Raport de activitate, 4 noiembrie 2019- 4 noiembrie 2020Știri din 06.11.2020 13:35:00